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Life Update: I Moved Back To Southampton

I HAVE MOVED AGAIN. I have moved this year a total of 4 times in the past 6 months, twice around Bournemouth, back to Cornwall and now to Southampton. A little about me… on the 17th of February 1996 I was born in Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton. I stayed in Southampton until I was 14 years old and then we moved to Cornwall, as we always visited for holidays and wanted to have a change of lifestyle. I loved Cornwall, however as I got older I realised that it isn’t where I need to be for my career, social life or just for myself. From what I see, people my age either get out and travel or stay in Cornwall, get married and have kids. No way am I even close to the 2nd, nor do I want to be!
After over 70 job applications … yes 70, I got a job in Southampton as a Sales and Event coordinator. I was impressed, it took my over 100 application to get a placement. On the 26th of November, I started my new job and moved back to Southampton. I am closer to other family, friends and new opportunities and of course I will make trips to visit my parents miss you two!

Why Southampton
For some reason, I bloody missed it! I didn’t realise how much I love the city until I got older, I need things happening around me and Southampton provides that. I live only a 20 minute bus ride away from the city, so it is very accessible. I also work in the city, so get to walk past the Christmas Market and cute cafes. I am not a big city lover, cities like London scare me because it is so congested I like the mellow sort of life – hence why Barcelona was so good for me.
I also have all my closest friends here, so being within one city of my friends is the best thing ever. I lost contact with all my school friends in Cornwall, but that is okay these things happen we all grow up. A lot of my close friends are either abroad, in other parts of the UK or in Southampton. So I am very much looking forward to being close to them again. There is also fab transport connections in Southampton, including train, plane and coach.
Southampton has also had so much more development recently, there is a new shopping centre “West Quay 2”, specifically for restaurants and I think personally the city looks more modern and clean. I live back in my home town village, I have so many memories including walking past my old house where we had massive themed parties and my primary school. I am such a family girl that it is good to have a bit of home with me.

My New Job
My job is one of the things that I try to keep private, so I will just tell you my role which as mentioned before is a Sales and Event Coordinator at a bar chain. I have just finished my first week at work and I love it because there is so much variety in this job. I wanted to work in this bar because, well firstly I needed a job and money, but I was an avid customer in Bournemouth and really wanted to be associated with the brand.
My job role includes booking and organising events, with that includes making run sheets and having communication with everyone of the team members. Another part of the job is running the events on the night, making sure that the customers get to their event and are settled. The vibe in the evenings are crazy but so much fun.
The team … the team makes it for me, they are the nicest bunch of people and already from day 1 I felt accepted. I have noticed that everyone is always supportive and praise where need be, for my first full-time job since uni I love it. I have had part-time jobs previously during uni studies but I am so glad my first full-time job since my last full-time in Barcelona are with people who I love. Makes my job so much more fun and beneficial.

What Does This Mean For The Blog?
I have 4 main goals for updating this blog…
1.. change logo
2.. be self-hosted
3.. change design
4.. buy camera/presets
Now, I am very impatient and these things will take time. I want to settle into my job, get some money in and call HMRC to get my tax codes all perfect .. I feel like such an adult now. I am getting a new computer for Christmas. So after purchasing that, I will be putting money aside each pay-check for each of these goals.
I am still keeping up this blog and have A MASSIVE reveal in January/February for this, so now it is just making plans for content and creating Southampton based content until then. I have also joined the Southampton Bloggers group, with the Bournemouth group I went to numerous events including La Piccola Italia and The Cosy Club. So, I am very much looking forward to meeting more bloggers and exploring Southampton. I have limited Internet where I live, so always before work I get in early to find a café with wifi to work, or like with these blogs which need little research I do it at home without internet. I would be lost without this blog! A lot of stuff happening for Blondie Wanderlust watch this space!

How the heck am I going to travel with a full-time job?? I have asked this question numerous times. I have two plans. My first plan involved creating travel/lifestyle content surrounding Southampton. This could be anything from restaurants to spa’s, because some of my best content has been about my living in Bournemouth. There are some amazing restaurants in the city which I do not mind going to and taking some photos of.
Yes Molly, okay, but travel? It is very unlikely that I will go on 4 week long travels, and that is perfectly fine with me. However, with my days off allowance I could take weekend trips to close destinations like Paris or Amsterdam. Southampton Airport flies to Amsterdam for prices as little as £50pp and a coach to London to get to Paris is super cheap too. I sometimes have days off where I get 2 days off, so I can easily spend a night in another city. I personally don’t think that having a full time job should hinder your passion of travelling. You have to make the most of it to suit your needs and mine are being fulfilled. Like I said previously, watch out for this blog within the next 8 weeks!

Short and sweet post, but hey, I feel to read my blog I want you to know more about me rather than an unknown girl who writes about stuff. I want you to know me, get to know me so you want to read my content, connect with me and whatnot. I have had a lot of changes recently and especially some of my biggest coming up and I want you guys to be in the journey with me. Like I said, I would feel partially empty without blogging. I have met the best people but also had the greatest opportunities including working with The Roman Guy and visiting the Vatican and Rome by Electric Bike.

My next post comes on Boxing Day, so I wish you all the happiest of Christmases and I hope you have a fab time wherever you all are. I have been working super hard at but I love it so I am definitely not complaining. My next post is all about keeping motivated, which I think leads up very nicely to the New Year to start afresh
Happy Christmas, Mol xo


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