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My 2019 New Year's Resolutions | Blondie Wanderlust

I feel like New Year’s Resolutions are like Marmite, either you like it or you don’t. I can’t lie to you all, I previously thought it was a silly tradition and fad because you should always strive to do new things all throughout the year. However, last year I didn’t make them and the ones I thought of backfired in my face -- I think it was karma for not making them! However, I learned a lot of lessons in 2017/2018 and feel like I will be prepared anything now, so I just want to enjoy 2019 and it is going to be a good year.

What resolutions should I/You all make? There are 76372634 resolutions out there, but I always choose a mixture of serious and funny ones because you can’t all be serious right? Again, this is such a weird post because at the moment I am not travelling (and haven’t had time to make posts about Southampton), I want to change my posts a bit. They are very general (which I like) but I want to change it to some personal posts with advice. Okay, I am going to shut up now and introduce my 2019 new year’s resolutions. Who knows, one of you guys might find one you like?

Stop Putting Pressure On Myself
I am the first to admit it, I put way too much pressure on myself. I think that is the same for a lot of people my age, and anyone at any age, but in relation to my age there are many pressures. There is working hard to get a good grade at University, the choice of going to uni, then the pressure of funding studying and renting and also the pressure of finding a grad job. I tent to put those pressures on the backburner, because my greatest pressure comes from myself. I know only I can change my future and happiness if I try new opportunities and by being the best I can be, not because I have to but because I want to. So, I fill my diary with too many things to do and won’t go to bed until they all are done.

The outcome? I get tired, stressed and whatever else comes with it. So what is next for 2019? If you are someone who puts pressure on yourself to be the best you can be, remember I always tell myself as well that it is okay to be the best you can be. Especially without burning the candles at both ends. Perhaps focus on what is the most important aspect and manage time better. So that is what I will do, figure out my plans, see what tasks I can prioritise and have some more free time to myself and friends.

Say Yes To Opportunities
I want to say yes to things that scare me, not scare in a bad way but things I would never do before. I didn’t say yes to many things during my final year at university because I was focusing on smashing out my dissertation. However, I started saying yes when I went on my trip to Barcelona and Rome, apart from the trip to Paris (sorry Maureen) I was on little money! Let’s be honest if you have massive FOMO and say no to things, what are you going to achieve? Apart from missing out on experiences and feeling awful about missing out on them.

So part of my 2019 New Year’s Resolution, is to say yes from little things like going to dinner with friends to massive adventures like jumping out of a plane (I WILL NOT DO THIS -- this is the example of the scale). So, I hope no friends or family of mine buy a skydiving activity for my birthday as I will regift it!).

Book More Trips
Shocker. I part-time travel blogger wants to book more trips. I now live in Southampton, and I know that the airport here flies to Amsterdam in an hour…. So, I am hoping maybe in February or March to have four days off so I can go back and visit. Literally, every time I see signs everyday I want to divert the bus to drop me off. Now I am in full-time work, work will be my priority but it makes it easier to save money for a future trip I have planned which I cannot wait to share with you all.

This is where I ask you guys if you have a blog or know of any blogs which have any cute European destinations or places I have never heard of before. Because I want to go to them. So send me them via email ( or via my social media (check out my contact me page) because I want some reading.

Save Money
This obviously leads on from my previous 2019 New Year’s Resolution, in order to afford these trips I will need to work so I can earn enough money to afford it. I am in a new job, which I absolutely love and am lucky enough to live with my grandparents. I am lucky enough not to pay rent but obviously I have a few surprises up my sleeve. I also have a goal of not splurging on money (except from a new laptop and highlights - both are well needed) but on clothes until February.

I have the willpower and also it is a massive goal of mine and I know I can do it. It is time to be an adult and save for things that are important. Wow, 22 going on 23 I feel so independent.


Learn a New Language
BIG SHOCK HORROR. The girl who practices Spanish, Italian and Portuguese every day wants to learn a new language. To save money until the New Year, I haven’t paid another subscription for Babbel until January. This is because I have a massive decision to make, either do a whole course on Spanish to become fluent or learn another language. The reason for another language will become clear in February in a new post I have planned. I am full of anticipation until then.

Why am I learning another language? Because it is my best skill I have, I am confident enough to say I am good at languages and I love them. In my family, everyone has their niche and this is mine and it is unique. I love speaking 4 languages. I get to go to different parts of the world, speak with the locals and learn more about the cultures. For these reasons, you should learn a language too!

Improve My Fitness
So, if you follow me on Instagram and scroll back 3 years you will see that I am a massive gym bunny. I would go to the gym 5 times a week and do a lot of weight training. Then in Barcelona, that continued but wasn’t so hard core. Then coming back to final year, I do not know what it was but it was like I forgot how to cook and just didn’t have time for the gym. I lived off of takeaway meals, ready to eat weight-watchers and red bull (never drinking that stuff again). I have put on some weight but I don’t actually care, however I do miss the adrenaline I get when I work out and love to discover new workouts.

So what am I gonna do in 2019? Well, now I actually have a work schedule I have already penciled in workouts already. However, in 2019 I have a summer to look forward to so I need to up my workouts. Whether I join a gym and do classes in circuits or go for more runs and do yoga. I need to step it up, plus today I am planning recipes so I am stepping it up already!

Be Adventurous
In my previous point “Say Yes”, adventure includes that. I am the first to say that I am a wimp and scared at the thought of crossing a bridge because I hate the heights. However, I do feel like I want to be less of a scaredy cat and embrace the crazier side to life. My sister recently did the fastest zip-line in the world, that would scare me but I feel like I could do something along the lines of it!

So which adventures should I embark on in my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions? If I ever go to China, I would LOVE to do the skywalk. I mean what a way to conquer my fear of heights? If there is anything similar and closer to the UK please let me know. When I went to Switzerland years ago, I did a Toboggan Slide down a grassy mountain and it was EPIC! I would love to do something like that again, what a rush.

Upgrade The Blog
My plan when I got a full-time job, was to put some of my earnings into rebranding my blog. The main reason isn’t because I want to get more collaborations or about viewers, it is because I have some exciting plans coming up in 2019 and I feel that my blog needs to change it’s game to keep up with my plans. I have had my blog for two years now and I feel that I have worked hard enough to treat myself and give the blog a fresh start. So here are my steps …

Blog Logo - My logo right now is very simple, but I love it because my next step shows a change of my personality. My logo right now reflects me two years ago when I was so shy and nervous. My next logo has colour and an icon, small steps but shows how far my creativity has come. Presets - okay so Instagram may not mean a lot to me but I want to change it because every time I look at it, it will motivate me towards travelling. So I have some presets I want to buy. Self-Hosting - a big part of owning my own blog content is to self-host my blog. I have heard good things about Siteground so I am looking forward to that next step. Redesign - .my cute little blog needs a little upkeep and some colour. Got a few good ideas going around in this little head of mine.


As always, I hope that you enjoyed the blog or at least got some ideas for your own 2019 New Year’s Resolution ideas. It is the first time that I have taken this seriously, because usually I think it is a fad. However, I don’t think it is necessarily bad that you can restart or have a fresh mindset for the new year. I have been extremely selfless for the past year and it is time for me to be a bit selfish and think of myself. So you should too if you need a fresh start and haven’t been looking after yourself lately.

Anyway, I cannot believe that it is December already, where has the time gone? This means it is officially okay to put up the Christmas Tree, put on Michael Buble and starting watching Elf numerous times right? So excited to visit the Christmas Market! Thinking of planning a last minute trip or planning for next year? Here are some Winter Destination suggestions! Mol xo


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