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What I Have Learned Travelling 2 Years On

It has been two years now since I have been travelling, and that one flight to Barcelona changed it all for me and GOD have I learned a lot! So I haven’t been travelling every day since then, as I did have a degree to complete and jobs to do but gosh did I fit travel in when I could. Including, weekend breaks to Amsterdam, Rome and Barcelona. It isn’t going to stop.

So future travel plans? Can’t say too much as I will have a big announcement in February 2019 but until then I am moving to a different city. In terms of this blog, there are going to be some massive changes including the logo that is new, a camera next year and going to self-hosted and a new design once I get a new computer (saving for Christmas!). It isn’t just the experiences, it has taught me so many life lessons. So if you are thinking about going travelling, or just want to know more about me… keep on reading!

Learned To Be Confident
I would love to babble on about my story of how travelling made me into a loud and confident person, but we haven’t got all day. Before Barcelona, I was so shy, I wouldn’t put myself out there to do activities and I was in a pretty low place. I am not sure when it clicked, but I think I just had enough and I says yes without hesitation to go to Barcelona. From the get go, I just felt different in Spain, it wasn’t just a one-day change it was gradual. However, I finally felt like this was the place I was meant to be.

Even by December, when I came home for Christmas, my family couldn’t believe the difference. So when I finally came home, around 6 months later I felt like the better version of myself and that was all due to experiencing a new country and meeting new people. I came back, knowing exactly what I wanted to do and now push everyday to pursue my goals. The best thing was, I didn’t feel like a pushover anymore. I have always been selfless to my friend, and in the past is has been taken advantage of and now I don’t have time for it. So, by being selfish and doing things for me, I have found the most amazing friends and couldn’t be happier. So if you are shy or don’t feel confident enough to solo travel, I am telling you that you can do it!

Learned To Say Yes
I didn’t take many risks/adventures before I travelled, now I am not talking about anything stupid don’t worry. Even the little things, like going to a club or weekend trips because I was just wary and just didn’t have that urge and I was anxious to see if I would enjoy it. Somehow, Spain changed me and I was hopping on the back of a moped, singing Karaoke and planning solo trips. If you hold back from something, you may miss a chance to do something that will make you extremely happy even for one day.

You have to ask yourself, why you are saying no and holding back. So why are you? I was holding back because to be honest I felt helpless, I was extremely sad and thought I didn’t have anything t enjoy apart from doing uni work and finding placements. Without this sad time and my year abroad I wouldn’t have realised that I shouldn’t have held back. Now I do stuff that scares me because I have nothing left to lose. The only person to change my sadness or future, was myself and still is. I am no longer in a bad place, I am in the best place but I still push myself to experience new things because why not, there will be great memories.
Learned To Be Spontaneous 

This sort of links in with the point above, but I used to be and possibly still am a worrier when it comes to money and logistics. So, I always worry when things are last minute how much it costs, the directions and all the details because I am a MASSIVE planner. Although, when I plan things, on the day I get to enjoy it because I know exactly what is going to happen but before it causes me so much worry and it takes the fun out of it. My first ever spontaneous thing I did was book a solo trip to Rome.

A big move to do but it was so much fun, I booked my flights, transfers and hotel and that was it. I did the same for Amsterdam, my two trips to Barcelona and Rome again. I didn’t plan any tours (apart from 1) and from that I had such a relaxing trip and got to meet new people where we did things I didn’t even think of doing. So say yes to that shopping trip tomorrow, concert or flight if you can because what are you missing? Just make sure you aren’t working!

Learned To Be Keep Learning
I didn’t have much drive before my placement year, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue my course and had NO clue what I wanted to do in the future. I have always had a little niggle in the back of my brain that kept popping up in my mind thinking should I think about doing travel/tourism? I think moving to Spain and working for a travel company pretty much cemented it for me, that I need to continue this in the future. I loved learning more about the industry and pushed myself to achieve more than I thought I would, including working with some pretty awesome companies!

Everyday I make sure I spend at least an hour doing something that develops my learning and skills. One of my hobbies is to learn languages. I already speak Spanish, and starting to develop my Italian and Portuguese skills. I love meeting new people and being able to communicate with them in their language. I also have this blog, it is a creative outlet where i can meet like-minded people and share my experiences of travel. Never be ashamed of wanting to be the best you can be, always strive because it will be so worth it in the end. Gosh, just realised how cheesy and cliche this is all sounding but I don’t care!

Learned That Things Aren’t Easy

My travels have been nothing but happy memories, and nothing extremely bad has ever happened. I am very aware of common problems including pick-pockets etc.. but my parents from a very young age always taught me lessons that are stuck in my head all these years later. I have had other things happen in my life and it makes me prepared if anything does happen but I don’t let it take control of my life. I do miss my family and friends but I know travelling was right for me and there was always FaceTime!

As my blog name suggests, I am sort of taking the mickey out of being a “dumb blonde”, I mean I have a degree but I have my silly times. Like the time I took a 13 hour coach to London just to fly to Spain, because it was cheaper than flying from Bristol. In the end, it caused me more tiredness so I need to think more before I book but its a learning curve!

Learned To Be More Organised
I take after my dad, I am a massive planner, I have to know every single detail including where I want to eat when I go travelling. I can’t help it, it gets me so excited!!  Does anyone else just love buying new diaries for the New Year (yes I already have mine for 2019). I also love buying new notebooks for learning languages, mine is currently pastel pink with avocados over it saying “Holy Guacamole”.

Once you plan trips, especially solo trips you find yourself making sure that you have all the documents you need. As much as I love technology and having boarding passes on my phone, I don’t trust that my phone will have a full battery for the whole airport process. So, I have my tickets ready to go! As long as I have backup nothing can go wrong, right??

Learned That I Want To Keep … Travelling
There honestly no other feeling quite like it, travelling is everything and more! The people you meet are there for the same reasons, so they want to have fun and experience what the world has to offer. You see things you never would have thought of and go to places you dream of. So when I moved home, I had to fit in travelling with working and writing a dissertation. I did it, I went to Amsterdam and Barcelona whilst doing weekend trips.

I have a very exciting trip planned in which I cannot wait to share with you guys, I am so impatient but these next few months of secrecy will go very quickly! If I have any advice for anyone considering a gap year, a holiday or a weekend break just do it!


That is the list of all the lessons that I have learned since I started travelling over 2 years ago, and what a 2 years it has been. However, nothing will compare and prepare me for what 2019 has to offer … I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU ALL! I have never felt more determined and just want to keep moving forward for my future! If anyone needs advice feel free to message me and I would love to discover some more travel blogs!

Make sure to catch up on my blog, my most recent post is a list of the Best Weekend Breaks in the UK. I have done so much travelling the past few weeks in the UK, it is insane! Currently I am in Southampton, tomorrow I am back to Cornwall and Sunday back to Southampton! I need a spa break! Anyone else??

Mol xo


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  1. I loved this post, I definitely relate to a lot of this. Travel has taught me to be fearless, (as much as I can be!). We shouldn't be afraid of taking risks or holding back. Plus I want to travel as much as I can! x


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