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Mistakes Of A Solo Traveller (& How To Avoid Them)

This is a post I think all of us travellers need reminding of - especially me. As you may or may not know the reason for my blog name Blondie Wanderlust isn't just for my ever changing blonde hair. I am playing up to the stereotype that all Blonde's are ditzy because I have never wanted to travel and very much of a novice when it comes to planning travel. For example, when I lived in Cornwall I booked a flight from Stansted to Barcelona purely because it was cheap -- not thinking about the 24 coach to London.Solo travel is often the best type of travel. You’ll be in total control of your itinerary, meaning you explore new destinations in the way that you see fit. Better still, the challenges of solo travel force you to embrace the responsibilities. This will allow you to gain far more from the adventures.
However, it’s very easy to fall into some very basic traps that have the potential to reduce your enjoyment in a severe way. Here are four of the most common issues, along with what can be done to overcome those obstacles. 

Staying in private luxury
Make no mistake; a few nights of luxury in a private hotel room will let you recharge the batteries and enjoy a little peace. Still, sticking to this plan throughout the entire journey will prevent you from gaining some of the most valuable experiences of all. This is a major faux pas you must avoid.

Booking a few nights in a hostel will force you to mingle with other travellers, which should lead to magical adventures. The hosts are often far more friendly than hotel owners and will take you on trips that most tourists never get to do.   
This option is usually great news for your pocket too.
Not being prepared for adventures

 Travelling is your chance to break free from the norm and do things that you wouldn’t do back home. Unfortunately, those opportunities will soon pass you by, which is why you need to acquire the right mindset before you’ve even departed.
Packing the right attire instantly forces you to seek out the right adventures. From finding the best wetsuits for women to having the right footwear for treks, those items are key. While you can borrow specialist equipment, those basic items should be in your luggage.
Of course, you should also have a camera ready for the adventures.   

Ignoring people back home

The excitement of your adventures is likely to keep you occupied for the majority of the trip. As such, you may be tempted to forget about your loved ones back home until you get home, especially if you’re documenting your journeys with a blog.
In reality, though, there will be times where you start to feel homesick. Staying in touch throughout the duration of your time away is as important for you as it is for them. Following Snapchat stories isn’t enough. You need that genuine love and connection.
Besides, removing the dark moments will enhance the happier moments.
Being too regimented

The chances are that you’ve picked the chosen destinations due to a handful of attractions. You will subsequently want to build a trip around those experiences so that you’ll definitely get to see and do those things. But there is such a thing as being too organised.
When you have a set plan of action for every day of your trip, you’ll never get a chance to ignore it. A little spontaneity goes a long way, which is why rail tickets and open travel plans can work wonders. Let destiny take you to the right places at the right times.
Those unplanned experiences are often the best. ------------------------------------------------- This is what we all need .. something to whip us into shape! Especially me because I just think and say whenever it happens and never think!
Anyone else? The last one about organisation is definitely me! Mol xo This is a collaboration post.



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