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The Ultimate Paris Bucket List | Blondie Wanderlust

Up next in my Ultimate Bucket List series is Paris, after finally seeing Rome and doing everything I wanted to do, it was time to choose a new destination to visit. I have seen Amsterdam this year, and next year I want to visit the city of love … I don’t care if I am single there is so much more to Paris and anyone can visit.

There are amazing landmarks, gorgeous architecture and I love how fashionable the people are there. I am not the average traveller, I love to dress up when I am away and I love to see everyone’s style in different countries. Again, I am a massive foodie and love to try new cuisines and Paris seems like the perfect fit. I have heard the city is underrated, but I am a believer in the fact that you can only make the most out of your experiences and there are plenty of things to do in Paris. So keep reading for the ultimate Paris bucket list!

Eiffel Tower
I mean … it wouldn’t be a Paris Bucket List without visiting the Eiffel Tower right? Like they say “When in Rome”, only this time you are in Paris. This iconic landmark should be on everyone’s list, built for the entrance of the 1889 World’s Fair it is the most visited landmark in the world. I mean I personally don’t want to climb all the way up because I get bad vertigo with heights, but the best part is there is a lift! Woop! Whether you are looking up at it, or in the heart of the tower it is a fab time to grab a quick selfie!

It looks so gorgeous when it is lit up, but anytime during the year it is amazing to go to. I think, hopefully when I go (hopefully next year) I will go before it hits busy season because you don’t share the experience with too many people as I am sure it can get crowded!

Now this part of Paris, I had no clue existed until I began my career in travel two years ago and I am so glad that I came across it. It is Paris’s highest hill, increasingly becoming popular with tourists but remains the most romantic area of Paris. When I go travelling to cities, I love visiting the real areas of the city including small towns and quaint businesses and this part of Paris is Montmartre.

There happens to be quiet stairways, narrow alleys and tranquil cafe’s. It is the perfect break away from the hustling city centre of Paris, there is also a diverse range of artists that congregate there. So any music or art fans out there, make a special effort to spend time here. There is another brilliant Parisian landmark to visit at the top of the hill, but you have to keep reading to find out what that is!

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am a massive foodie to the point that I don’t get to take a photo of food because I eat the fish in 0.000004 seconds. Being stereotypical, I will not be eating snails or anything linked to French food because I hate what I have heard and my taste buds won’t  hack it. EXCEPT THE BREAD AND CHEESE THAT I WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR.

Apart from the bread and cheese, from reading other travel blogs including the Wanderlust Crew, I will be trying Crepes, Macarons and Creme Brulee .. and that is scratching the surface. According to Time Out, the best places to get Crepes are Mad Eo, Krugen and Bretons … so guys expect a visit and me to order everything! That isn’t even a joke, pastries are my thing especially on holiday … anyone else??


So my trips aren’t always about getting a nice picture, or getting the best food I possibly can shove down my throat but actually doing something cultural. This is why I want to visit Versailles, hey I mean go hard or go home. Which is why I want to visit one of the most grandest place I have ever seen, a royal residential palace. I do recommend to do at least one tour on a trip, especially because I love to learn more about the city I am in so I make the most out of my trip.

I recommend using The Paris Guy, I have been on two trips of theirs in Rome and you get local knowledge from really friendly tour guides. So being able to visit the palace and the gardens, whilst also being able to skip the line makes it easier for you to enjoy your time in the city. Why not do something completely different to your usual day to day life, unless you are part of the royal family … either way do it!

So, I have mentioned before in previous posts, that I am not a massive art fan… but I feel that one of the top things to do in Paris is visit The Louvre. I always like to go to one art museum in every city I go to, so that I can learn more about the culture and history of the city. The Louvre is iconic, one of the most famous museums in the world for it’s collections and scenic landscape -- it is the world’s LARGEST art museum. How could I not put this on the ultimate Paris bucket list!

Located on the River Seine, one of the most famous pieces of work is the Mona Lisa, I mean come on even non-art lovers are impressed with this and need to see this! How insane is it to say “I have seen the Mona Lisa”. Previously, it was built as a castle but now holds over 38,000 items and has 8 different departments including Greek, Sculpture and Decorative Arts.

Notre Dame
Okay, I have to admit it.. I knew about the Notre Dame through the Disney film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. At least it got my awareness to this day to actually visit the cathedral in the city! The Notre Dame Cathedral is been said to be one of the finest works of French Gothic architecture, with it first being built in the year 1163 it has a lot of history. I personally have no religious views, I am agnostic but I am happy there are different types of religion so people can have faith and find meaning.

I have different ways to find faith and meaning, mine is travel and experiencing life but I really love to learn about different religions and faith. This is why every city I have been to, I visit a Cathedral to learn more, again like the museums. Many events have occurred in this Cathedral including Henry VI of England being crowned King of France and Requiem Mass.

Sacre Coeur

I love basilica’s because they are gorgeous parts of cities and nothing changes here with Sacre Coeur, it is a must see in this ultimate Paris Bucket List. Located at the summit of Montmartre, it is part of the romantic area of the city and you can tell why by it’s amazing architecture. It is just so pristine! It is a Roman Catholic Church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it is both a political and cultural monument visited by numerous types of visitors.

Built in 1919, it is the second highest point in the city and offers great views that would look great on your Instagram page or printed out to show off your fab memories! It is financed by Parisians, who invested time and money into the beautiful structure.

Luxembourg Gardens

As much as I am a city girl, I love a bit of nature and a place of tranquil, and that is why I think everyone should visit the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence (also a must see on my list), it was created in 1612 with orders from Queen Marie de Medici. It covers 25 acres of land, with a pond in between the French Gardens and English Gardens.

I love a garden, like Parc de la Ciutadella, where I can relax but also have entertainment including buskers and magicians. This is the same with Luxembourg Gardens from my research, there are activities for kids and well anyone else who visits the site.

River Seine 

I am such a water gal, I grew up around the ocean and love to experience some sort of activity on the water. In Barcelona, I went swimming in the ocean, in Amsterdam I went on a Canal Cruise and in Paris I want to go for dinner across the River Seine on a boat… any takers?? It is a 777 kilometre long river, huge! They say the essence of Paris is the Seine, because it contrasts the stillness of the city and the fluidity of the river … that just sounded so poetic or philosophical.

Anyway, back to business. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the Seine, walk by it, cycle or just sit down for 30 minutes and gaze. However, I would love to do a tour, because it is something different. I do feel like it is worth spending money on a tour, especially if it is unique...or romantic… not that I am in a relationship but it is just a tip! Check out Seine Cruises for some offers!

Arc de Triomphe
I have this thing where I try and see every arc that I can, I fell in love with the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona. Not just the landmark itself, but it’s location and the vibes that I feel when I go there. By the way, I know vibes isn’t the best wording in a blog, but sometimes you can’t re-word it. The feeling of walking through the arc to a big walkway full of buskers and magicians as the view of Parc de la Ciutadella… nothing like it! So, on my ultimate Paris bucket list had to be Arc de Triomphe.

Why? So glad you asked! It has an incredible viewpoint of Paris, not forgetting to mention its rich culture as it was inaugurated in 1336 out of respect for the soldiers during the Revolution. A lot of history to be learnt here as well. So don’t forget this on your things to do in Paris list!


There we have my Ultimate Paris Bucket List! Paris has been on my mind for a while, but never knew if I wanted to go. I always heard from people that it is underrated, but I always surprise myself with how much more fun trips are than I planned. I think that trips are only as fun with how much effort you put in and create experiences for yourself. So why not go, I want to try the food, experience the culture and meet the people.

Has anyone been to Paris and got some tips for me? I would love to visit some unique shops, cafes and attractions so please contact me! I have just moved to Southampton and so excited to start my new job tomorrow and got some amazing news to share soon. These next few months will be massive for my blog, soon to start rebranding my logo and going to self-host! Need a catch up on my blog, check out my new post! Thanks for reading guys!

Mol xo


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