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The Perfect Winter Destinations To Visit Every Year

Even though I am not travelling at the moment, I still have tons of destinations I wish to visit especially in Winter. So why not put them together in a post to share and motivate someone, and myself next year or if and when I have time to travel?? Because if it is written down, then it is more likely to happen…. I am going to win the lottery (Lets see if that happens).

Disclaimer, this is not a post about winter sun or the best snowy destinations because I HATE the snow and want to embrace the cold this winter. So this post is for anyone looking for 2018 Christmas Destinations, for a last minute trip or like me looking to plan in advance so when I have the chance I know where I am going! P.S anyone else secretly loving the Christmas songs playing yet?


Berlin has been one of those destinations, that is famous for many things including their Christmas Markets. They don’t do these things in half, they properly put a lot of effort into their festivities. There are so many Christmas Markets it is hard to choose from, so visitBerlin have give us their favourite including Berliner Weinachtszeit and WeinachtsZauber. However, you do have over 80 to choose from with waffles and mulled wine to enjoy!

What other reasons do I need to visit Berlin? Glad you asked, because these are my reasons too! The capital of Germany has a lot to offer including street food, jazz music and art. I really want to visit the Berliner, what beautiful landscape alongside the large history of the city. I found a lot of information from the boys over at Hand Luggage Only, they have been my OG favourites for over 2 years now and deserve so much success! Make sure to give them a read!

As much as I HATE the cold, I feel like I can embrace it especially in countries that are super gorgeous like Norway. I have always wanted to visit Norway in Winter, don’t know why, but it is on my bucket list. I also heard that they are one of the friendliest countries in the world, I mean who doesn’t want to be around happy people? Not to mention, you have a chance to see the Northern Lights, even if you don’t what a beautiful country to be in.

As well as the towns, they have polar expeditions, where you are literally in the deep end (snow end seeing as it is snowey). There have been a lot of explorations in Norway, so we can all trace the tracks of explorers. I just found out that there is a Snow Hotel! I mean snow isn’t my favourite, however I would totally sleep in a Snow Hotel in Norway…. Wouldn’t you?? One of the main reasons why Norway is on my perfect Winter destination list is the city of Bergen, full of traditional wooden houses and hiking trails!

Everyone knows that I am a foodie, so why wouldn’t I choose Belgium when they are known for their Belgian Waffles and and Fries! Apart from the food, there are plenty of reasons why we need to visit Belgium at Christmas. I mean, let’s start with how bloody beautiful and cute the architecture it anyway, that is without the Christmas Market and lights! According to research, people flock from around the world as locals open up stalls to sell local product and crafts. I like it, not so commercialised as Christmas can be in England.

Art/History lovers especially will love Belgium, I mean I am sure everyone will appreciate the history and art that Belgium has to offer. They have neoclassical and gothic architecture, alongside modern art comic strips and murals in the town. Let’s get back to the fries, apparently they are the best in the world, because they dollop mayonnaise onto the fries… I have a new found love with mayonnaise mixed with ketchup, so I think me and Belgium will get along!

Estonia is a weird one for me, because I wouldn’t go there for a single destination holiday. I really want to visit the Nordic/Baltic Countries including destinations like Estonia and Slovenia all together, so I can understand each country’s history and culture. But why Estonia? All over social media I have seen other travellers visit Estonia, especially Tallinn. It looks beautiful. It is apparently the cultural hub of Estonia, with cafe’s, defensive towers and gothic architecture.

Firstly, Estonia in general, but especially Tallinn, is like something out of a fairytale and that is the place I need to be. To feel like I am somewhere out of this world and to feel like a princess so I can take photos. Tallinn is also home to home to some of the most popular Christmas Markets, so go and take a wander. I heard this city is also a great destination for couples, so it is perfect for anyone!

Slovenia, again for similar reasons to Estonia and Norway, they are countries that are so completely different to places I have been to. They are so tranquil, natural and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I am a city girl at heart and love the buzz of everyday like, but we need a week off to do nothing and appreciate the stillness and nature that the world brings us. So why is Slovenia the perfect winter destination? Despite, Lake Bled being one of the most famous landmarks in Slovenia, it is surrounded by the Alps which gorgeous views of the snow. You have the contrasting parts of nature and it is a sight I do not want to miss out in this life.

The Slovenians, I have been told, like in Norway are a friendly bunch of people. They will show you the best that Slovenia has to offer and that is something everyone needs to experience when they travel. I always like to try local product or go where the locals go and I would trust the Slovenians to tell me the best tips.

OH MY GOODNESS. Iceland has been on my travel bucket list FOR A LONG TIME. This is one of the few destinations that I would love to discover for the first time with someone, whether it’s friends, family or a future boyf. So, I am still waiting for me and anyone else to have the same free time. There are so many reasons to visit including the black sand beaches, blue lagoon and natural landscape. There are so many natural landmarks including the volcanoes, ice caves and waterfalls … I mean what an adventure.

Another reason to visit Iceland, as I mentioned before, the Blue Lagoon is everything and more. From the mud masks to the restaurant, there are so many different packages for all budgets. This is one attraction that I would pay for to visit, I mean it is iconic and something that everyone should go and experience.

Shock, another European city that Molly wants to visit. This city can be visited at any time of year of course, but in Winter it seems more like a fairy tale and with the Christmas lights, possible snow and gothic architecture it seems like a good fit right? From what I have heard, there are fewer tourists in the Winter season too, think that goes for saying for every destination but you get to enjoy Prague at your own pace. If you are also staying for New Years Eve, you can watch the fireworks down at Old Charles Bridge -- how epic!

In general, why do I want to visit and why everyone should visit Prague? Firstly, it has some of the most unique architecture compared to any city including the Astronomical Clock, which looks like something out of a fiction book which has a display every hour. Something I didn’t know, there is a John Lennon wall, part of a political movement after his death where young people protested after being banned from listening to certain music.

OMG SHOCKING NEWS. ALERT. ALERT. ALERT. Molly has mentioned a city that ISN’T in Europe… I love Europe but of course at some point I want to spread my wings. Yes, I am not a cliche winter snow kind of gal, but I feel if you really want to do a winter snow holiday, you must visit New York. It is all I see across my social media “New York in Winter”. It may have something to do with the ice skating rink in Central Park or all the extravagant decorations … maybe that’s why it is on my perfect winter destination list?

However, generally speaking New York seems like such an incredible location. The very monumental and grand buildings, the fashion and all the way to the metro. It seems like a world away from everyday life here in the UK, especially if you don’t live in London. As well as the fashion and great Instagram pictures there is obviously a lot of history to learn there too.

Now, how could I miss off my home away from home, Barcelona? I LOVED my Christmas season spent in Barcelona, it wasn’t commercialised, they had local markets and random concerts going on. Barcelona truly did Christmas their way, including religious ceremonies. There are certain traditions that I got to witness and the lights there are truly gorgeous. I never used to love Christmas as it is very commercialised I find in the UK, but in Barcelona it is very homely.

A reason to visit? Do I have to give one out of my 37238220489 reasons to visit?? Let’s be honest the city has everything, culture, history and entertainment so there is something for everyone. Walking along the streets you will find buskers, irish pubs and local shops where the local people are so welcoming. Just go… I could go on and on. Also New Years Eve here is AMAZING, especially Plaza de Espana, trust me! A bottle of wine, chips and churros running down the street has been my favourite NYE!

Again not something I thought I would put on my list, I always thought of Portugal as a hot country even in Winter. Then I think, it must get chilly though especially in the city?? I have always wanted to go to Lisbon and I am sure even in Winter, from what I have read it is just as beaut!

From the bell towers to eating typical Portuguese pastries, Lisbon offers a lot of culture, beautiful buildings and art. So there really is something for everyone. I recommend myself and anyone else to go to Sintra, I really want to go someday and I can imagine in the winter mist this caste looks even more fairy-tale like!


I really hoped that you like this blog post, at the moment where I have moved and settling down my posts aren’t about me travelling. They are more about motivating people and finding ways to spread Wanderlust. Now I am settled, I have more practical travel posts and thinking more about doing “personal skills” posts like motivation as these things help in travel! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my Perfect Christmas Destinations in 2018, as I enjoyed writing it whilst watching The Holiday!

I am half way through my first week at my new job, so far I am loving it as it is fast paced and working with a fab team. This is an exciting move for me just before the New Year, and can’t wait to share some other news around February/March time! Little hint, updating this blog and future plans for travel and hopefully ready to show by then! If you need an update on my blog, I have a new post out about all the things I want to do in Paris (hopefully planning a little trip next year maybe February).

Have a good week xo


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