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The 5 Best Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Have serious case of Wanderlust?
Perhaps like myself, you find yourself stalking Instagram looking for inspiration for your next trip. I do it daily and it’s a habit that I just can’t stop!
So I have put together 5 of my favourite travel bloggers Instagram profiles to give you a fresh set of inspiration.
I also am an avid reader of their blogs as well, so make sure you take advantage of their content.
The best thing about following travel bloggers on Instagram is that they make the postcards you see in shops come to life. They are also a great place to start planning your next trip.
So read further and discover my top 5 travel bloggers to follow on Instagram!

1. The Hostel Girl

First we are starting off with Katie, AKA The Hostel Girl. I first came across Katie last summer when I decided to plan my first solo trip and wanted more information on staying in hostels, as it would be my first time.

About her blog and Instagram.. well the clue is in the title! After numerous stays  and jobs in hostels, she used her knowledge to share her experiences with us all. You can find hostel reviews, tips and tricks on how to make the most of the experience. Her colourful and vibrant Instagram is enough to persuade you to follow in her footsteps and plan your next trip!

Why she is one of my fav travel bloggers? One word … Tonika. I want to thank Katie for introducing me to The Yellow Hostel through her vlog! I loved my stay and we both now have a mutual love for Tonika on Thursday nights at the hostel! Think 90’s dress up and a hell of a good party! I also stalk Tonika’s and the hostels instagrams because I am still not over it.

Her website is also my go-to place for when I am planning to stay in a new hostel, I have only stayed in 1 hostel so I rely on this pro for more advice! She recently stayed in Lisbon which is my next destination, and it looked fabulous!

2. Hippie in Heels

Next up is Rachel from Hippie in Heels, a travel writer based in Goa!

What I think is refreshing about her blog is her honesty, she graduated as a nurse and worked a full time job before travelling. She has written a post about how she doesn't think anyone should quit school to travel. Which I agree with, she is a great example of a women in the 21st century working hard and enjoying life. Her blog is also a great inspiration to travel, first of all the format and the design is just dreamy. Just like her Instagram photo above, expect more lust-worthy snaps!!

Why Rachel is one of my favourite Travel Bloggers? There wasn’t a particular blog post where I was like, “right I love this blog”. It was actually from the moment I saw her blog. It just seemed so unique, creative and well… interesting. Which is everything you want from a blog, correct?

I also like that the content has a great variety of information on there, from budget to luxury Airbnb apartments in Goa include link where she is based. I love her name because she says in her about me page that she wears a full face of make up and loves being on a beach without a hairbrush just as much. A contradiction she was told!

That was the same with me, I was a small town girl with no desire to travel and suddenly I want to continue living abroad and travel across Europe… So I felt that this blog seemed pretty perfect for me to read.

3. Hand Luggage Only

Meet Yaya and Lloyd from Hand Luggage Only!

2 things stand out from Hand Luggage Only's blog, the food and photography category. As a massive foodie I appreciate any content on food and well, who loves a good travel photo! I've spent too many hours going through the food category because food is my main reason to go travelling! The guys Yaya and Lloyd have also started a YouTube channel with some amazing footage and editing which you can check out. From Tokyo to Portugal, their Instagram has some beautiful pictures! 

Why they are one of my favourite Travel Bloggers? Reading their about me page on their website, I saw that they started their blog whilst in Uni whilst in between assignments. Which is how I started (before I came across their blog last year), I moved to Barcelona for my internship for my uni and it was a nice distraction from all the paperwork for Erasmus I had to do! They also seem like really down to earth guys from watching their vlogs which gets me excited about future travels. They are also very honest about travel blogging which makes me like them even more!

I recently read their article on where to have cocktails in Barcelona and it has added another place to visit whilst I am here! Barcelona do some fab cocktails, I've tried quite a few!

Also congratulations guys on the 1 million monthly page views mark!

4. Never Ending Footsteps

Next up is Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps!

I came across Lauren a year ago now when I first moved to Barcelona and have become an avid reader of her content. We all see the photos of how flawless travel is and sometimes it's not. Lauren has even written a book about her unfortunate travel stories. What is great is that it doesn't come across that you should abandon travel, but embrace it and have fun along the way! Despite some unfortunate events she has the most beautiful pictures for you to gawp at!

Over 6 years now she has been travelling full-time, so she is the perfect person to go to for travel advice!

Why she is one of my top travel bloggers? Because she is realistic and I love how she draws upon all the downfalls she has had whilst travelling and makes travel and the problems seem less of a scary subject. I recently went to Rome and had bed bugs which I wrote about. All of my friends and family were HORRIFIED, and sure I was annoyed at first but I found the funny side of it. These things rarely happen at such a credited hostel and I laughed over the fact that it had to happen to me. Just like Lauren, I accepted it, laughed at it and enjoy telling the stories!

So if Lauren can get over getting attacked by a monkey and breaking her friends key to her apartment in Hong Kong, and not let it put her off travelling. Then you can pretty much handle anything.

5. Mr. and Mrs Monnet

A post shared by Couple | Mr&Mrs Monnet (@mrandmrsmonnet) on
Last but not least, it is Bea and Jeremy from Mr and Mrs Monnet!

After being set up in Paris, the couple moved to Hong Kong and started their blog in 2015 sharing their experiences around the world. combining fashion and travel, their blog attracts guys and girls alike, single or in a relationship. Their flawless pictures on Instagram almost seem unreal that it seems like a green screen... but it's not!

Why I like Mr and Mrs Monnet? So I may not be in a relationship, but that doesn’t matter, Bea and Jeremy make their account great for everyone. Most couple travel accounts I see are mostly about couples holding hands and a lot of PDA. Fair enough, I have nothing against it but I love this account because there are also individual shots.  So it shows their individual love of travel and that they do it together.
I have also met other travellers who are couples abroad and love hearing about their stories. So with name and name’s great photography, a down to earth personalities and content showing how couples can share their passion for travel together makes a great following!

So there we have my top 5 travel bloggers that you must follow! BE WARNED ... your wanderlust level may get too much!

I have only been back a month from Rome and my daily stalking through Instagram makes me want to book a trip soon!

What do you think of my list and how any do you follow?

Let me know!

Mol x



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