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Introverts Guide to Blogging | Blogging Advice

I remember starting Blondie Wanderlust Blog, I wasn’t nervous about writing a blog but more about anyone reading my content. Soon after, that wasn’t a worry for me. For some reason I was really worried about my friends and family seeing my writing. I didn’t think anyone would really understand the reasons why I was writing a blog. The reasons weren’t for earning money or popularity, it is for other reasons.

After about a year, I decided to worry less about telling people about my blog and I have never felt better about sharing my passion. My family now read my blog, and I think are more open because it is coming up to 3 years now and I am getting more collaborations. I have never been ashamed or embarrassed about my content – I love it and it is all that matters. The other benefits including being part of an amazing community and learning new skills are all extra advantages!

Reasons Why We Are Shy 

Reason 1: We Doubt Ourselves

Reason 2: Worried we won’t be taken seriously

Reason 3: Worried our friends/family won’t get it

Reason 4: Worried about the unknown

Reason 5: Depends on the situation

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared

1 – It Is A Great Community

I love my travel blogging community, I was super worried I wouldn’t get to know anyone or how other bloggers would feel of another blogger being around. I read a few articles from big bloggers who said the market is saturated and not going to lie it made me question being a blogger. However, I was thinking perhaps they didn’t think about the bloggers doing it for reasons other than blogging.

I have found, especially in the travel community that the influencers are so supportive and provide amazing resources to help you travel or start your own blog. Whenever I engage with them on social media, they are always so friendly and genuine. Doesn’t make you think “oh my goodness, this big blogger is talking to me” it is like a friend.  

2 – Do What You Love

If you really like doing something, what is stopping you from doing that? If it is someone else, who really care’s what they think if it doesn’t affect them? If it other priorities like work or family, just do blogging one step at a time. You should have passion for something you do, if you start to find it draining you won’t enjoy it and will eventually stop.  

3 – Talk to One Person At A Time 

Talking to other family and friends was my main worry, so I dropped hints every now and then to ease my worry. Soon, as my confidence grew with my content, I just kept saying “by blog” to family and friends because I was proud (I always was) and because I knew they would understand what my blog meant to me. I was the shyest person in the world, so I completely understand what other bloggers who are nervous go through. Find perhaps that one person, really close friend or family and discuss your plans. As your confidence builds, don’t be nervous about sharing your blog. We do live in a society where people still are sceptical about blogs but it is so much more than that trust me. I used to be a sceptic of my own blog – but if you keep going it proves well in the end. 

4 – Read Other Blogs

I have found more recently myself pinning blogs onto my taskbar, to remind myself to read other blogs. More often than not, where I work full-time and spend my other free time sleeping or writing I don’t get time to read other blogs. So if I pin it to my taskbar, it is a nice reminder. Reading other blogs will give you inspiration to write or travel etc… but also to engage within the community. You will build nice friendships with other bloggers and enjoy blogging so much more. Part of my blogging schedule is to read other blogs because I find it relaxing to focus on a blog other than mine. At the moment, I have been reading Farah in the Sun and The Blonde Abroad – two of my all time favourite bloggers. Also, by reading other blogs of similar nature you will think back to your blog and realise why you do what you do. Plus, you need a break from working on your blog all the time so invest it with supporting other people. I honestly think without being in a supportive community I would have stopped blogging by now or not have been so confident about it.  

5 – Blogs Aren’t All About Money And Popularity

Again, this was a BIG worry for me. I started blogging around the time Instagram and Instagram Bloggers got BIG. My aim was to do blogging for the creativity, meeting others and to work on myself. I mean if you want to do blogging to make money, go for it each to their own. However, I didn’t want to have to justify myself to everyone the reasons why I am doing blogging or to compete with others. In reality, it has been the absolute opposite. I haven’t felt like I have competed with everyone, we all are so unique that it is refreshing. Sure, it is nice to collaborate with companies but it is with brands I have loved before I started blogging. Collaborations are literally 5% of my blogging life, the rest is about learning new skills, meeting new people and doing something new.

6 – Push Yourself

If you want to challenge yourself and make the most out of your free time, go ahead with your blog. Write what you want to write, learn a new skill and do something that scares you (could be telling someone about your blog). I honestly used to hold back so much, I wasn’t confident in myself but you change as you get older. I now, don’t want anything in life to stop me, so much has before in the past. If you don’t try, you will never know what you can achieve (I really am writing cheesy posts lately aren’t I!).  I am still super shy when it comes to taking photographs and I am still trying to be more confident, however if you are in the same boat do check out this post by the Bloguettes

7 – Take Time For Yourself

No one is telling you to be this loud, extroverted and out there person we all are different. We can be loud, quiet, confident, shy you name it everyone is different and that is great. Of course if you want to get more confidence in your blog do that, however don’t forget who you are because that is what will reflect on your blog. Take time out, treat yourself to a day of pampering, a walk or a weekend break and reflect on your journey. I really enjoyed this post about being an Introvertedblogger.

8 – Embrace It

Let’s be honest for a moment, we are only on this earth once and time passes very quickly. So when are we all going to stop worrying about what people think? It is time consuming, draining and a complete waste of time. Just yesterday, there was torrential rain. Amongst all of the miserable faces (which I completely get), I couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy it because it is England and very soon I am off somewhere sunny! It is the same with blogging, as long as you make a difference to your day and enjoy it you will find yourself being more positive and who knows change someone’s day. Embrace blogging – trust me it becomes your baby!


There is no big solution to fit everyone, because that would be too easy and we wouldn’t learn all of the lessons that we go through. Also movie’s would be very short if life was that simple and we all love a good 2 hour rom-com, action movie and thriller, right? It is the same with blogging, nearly 3 years on I feel more comfortable than ever however I have improvements I want to make. I have signed up to a website called Udemy, thanks to Farah in the Sun and want to learn even more skills to transform my blog.

I want to share one final link with you, Pro Blogger has been a resource I have used for 3 years. Networking at events was my biggest fear after telling my friends and family about my blog. I remember my first blogger event (add link) and was so nervous. However, within 5 minutes I met these amazing women who inspired me to go to more events! Has anyone else been to blogging events – comment below!

Mol xo  

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