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My Must See Travel Shows on Netflix

I told you that these posts would be different, and I always want to find a way to keep it travel related. Having no wifi at home, I tend to use wifi when I can to download documentaries on Netflix etc … to watch when I get home whilst putting on a face mask to blogging. I love a good documentary and obviously whilst I am not travelling it is good to pop on a travel film or tv series. All this technology nowadays makes it so much easier for us to watch things anywhere we like, whether it is via phone or notebook especially if you are travelling on a long haul flight.

My parents are loving having an added account to my Netflix so they can watch on their TV at home, they dim the lights and have a nice romantic evening in watching a Netflix film … at my expense. However, I am looking forward to the day I can do that. I am a sucker for all this new editing equipment for photos for Instagram so I want that for my TV. Perhaps the 4k Led TV Panasonic have available is the one for me? With brightness control, voice control and Hollywood HD visuals I found my gem. So what travel shows have I been watching lately and you should consider? Keep on reading!

1 - Eat Pray Love 

Do I have to say anything about this movie that isn’t obvious? Even before I started travelling, this was one of my favourite films. I don’t know what it was about it but I could relate to the movie. Yes, so I haven’t been married nor am I spiritual yet I felt something missing like Liz and I was jealous that I wasn’t the sort of person to just go on my instincts especially with travel. I love how this movie is based on a true story too, Liz firstly went to Rome and studied Italian then onto India and to Bali. It sound’s cliché but she found herself and it proved to me that it is never too late. Just such an uplifting film and inspiring to those who are at a crossroads. Easy pick on my must see travel picks.

2 – Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father

 I have been SOOOO excited for this, Jack Whitehall has been one of my favourite comedians for ages and loved it ever since his father Michael has joined in! What a comedy duo. This series follows the funny father and son on travels around the world, with Jack wanting to try the ultimate backpacker lifestyle whilst unimpressed Michael loves the finer things in life. These two are so funny because of the contrast on interest and shows the two sides of travel. The recent video I saw was their trip to Phuket, attempting to Kayak in the ocean to Michael renting a whole hotel room out just to simply use a toilet. If you fancy a good laugh, this is the one to watch!

3 – Dark Tourist

Not going to lie, I was nervous putting this on the list as some of the episodes could be deemed controversial. However, I love learning. Every city I go to I want to visit museums or places of history because I want to know more about the world before I was born. One of my destinations I want to visit is Poland and part of that is to visit the concentration camp (find it hard to write the name). Not to be a tourist but to pay my respects and to teach myself. That is Dark Tourism – going to places based on mass violence and sometimes traditions. David Farrier takes us on an adventure to those places that have tourism based on tragedy or traditions that seem dark. One of the episodes I watched was based in South East Asia, where they celebrated rituals by unwrapping corpses and cleaning the corpse. In Cambodia, they offered people to shoot live animals for a price. It was a completely different perspective of Dark Tourism I didn’t expect to find.

4 - Expedition Happiness

Thank you to my dad for introducing this film to me, it is something so different to normal travel films that are on offer. A German filmmaker and his musician girlfriend go on an insane road trip across North America in a refurbished school bus …. I mean what an adventure! From the start the photography is just incredible, and the introduction shows how down to earth the couple are. Felix and Mogli come from two different worlds, yet their persistence for something else (travel) bring them together and are so genuine. Make’s me want to travel via school bus, relax and see what the world has to offer.

5 - Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 

 I mean, I couldn’t not mention Anthony Bourdain. I only just knew about Anthony Bourdain several months before his passing, I really wish I knew of him years before. I think in the travel community, it is so good to have an iconic figure to look up to because it is a reminder that we can do anything and experience so much – that’s what Anthony did and what a genius to combine travel with food. I recently watched the episode in Myanmar, as it has been on my radar and over my Instagram feed. Firstly, the cinematography is just something I didn’t expect, alongside Anthony’s voice I am engrossed. I really like how he goes off grid to places you wouldn’t normally consider visiting. I love this man’s ability to showcase the best of places, even if you wouldn’t consider going – oh and his knowledge of food!


6 – An Idiot Abroad

This was always going to be on my must see travel picks, it has been a firm favourite since it started. The legend that is Ricky Gervais came up with the idea for himself and Stephen Mercant to send their friend Karl Pilkington around the world … three times. I love it when people are upfront and say it how it is, and that is Karl. His slightly miserable approach of travelling the world, makes it all the more funnier and makes me proud to be British! He has gone from Route 66 in America to seat-less toilets in China. He has a rather distinctive perspective of travel that makes you want to watch more.

7 – Blackfish/The Cove 

Bit of a different one here – it is partly due to travel as locations are set in America, Iceland and Japan. I have never wanted to visit Seaworld or Zoo’s, I have always loved animals and the thought of keeping them in captivity makes me sad. There has been more awareness of this issue and two documentaries I recommend to watch are Blackfish – based on Seaworld’s business activity and research on Orca’s behaviour and Cove. Cove I would say is more travel related due to it’s research on how different countries hunt for Dolphins in Japan. It is a completely different world to the UK. Warning it is sad but makes you more aware.

8 - Somebody Feed Phil

Firstly, one main reason to watch it is because it is hosted by Phil Rosenthal …. Only the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” – so something told me it was going to be good. The first episode starts the season off well and gives an indication of how different this show will be. For starters he goes to a floating market in, tries street food in Chinatown and has a 25-course tasting menu … Straight off the bat, it is funny, frank and full of humour. I really lie how odd yet informative the series is. I mean the floating market amazes me, people literally would do a drive by (row by) on the river and do a food shop or go get Pad Thai! Phil is so enthusiastic he makes me want to watch more!

9 - Tales by Light 

 Before I even saw this, I knew I was going to love it. I love photography and I love learning about new cultures, and even from the main promo picture for Tales By Light I was ready to watch. Photography has the ability to catch someone’s attention and make them feel something raw, this is great to see how it happens in action. The first episode is something else, he captures mating whales in Tonga, a bi-plane wreck and an active volcano…Overall I really love his work on marine life, they are gorgeous creatures that need to be in the wild safely. Not in captivity or surrounded by plastic – two things that have been getting more attention to help change the current situation.

10 - Luxury Travel Show 

I am not going to lie to you, I cannot afford luxury --- unless I somehow win the lottery or marry a rich man (completely joking I am not like that). I am not saying luxury is the way to go, I love my hostel life however I am fascinated by all types of travel including luxury. I like seeing the efforts people go to for even the tiniest details. It isn’t always about it being fancy or detailed. The Luxury Travel Show actually changed my perception of luxury travel, to me it wasn’t about being flashy more about the experience. The 20 minute long episodes go through unique luxury destinations including a palace themed hotel in Chiang Mai, the Snow Hotel in Norway (brrrrr) and Siam Hotel in Bangkok. Just finished this series and it makes me more intrigued! Who knows may be able to experience this one day!


Have you seen any of these documentaries/films or have any travel-related documentaries you can recommend me? I am a massive documentary girl and need something to download on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video! Also it will come in handy if I have a long-haul flight coming up – just wait for my big reveal for more info! 

It has been a rather hectic January – with more hours at work, buying new laptops and new glasses I need a holiday. However, I have my work’s Christmas Party (have had no time previously) coming up and my Birthday weekend in February soon! Something to look forward to – my hotel has a King Sized bed … going to starfish it so much!

Mol xo 

This is a collaborative post. 

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