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Unpacking After A Holiday In 5 Steps

One of the most deflating things about going on holiday is coming back. There’s nothing nice about jet lag, or flying economy class on a long haul flight, but the worst part of going away is coming home. Why? Because you have to unpack everything in your cases. Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with scrunched up bikinis with leftover sand inside, and putting everything in the suitcase into the wash basket just washes off that summer-y, sunshine smell that everything seems to absorb while on a break.

The unpacking stage also means extra washing to do and it’s all very final, isn't it? You know you’re on your way home when you’re on the plane, but actually having to empty out your luggage and get it all stored back in the attic is the final nail in the holiday coffin. The good news is that unpacking from your holiday doesn't have to be some huge drama. You may shed a tear or two, but that’s holiday blues for you! Below, we’ve got some steps to make unpacking after your holiday an easy and quick process.

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Don’t Bring It Inside
Eventually, you’ll have to bring your luggage inside. However, when you first get home, add it to an area that isn’t full of carpet and linen. You have no idea if you’ll have picked up bed bugs or other critters on your way home, so to put it in the garage or the foyer instead can be much easier. Just in case. Separate Your Cash
Currency is an annoyance. You may have been really excited to change up your money on the way out, but now you need to reverse the process and do it all over again with your foreign currency. You may also need to look at where to sell gift cards for cash if you need to do so after accumulating them abroad. Getting this all to one side can put your handbag and purse back in order. All Clothes To The Washer!
Even if you have some unworn items, you need to take them back to the laundry bin. The clothes have been cooped up in your luggage for days and need freshening up. Get them ready to be washed the moment you get in the door. Toiletry Bag
Putting your toiletry bag straight in the bathroom is going to remind you to work through the rest of the shampoo and shower gels before you start on your larger bottles in the shower already. Once these are empty again, give the bottles a wash and put them with the rest of the luggage. Clean The Luggage
It’s been in airplane holds, taxis, hotel rooms and in transit along the way. A bottle of Zoflora and a good cloth can get the luggage back to being new again in no time at all.

And there it is! 5 steps to getting your luggage sorted after a holiday with no waiting around. ------------------------------------------ I hope you found this post useful, I absolutely hate unpacking and this curely maks it easier! anyone the same?
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