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Travel Book Review: The Four Hour Work Week

As a Travel Blogger, I have seen so many courses and trends regarding “How to Become a Full-Time Blogger” and “How to Get Rich Doing Blogging”. I have somehow avoided paying for a course that may or may not help me with succeeding in blogging. However, I realised that I was intrigued in those courses because I was obsessed with increasing my statistics or earning more money (I am a workaholic).

I heard about The 4-Hour Work Week though the blogging community, and there was something about this that I was thinking about for a while. The thought of a 9-5 job stuck in the office, wasn’t something that I was interested in. I don’t know if I want to be freelance but I love the thought of working abroad. I always thought that you can create your lifestyle even if you do work for someone else, and wanted more advice on managing my time and my blog. Here is what I thought.


The 4-Hour Work Week is the No.1 New York Time’s Bestseller by Timothy Ferriss which has been praised by fellow New York Time’s Bestseller authors. First being published in 2007, it has been expanded and updates – presumably because of the rapid change in consumer habits and the mobile lifestyle.

There is a clear warning on the summary of the book on the back, claiming no one should read the book unless they want to start a new way of living. I came across the book very open-minded because I knew my goal was different to other people’s goal. Mine was to be able to work more efficiently on my blog and manage my time better. He says that this book is great for anyone who wants to escape the rat race, experience first-class world travel or live more and work less.

Having mountainous of work can easily bog you down, I have had that from doing a dissertation alongside 4 other assignments, a part-time job and running a blog – whilst trying to find time for the gym or a social life and not cooking a microwave meal. My work was controlling me rather than me controlling my life. 

The 4 aims of this book are clear and desirable:

a)    How Timothy Ferris went from $40,000 per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per month and 4 hours per week.

b)    How to eliminate 50% of you work in 48 hours

c)    How to exchange your career for short work bursts

d)    How to outsource your life and do whatever you want

Sounds ideal right? So here is what I have learned and implemented into my life, and it includes challenges I couldn’t imagine!

Lessons Learned

Time management 

Alongside my 30 Day Transformation Course on Udemy, this book really highlighted how my blogging schedule was taking over me. I would suddenly find myself trying to keep up with my blog and creating content for publishing the next day. I would plan and write one blog post at a time – sounds simple, right? It cause me so much stress. So I planned limited time before work each day (e.g. 1-2 hours) and solely focused on different parts of my blog. This could be researching posts, creating pins or writing/uploading posts. I had 4 posts a week written, edited and scheduled all in less hours than it took to write one post every four days. 

“Do you really need 8 hours a day to do a task – create deadlines”

By creating deadlines, my focus became greater on the most important tasks and my content has been a lot better. I have written in previous posts that I have been doing this, and this book is the reason for that change, thank you Timothy. He was right, suddenly when I had 2 days to finish an assignment my mind was focused compared to the 8 weeks we had known about it.

“80/20 Rule and Parkinsons Law” 

Vilfredo Pareto has a very simple yet effective theory of 80/20 that can be used in any scenario. In terms of work, what 20% of tasks are causing you 80% of annoyance and what 20% are causing benefits. From then you can focus purely on the tasks that bring success and eliminate those that don’t. From that, even in my daily tasks I highlight the ones I want done by the end of the day. Before that, if I didn’t complete two tasks I couldn’t sleep for however long it would have taken me to do them tasks. Now I prioritise my work and get important tasks done = less pressure on myself.

“80/20 law of people” 

I LOVE this theory, because it applies to anything. The same process … what 20% of people are causing 80% of disturbance and what 20% cause happiness? This theory made it so clear for me that I made the right decision about certain “friends” and who my supporters are. It saves time and energy.

The Challenges

In able to put these lessons into action, there are challenges in every chapter to help you immerse these challenges into daily life. Here are three challenges that have captured my attention!

Maintain Eye Contact 

This was a challenge I didn’t mind, because there are many ways to maintain eye contact. This challenge was about comfort, because there is a correlation of being comfortable and getting what you want. Staring into someone’s eyes is one of the most uncomfortable things I can imagine if you aren’t into it. That day I maintained eye contact with as many people as I could, I couldn’t help but laugh because I just went with it and got away with being subtle.

Learn to Propose 

If you are indecisive like myself, you will need this challenge. If someone asks me where we should go eat, I always say don’t ask me because I won’t give an answer. This book tells you to propose a solution because it will help with decision making and making your own opinion. I am yet to do this but I am so up for the challenge and pushing myself.

Ask for Numbers

Oh my goodness, this one freaks me out so much and even as I am writing this (20th of January) I am petrified of even doing this challenge. This challenge was all about unimportant information or outcomes and eliminating it from your lifestyle. The goal is to get over the fear of asking. I understand that. It is abut not having the fear of ignoring things or information that doesn’t affect you.


As you can see, I have learned a lot from this book and it has challenged me in ways I could never have thought. This is only a snippet of what the book has to offer, and I seriously recommend you check it out. However, I do have one warning. Don’t read the book if you think you will suddenly become financially free or an entrepreneur over night it doesn’t work that way. I don’t think I will ever become a full-time blogger, it sounds like a dream but I am realistic and have a feeling that I will have a job alongside it. Which is great. Every journey is different. 

Use the book to change your lifestyle and mindset for now, you will have a goal for the next stage of your life. Whether that is saving for travelling, changing career’s or going self-employed. Relate it to your life now, be honest with yourself when reading the book and embrace it. Thank you Timothy Ferriss for creating such a mind-opening and cultivating book.

Mol xo

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