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The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall

Something different for you today, but after my recent post on top UK destinations in the UK, I thought this would follow it well. I live in Cornwall with family, and a part of that family is our Cockapoo, Bear. Not kidding, 95% of his walks are on the beach, as soon as he sees the beach he is out of the door, into the water and waiting for us to throw the ball. So we are very lucky to travel to places with are dog because holidays aren’t the same without him.

So, if you are looking for a family holiday in Cornwall and don’t want to part from your dog, there are plenty of places to walk your dog in Cornwall, and some are all year around too! Would anyone be interested in a post about dog friendly hotels or apartments in the county? Let me know, because it is the best place in the world with some fab dog friendly beaches. Keep on reading to find out more!

All Year Round

We are very lucky in Cornwall to have beaches that allow access for dogs ALL YEAR AROUND… and there are plenty to choose from. However, I haven’t got time to write it and you certainly might not have the time for it. So I whittled it down to the Top 5!

Porthkidney Sands
I HAD to start with the beach, literally just down the road from me and the ultimate paradise because it is always quiet… especially compared to other beaches. Accessible through a walkway via a church and a golf course, this arguably has the best beach views in Cornwall. It has access to the coastal path into Cornwall, and once you are done with the walk there is a water bowl in the gates of the church with a fresh water tap for your dog’s to hydrate themselves!

You hear of all the most well known beaches in Cornwall, yet this little gem is somewhat unknown. The only thing to mention is that the only thing around the beach is the lifeguards hat, no toilets or cafe. This is why I mentioned it as a beach walk, because it is secluded and you don’t get the impression to go there for a full day. Honestly though, when I bring family and friends to this beach they love it. I am not just saying it, go, go now… well when you can. It really is the best dog friendly beach in Cornwall.

Watergate Bay
Located on the North Coast of the country, Watergate Bay is one of the most well known beaches in Cornwall. Close to Newquay, this 2 mile long beach is a lover for locals and tourists alike. If your dog is anything like my Cockapoo, Bear, a dog that loves exploring and swimming in rock pools, Watergate Bay is the one for you!

The great thing about Watergate Bay, is that it is close to campsites and hotels so great if you are staying for a holiday (will be doing a post on dog friendly hotels in Cornwall) and Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant is located on the Bay as well. So great place for refreshments for all the family after running around with your dog!

Fistral Beach

Again, another popular beach for anyone who knows Cornwall, is Fistral Beach. Fistral Beach is known as the home of UK Surfing but if welcome to anyone, whatever the weather and whatever the visit. There are also an extensive range of events on this beach, so make sure to check before you take your pooch for a walk!

An amazing reason why it is a top dog friendly beach, is because of the access to retail stores and restaurants. From Fish and Chips to Pizzas, there is plenty of choice for anyone. Also, you can spend some dosh in the numerous shops available.

Pedn Vounder

I would say I have been to 80% of the beaches mentioned, that isn’t including the other beaches that I have visited that aren’t mentioned in here. However, when I asked family and friends in the UK that own dogs, their opinions on the best beaches, they mentioned Pedn Vounder. Little tip: for those that love an adventure this is for you because it is only accessible by boat or foot via the coastal path.

I hadn’t heard of this beach, but from looking at pictures it is gorgeous. You can also walk from Porthcurno Beach during low tide times, especially in Spring! It is always nice to find a hidden gem, even if it is hard to get to! Just be careful!

Seaton Beach

This is the final beach that I haven’t visited, because I have visited too many beaches to count and I haven’t had time to visit every beach unfortunately. Again, I asked around for people’s top dog friendly beaches they would recommend, and Seaton Beach was a popular name! I love Cornwall because they have quaint parts, that are smaller and quieter parts of the county but just as charming, if not more.

This is the same for Seaton Beach, it is family friendly, and has pebbled surfacing which to me is cute and sand doesn’t get everywhere! If you are a people watcher like me or your dog gets distracted by everything, you will be fine here because there are water sports including sailing to gaze at.

Available 1st October to Easter Sunday

Be aware that some beaches in Cornwall, do have a restricted time period where you can only take your dogs on the beach a certain time of the year. So, in case you are holidaying in Cornwall with your dog in summer, these beaches do not allow dogs on. So if you do plan to take your dog somewhere, these beaches that you may love have restrictions so book wisely.

Me and my Dad LOVE this beach!! It is so nice to come back to this dog friendly beach after being away from it in summer. Located near Hayle and St. Ives, a walk down a pathway, across a bridge and over a sand dune and you can walk across the pebbly and sandy beach of Godrevy. Your dog has 3 miles of beach, yes 3, and tons of rockpools! You can imagine how drenched my dog gets, and sandy, its great when he sits on my lap on the drive home…

There is a restaurant on-site and cafe on site, it gets VERY busy so be warned for queues! I do recommend the hot chocolate and big cookie.. Just trust me. The best thing is, the people that go to Godrevy are soooo lovely, everyone is in Cornwall but there is something about people that go to Godrevy!

Another family favourite is Perranuthnoe beach, it is so cute because you have to drive through a little village to get to it but there is PLENTY of space for your dog(s). I will say this, make sure you go when it is low tide because even if the tide is coming in, it comes in quick and there is no way off of the beach once your on unless you don’t mind getting wet! The best thing we have done is have a BBQ on the beach, it is a great place to be with family!

There is The Cabin Beach Cafe where all dogs are welcome, they also do a fab breakfast… full english…. No other words to say. Ooooh and cakes… I get proper winter vibes there and I am all for it!


I haven’t been to this beach in YEARS … at least 7 years! However, certain beaches stick in my mind, and this is one of them. Before, we moved to Cornwall, we always came here on holiday and Porthtowan was one of the beaches we always went to. I think this beach is good to have a month restriction because it does get busy too and you want to have a relaxing dog walk.

Close to St. Agnes, in the North of Cornwall this charming beach boasts amazing waves and a great place for your dog to run around. There are your typical Cornish bakeries and fish and chip shops alongside surf shops to grab your “I love Cornwall” top (we all have done it) or souvenir. I miss this beach and is definitely a top dog friendly beach.

Carbis Bay
Finishing on two more of my favourite and most visited beaches. Starting with Carbis Bay, if you are staying in and around St. Ives, make sure to visit Carbis Bay. It is super close to St. Ives and would be a shame to miss as it is a little gem. If you don’t fancy a massive 2 hour beach walk, this little beach is perfect for small walks if you and your family are knackered but still want to walk your pooch.

Also, another fun fact. It is one of only 8 beaches in Cornwall to be awarded the Blue Flag in 2018. Close to hotels and restaurants, it is a perfect little hideaway for you to visit.

This beaut of a beach, is VERY busy in summer so best to visit during the months that are allowed. We came here, EVERY October for years because everything is in one place and everyone is super friendly. This beach is huge, it isn’t long but it’s width, I don’t know it just somehow just keeps on going! There is also a coastal path to other destinations so there are plenty of places to walk your dog(s).

In the surrounding area, there are so many houses for you to rent for your holiday and some are obviously dog friendly. There are cafes, restaurants and surf shops alongside bars so it is popular for anyone at any age! Just go visit because you will be impressed.


Well, I hope some of you guys found this useful. It is so different to my usual stuff I write about, but I am in Cornwall and it is always becoming more popular and I want to make sure I promote it the best I can! It has been an important part of my life for the past 10+ years and I want people to enjoy it!

I have a pretty exciting year coming up, all I can say is I will be moving back to Southampton very soon! It is my hometown and I will be moving back for work and I have lots of friends and family there and it is a great opportunity for me! Also little hint, just wait for February 2019.. I will have some very exciting news for the summer! I really want to say but I can’t!!

Mol xo


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