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Surviving a Group Trip | Travel Tips

The idea of travelling with a group of people can be exciting but in reality, it can sometimes be difficult. People have different tastes and want to do things that others don’t. There are some things you should be aware of if you want to survive a group trip and all return home still friends. I have always wanted to go on a massive group trip but have never had the chance. Something just seems so exciting about renting out a big apartment and exploring a new place!
It is important that ideas are discussed and that everyone has the change to put forward their thoughts. On college trips, for example, you may have some students that want to visit places that will help with their history studies while others want to go to theme parks and enjoy themselves. If you have young children as part of the group, there could well be a conflict because the parents have to consider them, where the older people without children don’t have that concern.

Share Your Knowledge
If you have prior knowledge of any of the attractions being suggested due to previous travels, speak up and let everyone know. Was there a long queue last time you were there? Is the entrance fee good value for the attraction? Any bits of information could help with a joint decision. Speak up about what you know, but also listen to what experience other people have had.
Use People’s Strengths
As the trip gets started it will soon become apparent what people’s strengths and weaknesses are. Some have a great sense of direction and are good at reading maps. If the trip is abroad there could be someone in the group that speaks a few words of the language at least. Some people are good at ordering meals for large groups.
When there are a few of you there will always be someone that is good at something and it is ideal to let him or her take on that task.  This way, the jobs get spread around and everyone feels useful. Of course, you will always get the ‘know it all’ that thinks they can do everything, but the impact of someone like that will be less when there are a few of you.
Don’t Try To Do Too Much
Even in a small group of people, there will be different pace capabilities. Not everyone can move quickly and some like to savour what they are seeing if the visit is to a museum, for instance.
It is a common mistake on group holidays to try and fit too much in. Then you just get frustrations when not all the aims are met. It is better to have just a few planned things and then if there is some spare time, people can have some time to do something else they wanted, or to just sit back and relax. -----------------------------------------------------
There is no rule that says you have to stay together all the time, and occasionally having the time to take a break for a couple of hours on your own can be ideal.

A group trip is like any other one in that your enjoyment is in your own hands. It is wonderful if everyone gets on well, but that is not always the case/ You should be prepared to break ranks if the need arises, and to make the most of your trip whether it is with the rest of the group or on your own. Mol xo This is a collaborative post.


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