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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hello 2018

Happy New Year!

I have been the WORST and writing for myself and for this blog, so writing more will be my resolution.

I don't personally like New Year's resolutions because I feel that you can change or do something new at any point in the year. I guess it's just coincidental timing that I've decided to start writing again during the new year.

2017 was the most incredible year for me and it still feels like a dream the fact that I lived in Spain and got to go to Rome and so many more memories.

I definitely lost my mojo when I came back from Barcelona, I knew it was going to happen, it's just taken a while for me to want me to get it back again.

This post will most likely, well...very likely will not be interesting or useful to anyone apart from myself! However, it's a start for me getting back into writing!

Enjoy x


Monday, 11 December 2017

Becoming Bilingual with Babbel

Hi, Hola, Ciao and Oi!

That is hello in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

I have been learning languages for 14 years now .... wow I feel so old! I started to learn Spanish in Year 3 in Primary School and continued it throughout college and have been continuing to speak it ever since (it came in handy when I moved to Spain).

The beginning of this year, sat in my cell block size of a bedroom in Barcelona, I gave myself a challenge. To learn Italian. I wanted a hobby, I fell in love with meeting people from different countries PLUS I had a trip booked to Rome in April.

I went onto the Babbel website, a website which I have known about for a while (Will explain later what Babbel is), and purchased a year subscription to study the language.

As of the 8th of December, I have completed Italian and now.... I am studying Portuguese with Babbel with another year subscription!

During college I always felt that most people just got languages and could remember everything just like that, and I felt that I wasn't one of those people. So using Babbel and being able to speak Italian shows how far I have come and how useful Babbel is.

Read below to learn more about this fab company!


Saturday, 2 December 2017



It feels like it has been AGES that I have put pen to paper (keyboard to online paper... not the same) and actually meant it.

Sure, talking about Las Iguanas was great and felt normal but it didn't really feel the same, I was really in denial in the fact that I haven't been fully happy since leaving Spain.

And believe me, I know that its so normal to feel this way.

I would have rather had the best placement year abroad and come back disheartened than have a cr*ppy placement year and not feel fulfilled.

After feeling down for about a month, (university was a mediocre distraction), I feel a lot more optimistic about getting back into writing, getting trips planned ... AMSTERDAM JANUARY 2018 and I am really career motivated.

So keep reading to here more soppy stuff and advice for future placement students.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

FOODIE DIARIES: Las Iguanas - Bournemouth

Hello everyone,

I can't believe that it has taken me 2 months to write an actual blog post. It has been hard for me to find the time to write something about Bournemouth as I have 2 student jobs (soon to be 3), 2 assignments and a dissertation to think about!

But... Tuesday myself and my best friend Mikaela went to Las Iguanas in the newly built complex down in Bournemouth centre. We both love Mexican food so this place is just meant for us.

Everyone knows that I am a foodie, especially when I am a student and need a good meal in between my pot noodles and McDonalds.

So read more if you want to find a good Mexican restaurant that has the most incredible deals and meals!


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Coming home from Travelling: The Next Chapter

Hello again...
So here we go…. Another new chapter to attend to! After 16 months away from this beautiful coastal town, I have moved back to complete my 4th and final year of University. I am not going to lie, it was weird driving through campus and seeing how much has changed was very unique moment.
I have a very exciting year ahead of me, a new job, new and exciting topics and some very nice trips planned as I enjoy my time and work very hard with my dissertation!
Read more below to see how I feel about being home and what my next plans are!
How I feel being back
It has been a massive mixture of emotions. For those who are planning to do their placement or study abroad, I am not going to lie to you about how hard it has been to be back.
But everyone has different situations, some may not have enjoyed their experience as much as me so it may be easier for them to come back home. Also, the place you will visit may be similar to the place you come from so it will be an easier transition to what could have been.
For me, I absolutely LOVED my time in Barcelona. It was everything that I have wanted out of a social and work experience. I met so many people from plenty of different countries and was able to improve my Spanish and Italian.
I had a great support network of friends who I created memories with and learned new things about Spanish culture than I ever thought I would. I also moved back to a village surrounded by fields and with only 2 pubs near me… I also had to walk 30 minutes to a food shop.
I know, I know… its not the worst problem you could have but it was such a drastic change to what I was used to!
For 2 weeks it finally hit me that I left, so I shut myself off of social media and my blog because it was a constant reminder. But I am back and can’t wait to explore more of Bournemouth.
Sometimes a staycation is just as good as going abroad!
Moving back to Uni
So, some may not know my story. I study Events Management at Bournemouth University. I have come back to finish my final year. I have moved back 2/3 weeks before I start my classes as I have 2 weeks training for my new job.
I am a port of call for freshers and helping them settle into university life. I don’t want to say too much about it because some things I like to keep private.
I could not wait to get back to Uni, I wanted to make the most of my final year and work hard to get my degree and graduate.
I am really excited to do 2 topics, Visitor Attractions Management and Digital Marketing. Because I lived right next to the Sagrada Familia and were surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites, it was amazing to be around such amazing talent. That is why I would like to do this unit, because I have experience as a local living near one and being a customer.
Digital Marketing is something that I didn’t expect to enjoy, it was my placement role and it was something I didn’t now anything about. I have learned so much and worked with numerous companies that it is something that I am really passionate about.
Travel and Festival Plans
Ok so it is a bit difficult being a travel writer when you don’t have the finances or enough time to travel, my timetable is Monday through to Friday, I have a job and student finances aren’t exactly giving me a millionaire lifestyle.
However, admittedly I did not appreciate Bournemouth as much as I could of during my first and second year of uni. First year, I was still very shy and wasn’t confident to do enough. 2nd year I worked weekly. So now is my chance to make the most of this lush coastline, the restaurants and nearby towns.
I also heard about this great company called, a business which plans a destination for you. You tell them 3 places you don’t want to go to, you choose the types of holiday and the duration of that trip. So you don’t find out where you are going until you get to the airport, the best thing is that it is SUPER cheap. I plan to do a few of these trips during my time at uni.
My best friend Chloe also lived nearby to my uni and we haven’t seen each other for a while so a couple of festivals are in order for 2018.
Blog Plans
I am not going to lie, I found it difficult to be motivated to find and content during the months that I was home.
However… after my content being published on Contiki’s website and my family revealing how much they love reading it, I realised how much I really want to get back into it again. So alongside myself, my friend Chloe who loves photography wants to pair up.
We are both on the same course, want to continue creating content for fun and to make the most of our final year in Bournemouth. My actual job is to promote students getting more involved in University life, which is great as I will be able to share more with them too.
So as much as adjusting to life away from Barcelona, which nearly 3 months on I am still finding difficult. I can’t wait to embrace the change and make the most of my final year.
Thank you for listening to my drivel on!
Mol x


Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Hello everyone,

It has been over a month since I last posted. It also has been a while since I had been active on any social media. I don't know why it happened, suddenly over night I just had no energy to post anymore.

Posting previously wasn't tiring, I really enjoyed it. Suddenly, I stopped.

I can only putting it down to, the reality hitting me that I wasn't in Barcelona anymore. I thought it would hit me hard the first week I came back. However, that first month being home was crazy, euphoric and a whirlwind. I met family and friends I hadn't seen for a year. So I never had time to forget that I wasn't going back to Barcelona.

Now it has... and it sucks


Thursday, 20 July 2017

10 Reasons to Visit Cornwall

Hey all,

Before moving to St. Ives over 8 years ago, I had been going to Cornwall for holidays for over 10 years with my family.

Including Bude, Polzeath and Padstow, we have been all over Cornwall as a family. By far, our Cornish holidays will always be my favourite type. We made tons of memories including treasure hunts, boat trips and attempting to surf.

St. Ives has been named as the top resort in the UK and its not hard to see why.

So here are 10 reasons why you need to visit Cornwall, not that you need any!

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