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Common Reasons Not To Travel And How To Avoid Them

Hold up, this is a travel blog … so why are you doing a blog post about reasons not to go travelling? Well don’t be confused or worried because there is a twist to this tale, I have solutions to all these reasons not to travel. I asked myself a lot of these questions whenever anyone asked me if I wanted to travel (before Barcelona) because I never even considered travelling and didn’t think I could do it.

I have found that every time I travel, these worries or questions I have aren’t as worrying because I am used to travelling and have solutions. However, it is still normal to be worried or prepared. But … it isn’t just yourself to think about, of course family and friends will have these doubts and we must have solutions/plans in place to combat these questions/obstacles. If you are a first-time traveller, welcome, we have all had these worries, keep on reading and find out ways to combat your worries.

1 – Money

Of course had to include the elephant in the room and the most obvious reason not to travel, money. You can’t find from the fact that money is a big issue when it comes to travel, because accommodation and flight costs add up especially on a year long trip. However, it does depend on the situation, when I went away for a year I certainly didn’t have a lot of money but as a student you can take advantage of loans. Since then, I have budgeted to save up for mini trips like my weekend breaks to Amsterdam or my 10 day trip back to Barcelona and Rome. Remember, that during that time I was a student with a part time job, so I wasn’t rolling in dollar (pounds) but I was careful with money. Even little things like not buying your weekly Costa or cancelling your Netflix/Amazon account you can save easily £40 a month. Obviously, when it comes to saving up for a year around the world I am not an expert, so the next paragraph includes some posts for you to find information on that. Plus, February/March time after my big reveal I have new posts on planning for travel. 

Make sure to check out Air Trek's top tips on how to save money for travel with their post, "How To Save Money to Travel!". There are 20 tips, you can do at least one of these guaranteed!

2 – Safety

I have never been too concerned about my safety, not in a naive way but I have been bought up always to be careful so I never feel unprepared. I find when I mention certain countries I hear “they have crime there or people get robbed” and I think, what about England? I have witnessed more crime personally in England than when I have been travelling. In reality bad things happen in every country (just being realistic), however if you plan thoroughly then you will feel comfortable enough to travel to any country and know what to do if you have an emergency. Here are some common safety worries…

1 – Pick-Pockets: When I announced I was moving to Barcelona, all I heard was “hmmm, I would be careful if I was you, they are known for their pick-pockets”. I took it into consideration, to be honest I was more wary of it in England before I moved. I always have my hand over my bag and over my shoulder, that didn’t change in England. I have always been aware of people stealing stuff, it has happened in England. I didn’t let the worry take over my journey, however I was careful and nothing happened. Plus, remember these horror stories you hear are 1 story out of 1621726125 good ones.

2 – Scams: To be honest, I am still way of this but it is because it is everywhere but it is something that can easily be avoided. When I say scams, I mean distractions in the street of people trying to entertain for tips. There are a lot of sellers on the street that sell designer products, that is illegal. People will distract you with magic or art, whilst someone takes money from your purse. Again, just make sure that you have your stuff on you and only give money to actual shops.

3 – Crime: This is one that I hear a lot, but crime does happen everywhere we all know that it is just some countries are more known for it than others. Think about it, if you wanted to come to London you wouldn’t choose to stay in a place that is known for crime, so you stay somewhere that you know is safe and is near attractions. It is the same principal with other countries, you always research the country and go to the place you feel is the safest and near attractions. I have never felt unsafe with any destinations I have been to.

4 – So, wasn’t sure to put this in here however I feel like we have to address this because recently this has been a major issue in this day and age. Terrorism – we can’t avoid this issue, because there have been numerous incidents in countries including the UK, Barcelona and the USA not forgetting the other sad incidents. I moved just before the Barcelona attack and people said to me “I bet you are glad you aren’t there or I bet you don’t want to go back”. When actually I was sad I wasn’t there to help and it didn’t stop me going back because that is letting the other side win. We must mention the amazing services that help keep our country safe because they do a fab job in helping us enjoy our world as much as we can. Although this reason not to travel is a serious one, nothing should stop you from enjoying your life and travelling the world because we all deserve to experience adventures.

3 – Being Alone

Keep your eyes peeled on a post in the next few weeks on how to travel alone for introverts, however this is another reason to consider. People, still find it weird that I love to travel alone, don’t get me wrong I love family holidays and ones with friends but I love solo travel. For some reason, I am not scared whenever I travel alone because every time I have gone abroad, I have met the best people and experienced other things I wouldn’t even think of. Still wearing my bracelet from Rome, myself and the girls I met out there got from a local market for 1 euro. My top suggestions are to stay in a hostel, straight away you will meet people, go on tours and get the Meet Up App – where you can meet groups of people with similar interests.

 Had to include my favourite blogger, The Blonde Abroad and I am sure I have linked to her post before because she is so bloody brilliant. Do give her post a read "How to Meet People As A Solo Traveller".

4 – Language

I didn’t see this as an issue (because of learning languages from a young age), until Amsterdam this year. I mean everyone I met spoke English, but I always like to know a few words and I felt so weird not knowing any. Dutch is sooooo different to Spanish, I knew that and it felt strange not to know anything but we got through the weekend speaking English. The top 3 spoken languages in the world are English, Spanish and Mandarin. A lot of my friends in Spain, didn’t speak Spanish and it didn’t cause them any problems the year they were there. However, like in previous posts I have said you should at least learn 5 words of the language in the country you are visiting, just in case but to also make an effort and locals will appreciate it.

 Shock horror - Molly is going to mention Babbel again. You know the drill, I think it is fab and worth the investment. Also check out my ways how to learn a language fast!

5 – Don’t Want To Lose Home Connections

I have the best family and we are super close, and I thought I couldn’t move abroad because I would be so homesick. Weirdly, I wasn’t homesick at all (they know that I missed them) of course I missed them but we had facetime and it was only a 2 hour flight between us. If you are worried about missing home, it is COMPLETELY NORMAL, however your family and friends want you to have a fab time, just ask them. Of course, they will want to come out for a family holiday (and to see you as well, such a good excuse!). I believe the longest I went without seeing my family was 7/8 months and it went by so quickly, and also remember others travelling with be in the same position so you can all chill together and make a travel family network. Hey, maybe even have a Christmas dinner together if you are away for the festive season!

When it comes to keeping in contact, remember depending on your phone plan that keeping in contact may be costly. Fast-forward to the 21st century, we have WIFI! Find out if your accommodation has wi-fi … most places do nowadays but also see if there are any restaurants you can visit for it. Try and stay connected to free wi-fi to save money and to facetime your family.

6 – Too Scared

Yes this is a very vague and diverse topic, because people have many fears. This can include the fear of flying, being alone and the unknown. I think where before I travelled, I went through quite a dark period and because I overcame it and thought nothing else can phase me I didn’t have any fears. However, knowing how to cope through the bad times, makes it easier for me to face obstacles. There are so many fears/reasons not to travel that I am going to list some resources for you to take a read from, for people that have experienced these things.

For example, I don’t have a fear of flying but my family members do and I am still learning how to help them. If you have a fear of flying check out this post from one of my 2OG faves I Am Aileen, "How I Cope With Ym Fear of Flying. In general, if it is your first time travelling solo or with people and you are scared, again this is a normal feeling. My top tip for anything in life is to research, make sure you are prepared for your trip to eliminate any worries or anxiety. Of course with that, do the best you can to not let it limit you to enjoy your travels. It is the best experience.


7 – Medication/Medical Insurance

This is something that I will have to figure out for my next trip, as one of my medication is a nail lacquer for a broken nail. I am not sure how easy it is for me to get it in whatever country I am getting, so I need to get some more in preparation for trips. In most countries the normal type of medication is allowed, but from recent news articles I see some aren’t. Make sure the medication you take is allowed in the country and if not (rarely) find an alternative. Especially for a long-term trip, make sure doctors give you all the notes you need in case you need an emergency supply or can’t translate it to the doctors. The cost of medical/travel insurance can be expensive, however there are some fab sites which you can compare the price of services and for EHIC Card holders … keep a hold of this for as long as you can. I am hoping this won’t change much with Brexit … Insurance and making sure you have enough prescriptions is one of my top priorities to figure out as they may be the most complex to figure out if something is wrong! Make sure to see your local government website, for UK residents I always use Post Office for my insurance.


8 – What if I Hate It?

It is quite simple really, you won’t know until you go. If you get there and decide, this really isn’t for me just come on home and think of it as a lesson to learn from. Maybe you can get a refund from the accommodation or flights you had booked depending on the terms that you bought them. The first thing to note is to not book anything you aren’t comfortable with or is out of your comfort zone because immediately you will hate it. For that first week, settle into your new life and then push the boundaries and explore places you never would have thought of. Yes, you may have down days where you need to do washing and you just want your parents to help you but the next day will always be better.

Before I went travelling I lived a very quiet life and all I did was work or study, didn’t experience much because I had premonitions that I would just hate it. 6 months later I was going to House Music Festivals, riding on Mopeds and booking solo trips to Italy and Amsterdam. I never thought I would like this life but I took the plunge and loved it. The fear of hating it was the biggest reason not to travel for me. How wrong was I!

9 – Everyone’s Travelling

I have heard from many people that they found that going to Thailand or Australia wasn’t as good as they thought because so many tourists and travellers were there. To be honest, with me I don’t think I will ever be a full-time traveller that travels for two years at a time in places like Thailand. I really want to go, don’t get me wrong, but I have this love for Europe and I LOVE to work so I think I will be living abroad but working and exploring the world. I found that there is no right way to travel, and everyone respects each person’s journey and reason to travel. People travel for weekend trips, work, study and volunteering. There are so many different types and ways to do it!

I was always interested in conservation, especially with marine wildlife and considered volunteering in Costa Rica or other South American countries. However, I knew I would never have the funds especially being in university. However, this is still something I want to do and is available for anyone to consider. If you are thinking of travelling, and want to do something a little bit special – I mean a lot – please consider volunteering. The next trip I do (again a reveal in January/February will explain a lot) will include volunteering so I am very much looking forward to doing something to help the community. Go Abroad #is a great resource for Volunteering Abroad!

10 – I have heard bad things

Of course, in the world we live in, everyone has an opinion about everything. I am not talking about security and stuff, I mean negative opinions about the country and their experience. Of course, there are bad things about different countries … in England it is something small like the weather. Just embrace what people are saying because they are just trying to help, but don’t let it cloud your judgement. To be honest, for every 1 bad story there are at least 1000 good ones. As long as you are prepared, what can go wrong and if anything does you know how to cope with it….

I have used the word prepared so many times, I think it is time to do a post on how to prepare for a journey and find products to try! I would be stupid to say that nothing every bad happens in travelling, and it is all chocolates and flowers. Yes things happen, but so much more can be experienced … all good things!


I am liking these new type of posts, I hope you are too? That is the problem when you are not travelling, I love blogging and really want to come up with content that I love and that others will love to. That is what it is about for me, a creative outlet where I can meet people. From February onwards, I have some really exciting posts including a Destination Guide and specific travel planning posts. I don’t even know which destination yet, all of this will make sense very soon trust me but I can’t wait. 

Can you believe that it is the last day of 2018 tomorrow? I for one cannot wait for 2019, 2018 showed me how I underestimated my predictions and to trust my gut more and to finally be selfish. I have one of my worst weeks and one day that completely changed everything for me for the better. I cannot wait for 2019 to come around and I hope it is a good year for everyone as well. Things I want to concentrate on … a new language, great progress for work and experiencing more with friends. Have a Happy New Years Eve, Mol xo

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