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Juggling a Full-Time Job and Blogging

Personally, I think with today’s society and from what I hear around in conversations there is a negative perception of bloggers. When people say “how do they call it a full time job?”, half of them don’t realise that a lot more work goes into blogging than they think and also not every one does it full time. That is the beauty of blogging, you can make it what ever you like – It’s your own choice if you want it to be full-time or alongside your current commitments.

If you work a full-time or a part-time job and are thinking about blogging but worried about it not fitting in, don’t worry. I mean of course it won’t all be easy, and there will be weeks where you just don’t have time but if you really want to do blogging that stuff won’t matter. There are so many pressures to validate things you are doing, and that affects your productivity. As long as you enjoy what you do that is all that matter, and if you aren’t enjoying it change your process to bring the joy back.

My Blogging Journey

My Blondie Wanderlust Blog journey started 2 years and 8 months ago … my goodness time goes b quickly. Ever since then I have had 3 full time jobs and 1 part time alongside doing my degree … whilst keeping up my blog. When I first started I wasn’t consistent with blogging, I was still seeing how much I liked it, if it was for me and learning from other bloggers. A year in, I realised how much I loved it and knew I wanted to be a bit more consistent so I started working on my content thinking about what I wanted to create. It wasn’t until last September when I started my final year at University that there were so many benefits of blogging that meant I wanted to have a schedule. Those benefits included meeting an amazing travel community, being more creative and having more reasons to travel.

I used to write one blog at a time and just take one day to write it, and perhaps one hour to edit and schedule and social media I did it as I went. Which was great because I was only in university 6 hours a week so did my assignments and dissertation in my own time and my job was based from my accommodation. As soon as my dissertation was getting tough I took a month off blogging because I had other priorities. That month break was THE BEST thing I could have done. I had way more ideas and creativity and started to create content plans and scheduling plans. Now I work on a full-time basis as a Sales and Events Coordinator I have to schedule in my blogging time to fit in around my work and social life. Before work, I spend at least 1-2 hours either finding notes on future blog posts, scheduling social media and writing/editing and uploading content. That means everything is scheduled weeks beforehand, I give myself time to create and means my free time is with my friends. Since then, my blogging has been so much better and the statistics I have seen (again isn’t too important to me) have improved too.

We all must remember that every job is different, as long as you know what is best for you it will all be good. In my reveal, you will see that things will change for me too and I have to change my schedule to suit a certain situation. It is a constant cycle of learning this blogging! I love it though. Anyone else? 

My Top Tips

1 – Just Do It 

I saw a quote the other day, saying how doubting yourself is the worst type of critique yourself or anyone can give you. If you keep doubting yourself, you will eventually persuade or convince yourself that something won’t happen and you will stop. Forget what people think, or what is holding you back because if you have a passion for something (not just blogging) what is stopping you? I am so glad I continued blogging an didn’t think about what others thought or my other jobs because I have a system and my family and friends ask more about my blog and my collaborations! You never know what is going to happen, trial it for a month! Even if you write one post per fortnight or month, you can spend that month meeting people from the blogging community and build up relationships! There is no set way to blog, one way won’t suit everyone so do what is best for you. That could be drafting posts, going out and taking photos or reading blog posts. From tiny acorns … 

2 – Don’t Over-Exert Yourself

This may sound super obvious when it comes to juggling a full-time job with blogging, but don’t burn the candle at both ends. You are tired from work, which means you aren’t thinking clearly when working on blogging which will likely mean that you have less passion for it and you just end up feeling more tired. Honesty, when I was just writing one post as and when, I felt worse because I knew I wanted to be more consistent yet I couldn’t keep up. I became more organised, had a plan and stuck to it = less tired, more consistent and happier. Start by asking yourself “what is my top priority?”, obviously working is up there so make sure you are happy at work. After that, eliminate things that can wait even if it is blogging. Take a step back, no one is going to be upset if you take a day off. I always see on social media, bloggers always justifying why they are taking a social media break. I know I do the same, but that is because I am friends with a lot of other bloggers but I do it to justify myself when we all don’t need to! We are human beings!

3 – Do It For Yourself

Dah Dah Daaaaahhhhhh. Subtly Sally they call me. Just kidding. If you are doing blogging and starting to be tired because you are doing it to keep up and your heart isn’t in it … why? If I find myself in this position, I stop. Whether that is for a day, week or a month because your blog is you. I don’t want to put something out there that isn’t me. Find yourself again, create what YOU want. Work on YOUR time schedule and make sure YOU enjoy blogging.  

4 – Plan Your Time

I always answer time management to those interview questions, “Now tell me … what are your key strengths”. My dad has many one-liners when it comes to lessons, and one that has stuck with me is … If you are on time, you are already late. Even if that means turning up to the airport 4 hours before or to a night out with friends. Again with organisation, don’t think it is the be all and end all and think you have to do everything you plan … life isn’t that easy! I read a book called the FourHour Work Week and it was about being more productive in less time than less productive with long hours. I do this for my blog, rather than spending 2 full days doing mediocre work on one post I do 2 hours before work (5 days a week) working on numerous posts. I have seen such an increase in success. Plan your time that suits your routine. 

5 – Look After Yourself 

Working a full time job is very tiring, so of course you may feel more knackered if you want to take up a blog so you can’t neglect yourself. Twice a week I have me time, where I just myself a mini spa – I whack on a face mask, wash my hair and do my eyebrows. That 1-2 hour window is just for myself. Or everyday I spend 20 minutes learning languages because that is what calms me down. Looking after yourself is the first step because YOU are the one that has to go to work, YOU are the one that is affected if you work too much!

6 – Schedule 

This goes hand in hand with my time management point, scheduling blog posts or social media promo’s can save you a hell of a lot of time! One top tip: Don’t schedule too much because the blogging community also want to get to know the blogger. So do tweet, insta story etc …. As you go! 

7 – Enjoy It 

Thought I would end it on a good note because this is the most important! When people ask me why I do blogging, it is simple “because I enjoy it”. Sure the benefits of collaborations are always welcome and appreciated but I love it so much. It has made me more confident, creative and more of a traveller. However you blog, enjoy it!



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Hope everyone’s well!

Mol xo

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