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Monday, 18 June 2018

Top Tips to Plan Your First Solo Travel Trip

“Travelling solo does not always mean that you are alone. Most often, you meet marvellous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime” - Jacqueline Boone.

Thought it would be fitting to put in a cute little quote there, ever since my first solo travel trip to Rome last year I am constantly being inspired to travel. Travelling has always been popular throughout the years, but especially this year, with the sad recent passing of Anthony Bourdain who inspired so many to travel.

Across Twitter I have seen so many people that were touched by his work and it really shows the motivation for everyone to travel. It certainly did for me, so I thought I would round up some advice for those looking to book their first solo trip. My trip changed my life and I made so many memories, so keep scrolling down if you want some advice on booking your first solo travel adventure!


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

University Guide: The Top Do's and Dont's

University is one of the most amazing experiences anyone can have, think about it, it is a chapter of 3-4 years of your life, maybe more. It’s a little bubble of friends, studying and more that is emotional when you leave - take it from me!

A different post, it isn’t travel related, but it is something I am nostalgic about and want other students to make the most out of! I have finished university and want to pass on my wisdom ...the little that I have!

Yes, it is towards the end of the academic year but so many students that are starting university this year I know are already thinking about starting! This was me 4 years ago --- goodness time goes fast. So if you are a soon to be fresher, had a bad year and want to start afresh or just need some advice keep on reading!  


Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Ultimate Reasons Why You MUST Visit Cardiff

Cardiff - the capital of Wales, known for its love for Rugby, vibrant city centre and mixture of city and countryside. I visit Cardiff frequently as my sister lives there and I keep falling in love every time I visit.

Reaching Cardiff couldn’t be easier, it has easy transport links to Southampton, London and the North of England, so it couldn’t be easier to take a trip there!

It has a mixture of vibrant nightlife, history and day trips to nearby villages and towns. It is a city fit for everyone from girl trips to family weekend getaways. So if you don’t fancy spending tons of money going abroad or just want a last minute trip, check out my reasons below for visiting Cardiff!


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

June Travel Blogging Goals

What a few months it has been….

I don’t think I prepared myself for how mentally and physically draining the end of a dissertation would feel like. My sleeping pattern is slowly getting back to normal, learning how to cook again and slowly but surely getting my blogging game back again!

So I have finished university, about to start my summer job and finally had the chance to make blogging a priority. I have had to take a backseat due to dissertation, food poisoning, being on crutches, assignments, oh and a kidney infection but I’m back on form.

Decided to write my June goals down, make a blog post because I feel like if you write something down and you can see it everyday you are more likely to stick to them! So any fellow bloggers want to take a read and offer any advice I would love it!


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

10 Reasons to Visit Bournemouth

Welcome to Bournemouth!

I have been living in Bournemouth on and off for around 4 years now for university, but, I spent most of my childhood on it’s beaches. It is one of the prettiest places I have been to in England.

I must say, I haven’t made the most out of my time in Bournemouth due to my hectic studies, but I am spending the WHOLE of summer here and I can’t wait to chill on the beach.

Located right in the middle of the South Coast and easy access to and from London, this is such an amazing city to come to for a day trip or a holiday. So if you are planning a family holiday, group trip or just a day out with your other half, see the reasons below for why to choose Bournemouth!


Sunday, 27 May 2018

How to Spend 48 Hours in Cardiff

Crossing that bridge into Wales, has to be my favourite because I know I am on my way to Cardiff.

My sister lives in Cardiff and my parents were going to visit her for the weekend, I said I wasn’t going to go due to all the work. However, I decided to be sneaky and surprise my mum because she misses me alot when I am at uni!

I have always loved Cardiff but never been old enough to appreciate it, now it is on my Top 3 places on where I want to live! So here is what I got up to and what you can do if you have 48 hours in this beautiful city!

Yes I did see sheep (if you know, you know haha)


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Placement Abroad Advice 1 Year On

It has been nearly two years since I first moved to Spain for my placement, and nearly a year on since leaving i constantly look back with no regrets.

Going abroad for my placement wasn’t actually something I had ever wanted to do, I wanted to stay close to home and to be honest after over 100 applications, anything would do. I never wanted to travel, and had no hope in getting a placement.

However, it turned out to be one of the best things i have ever done in my life, and i miss it like no one could ever imagine. I had quite an easy ride, i didn’t get homesick and i wasn’t scared because i had nothing to really lose, but it isn’t that easy for some people.

Whether it is being homesick or culture shock, doing a placement abroad is daunting, so read below if you are about to go abroad for placement and need some advice!

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