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Weird and Wacky European Destinations to Visit In Your Lifetime

I think out of all continents (haven’t been to every one) but, I am biased because I think Europe has some of the coolest and most unique countries and cities in the entire world. Don’t you agree? I mean there is so much culture out there to be discovered and here are some of the coolest places I have found. I love researching travel bloggers, and these guys have introduced me to some fab cities that everyone should visit.
When I say weird, it isn’t in a mean way but in a way that sets them out from different countries and is so unique. I mean, anything that looks remotely like a fairy-tale city gets my approval right? The world is wide and I am ready to discover it … by the way I am currently watching Mamma Mia 2 so am emotional as I write this weird and wacky European destinations post. 


First up on my list is Bern, I first visited Bern I want to say aged 12? I went with the girl guides and I just remember it being the cleanest place I had ever visited and still to this day it is still true. I loved visiting Bern due to it’s diversity with culture especially it’s language as they speak French, German, English and goodness knows what else! It is close distance to other great cities, we visited from Adelboden so you are never far from the gorgeous mountains. Switzerland is known for it’s beautiful lakes and alps, however going to Bern is great if you want a change from all of that.

Trip Savvy, introduced me to going back to Bern because of how much culture I missed the first time. There is roughly 6km of arcades, cellar shops and bars in between all of the fountains. It is great because it seemed  to me that it wasn’t so industrialised so it sweeps you into it’s beauty. Of course for the nature lovers, there is the Aare River in which you can pass along. Do you agree with my first pick for my weird and wacky European destinations?


I will say this once, and over again … MAMMA MIA 2 WAS FILMED HERE .. well in Croatia so I must find the set.  Croatia was a hidden gem to me before it suddenly came on my horizon this year due too its quaint beaches and villages. The northwest capital of Croatia, Zagreb offers Austro-Hungarian architecture .. already a winner in my eyes. Croatia really has something for everyone, there are beaches for the relaxation, cathedrals for the culture lovers and great restaurants for the foodies.

In terms of the culture, there is the Zagreb Cathedral with gothic influence and St. Mark’s Church which I have been told is a sight for sore eyes with it’s colourful roof. Thanks to Grumpy Camel for introducing this gorgeous city to me, because I am a cute café lover and apparently Tkalčićeva Street is the place to be for that, so I will meet you all there. As if there wasn’t enough, Ban Jelačić offers shops, parks and museums.


Before I even introduce this country, thank you to Hand Luggage Only who introduced me to the city and a massive congratulations to them. They recently one Vuelio’s Best Travel Blog again, what an amazing achievement and so glad they received it. Anyway why visit Slovakia and what makes it SO special? Firstly, it is one of only 45 landlocked countries … meaning it hasn’t got a beach. They also have a certain drink which is similar to gin .. seeing as gin has been popular very recently gin lovers need to visit Slovakia.

It used to be the capital of culture, and it isn’t a surprise when it has 7 USESCO World Heritage Sights, and for a relatively new country it is so impressive. There is SO much nature in Slovakia including the numerous forests and budget skiing resorts a good alternative to the common sites. What I didn’t realise is how much Andy Warhol is appreciated in Slovakia, apparently they are big aficionados there!


I must say that I didn’t think that this would be on my weird and wacky European destinations list, but thanks to Dan FlyingSolo this is on my agenda. I have met many lovely Albanians and it turns out that Albania is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. It seems like the dark horse of tourism but apparently according to research, there is a strong culture and it is on the rise alongside tourism. Albania is home to some UNESCO World Heritage Sights, so it must have some great attractions and history to learn about.

Again, how much more can Europe offer? I didn’t realise how diverse of a country Albania was, especially with terms of travel. There are beaches to wander, mountains to climb and villages to stroll through. I doubt that I will be climbing the mountains, however I do not mind strolling through the villages and seeing the churches.


This has always been on my bucket list, but more recently because one of the people I met on my trip in Barcelona was Swedish and he is one of the funniest people and even that makes me want to visit Sweden. Also, I really want to learn the language, it sounds epic.  Rough Guides article presented the idea of how unique Sweden was. I mean wild Reindeer, Castles and Viking Boat ride … all authentic I mean where else in the world can you get that? Get me on that plane  RIGHT NOW!!

Of course the nature that Sweden is home to is something to be admired and  is one of the massive selling points of the country. Alongside Stockholm being the capital city as a massive USP, all I know is that when my friends have visited they have loved it. I heard that Sweden have some of the best saunas available. I don’t know about you, but this is something that I could get used to.  


Okay, so this is quite generic and Germany might not seem like an obvious choice as being a weird and wacky European destination but wait until the second paragraph. Anyway, what makes Germany so great are these three things Oktoberfest, German Food and River Cruises. These things Germans do well and is something that I am itching to do, I am not a costumer sort of girl but the thought of dressing up and drinking a massive beer sounds like a lot of fun, don’t you think?

That is great Molly, but why is it weird? So glad that you asked, there is the Tropical Attraction. A water attraction including Whitewater River Germany’s longest whitewater river, Tropino Kids Club and Germany’s Waterslide Tower. Thank you Telegraph for finding this treasure for me.


Next up, thanks to Get By Bus is Austria. Austria is a poplar one but on this wacky list because of its pure beauty. Like I said in the intro, anything that looks like a fairy-tale city is good for me and will be good for you. Firstly, why Austria? Let’s be honest there is a h*ll of a lot to discover including the alpine summits and architecture. It is full of the most grand and iconic landmarks known to every traveller, so why wouldn’t you want to see it?

Again, what makes Austria so unique. Only the most insanely beautiful lake I have ever seen. Okay not in person, but on Google and Instagram.  The Gruner Sea in Styria is surrounded by forests and mountains, I mean what a treat to anyone who visits. It is also called the Green Lake due to it’s emerald-green water…how insane.


CN Traveller brings us Vienna, again like Austria a very popular country to visit but again for a very similar reason it looks like a fairy-tale city and I want to get lost in it. Let’s start with the main reasons why everyone wants to visit. It has many parks to relax in as well as the Schonbrunn Summer Concert, based on the famous grounds is a classical music event. Imagine being surrounded by so much history whilst listening to some iconic pieces of our history as well.

However, there are some fun facts about Vienna that I didn’t quite expect. I didn’t realise that they are also known for their wine, I always presume that France was the place to be so it is always good to know some fun facts. There are also flea markets to ponder whether you should spend your money on stuff .. the answer is you totally should treat yo’ self!


The penultimate country is Denmark, again wasn’t a city I wanted to visit until I met one of my  best friends in Barcelona who was from there.  It has been said for years that Denmark is the home to some of the friendliest people in the world and has been voted many times as the most liveable city in the world – who wants to move? This is also probably down to the fact that you can easily fall in love with the food, my friend took me to a Danish Restaurant and by far had the best nachos ever .. still can’t find anywhere to beat it.

As well as beaches in Denmark, there are other surprising places to visit including Christiana, thanks to Traveller for finding it for me. It is known as the hippy town of Denmark, don’t know about you but I feel like getting lost in the vintage shops and cobbled streets. Seems like paradise to me and I want to explore. What a reason to be on my weird and wacky European destinations list.


AGAIN, Molly why is Portugal on your weird and wacky European destinations list? Okay the reason why it is weird is because when I was younger, when I thought of Portugal I thought of only beaches and nothing else. However, I am still learning now even after researching it for two years there is so much more to this country. Obviously for the beach lovers there are numerous miles of sandy beaches of the Algarve. That isn’t the only nature attraction of the country you can go hiking in some of the national parks.

For the city lovers, there is Porto and Lisbon home to iconic tile works, nationally loved pastry shops and many inclining hills that trams run along. By far my favourite is the colourful architecture of the castle of Sintra. It is close to Lisbon and Porto and so worth the visit, REALLY WANT SOMEONE TO GO WITH ME TO ENJOY AND TAKE PHOTOS WITH. Recently, I learned that there is a town called Monsanto which is built from granite boulders. Thank you Pack the Suitcases for introducing us to this beautiful country. 
As you can probably tell from my recent posts, that I am doing A LOT of wanderlusting and planning adventures. That is because I am not travelling at the moment and need to air my frustration out somewhere and by creating content helps that a lot! However, I am going into my second week at work and loving my new adventure already. I love earning money, not in a greedy way but because I love working hard to use my money to travel and have these experiences. So, hopefully in two months time for my birthday I can visit Amsterdam or Paris. 

How is your December going so far? Planning a last minute break and need some ideas of where to visit? If you are thinking of Europe here is my Winter Destination list and  if you are in the UK here are some good weekend breaks to consider? Have a fab week guys!
Mol xo

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