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Hey there!

Welcome to my blog!

More about me I am Molly, I am 22 years old and just graduated from Bournemouth University where I studied Events Management. 

I am starting this blog because I got offered this amazing opportunity to work in Barcelona for my placement year! It gave me the perfect chance to start again in life and strive for everything I believe in.

So right now I have just finished my internship in Barcelona, studied my final year in Bournemouth and figuring out post uni life. I have already planned so many trips whilst studying, just been to Amsterdam, Barcelona and planning my post university travels!

So why Blondie Wanderlust? Well being completely honest I have never wanted travel! My sister has travelled around the world and I was the small town girl more focused on getting a degree and a career. Which is completely normal but I never thought of travelling. That was until I moved to Barcelona and now I have a whole list of places to visit. So This is the place for first time travellers, who have no idea what they are doing! So as well as being Blonde (stigma for being a bit stupid), I am pretty clueless when it comes to travelling, hence why the name is so relevant!

Breaking the stigma of blonde's being clueless, I speak Spanish, bit of Italian and Portuguese and have a goal to speak as many languages as I can!

Hope you enjoy my blog watching me survive living abroad alone and learn one language at a time!

Mol xo


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