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Aussie Travel Tricks For Travellers In Their Twenties | Travel Tips

Travelling to Australia is a popular choice for travellers of all ages and all walks of life. However, one of the most prominent kinds of travellers down under are young people, maybe backpackers, in their twenties. Australia can be one of the first places young people decide to go when they travel, because it’s popularly known as a carefree place where the people work hard but play harder. Australia is known for its laid back lifestyle, as well as the gorgeous weather and breathtaking scenery, so it’s no wonder young travellers decide to start their journeys here.

If you’re a traveller in your twenties (or you just want to feel like you are), take a look at our tricks below to have the most bonzer time !

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To People
Talking to people can sometimes mean taking a huge step out of your comfort zone, but usually, it’s worth it. You want to explore this new, exciting place, but you will often have the best time when you meet awesome people and learn from them! You can meet people in hostel bars, or alternatively, approach people when you spot them out having a drink. People might even come and talk to you if you’re having lunch on your own, so be open to it.

As well as meeting other travellers, speaking to locals will give you a wealth of information that will help you to have an awesome time. They are usually very friendly, but they do like to make fun sometimes, so beware! This can mean they like you and are welcoming you, even if it’s not what you’re used to.

Take A Notebook Wherever You Go
Although many places have wi-fi these days, you don’t want to spend your time down under glued to a screen. It’s a good idea to leave your expensive gadgets at home and invest in a notebook instead. You can make notes here, even use it to journal some of your awesome experiences. If you must use a laptop to blog or stay in touch with friends, invest in a cheap one so you won’t cry if something happens to it.

Get Used To Getting Up Early
Many people in their twenties hate this, but getting up early and seizing the day could actually be the best way to cure a hangover. It might not be a good idea to drive your Ace Rent A Car if you’re feeling particularly groggy, so you might want to drink some water and give it a good few hours before getting behind the wheel. Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast and some amazing views and you’ll learn to love getting up at the crack of dawn.

Be A Cliche - Learn To Surf
Yes, it sounds like a cliche, but learning to surf is an awesome skill and a whole lot of fun. The best places to surf in Australia include Perth, the Great Ocean Road just out of Melbourne, Sydney’s northern beaches, and Byron Bay. Make sure you get those lessons in, as surfing is harder than it looks. Surfers take surf etiquette very seriously, too! -------------------------------------------------------------

Above all else, take risks on your trip, be open to new experiences, and don’t forget to prepare for all kinds of weather, just in case. Have the best time!
It is an absolute dream of mine to go to Australia, I mean it is very long way to go from the UK but surely it is so worth it! Mol xo


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