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Perfect Weekend Breaks in the UK for Everyone

Just because you aren’t going abroad right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop travelling, especially in your home country! I may not be travelling right now, but it doesn’t stop me from discovering places unknown including in my home county Cornwall… you can find all sorts of treats. Right now, I am saving up to go to Paris next year and a few girly trips but I can’t sit still sometimes and have chosen a few favourite places of mine and other friends in the UK that you can visit.

This can be for anyone, whether you live in the UK, are an international student living in the UK and visiting from a different country. Some of these cities you can see in a day but I do recommend visiting for a whole weekend because there is lots to see and do but also to relax! Write down a list of these places, start researching and get booking! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and find out the best weekend breaks in the UK.

1 - London
Come on, I know this is pretty obvious but the capital of England is a great place to visit for a quick weekend break. There really is nothing quite like London, its grand buildings, history and the heart of the Royal Family. London is huge, and there are so many parts of the city to see and there really is something for everyone. You will most likely have heard of Covent Garden, it is great for anyone who enjoys shopping, theatre, food and history, you can visit the Royal Opera House and Neil’s Yard. Southbank is where it all happens with the famous London Eye the most iconic landmark, also home to stylish restaurants and art venues. Camden becoming more popular due to it’s alternative scene with markets, music venue and street performers. Notting Hill known for the film of the same name and where all the Instagram shots seem to be taken you will be enamoured by it’s charm.

First up easily has to be the London Eye, I mean who wouldn’t want to see the city from above especially in an iconic landmark. British Museum is for all the art and history lovers out there showing items dedicated to the culture and art of the city. Get away from the hustle and bustle and visit Hyde Park, which was used for The Great Exhibition in 1851 and form entrance to Kensington Palace. Borough Market, is one for the foodies which dates back to the 12th century and is one of the oldest in London.

2 - Cardiff
You may know if you read previous posts, but Cardiff is one of my favourite cities and one of the reasons is because my sister lives there. She knows the weirdest and most wonderful places to go so we always have a good time there. Being the capital of Wales, trust me when I say that this city is vibrant, busy but at the same time the locals are so friendly and make you feel at home. There are amazing shops, including vintage shops for the fashion lovers, amazing restaurants for the foodies and amazing sports especially for the rugby fans.

Cardiff Castle is first on the list as Cardiff has a lot of history, this gothic castle was built in the 11th century on top of a 3th century Roman fort. Again, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is Cardiff Bay. It is Europe’s largest waterfront development and is great for families. Principality Stadium is well known for its hosting of sporting events and something that is very recommended. Last but not least, go to Wahaca this amazing Mexican street-food style restaurant, and I thoroughly recommend you have the Churros with salted caramel sauce… yes it is amazing. It is a great reason why it is a perfect weekend break in the UK.

3 - Brighton
I LOVE Brighton, not only because it also has a Wahaca but it really is one of the most beautiful and quirky places in the UK. I got to visit Brighton twice this summer with my job and I loved it so much especially when it was super sunny. It is close to London and other surrounding cities to very easy to get too, it has the most edgy and vibey parts of the city including the Lanes where you can find cute shops, Brighton has this awesome shopping centre including Urban Outfitters - it is exciting to be as I live at least 3 hours away from one and a massive cinema.. Where I watched Mamma Mia 2 alone, for the second time (no shame).

Royal Pavilion is something out of this world, a royal residence originally built for George, Prince of Wales and it’s Indian style architecture makes it a beauty to visit. Brighton Palace Pier is the most iconic part of the city, complete with eateries and roller coaster rides it is worth seeing. New to the city is British Airways i360, an amazing lookout to the city and often booked out for private events.

4 - Bath
Bath is just so cute, it’s rich history and independent cafes are just a little bit of what makes this a perfect weekend break in the UK. It is where scenes of Les Miserables was filmed and of course where you can visit the iconic Baths. It has a massive cinema, this is where I saw Mamma Mia 2 alone for the first time and felt so empowered, so it’s great for all the family (don’t judge me please). Bath is popular for weekend breaks for reasons including spa weekends, remembering Jane Austen and a lovely treat for a romantic weekend.

The Roman Baths is what most people are in Bath for and I don’t blame them, once used for public bathing it is now a museum including a restaurant. This next part is the scene where Javet dies, onto a lighter note it is extremely gorgeous and has an Italian influence it is called Pulteney Bridge. Bath Abbey is another landmark to acknowledge, is an Anglican parish church which is one of the most visited places in the South West of England. These reasons are why Bath is a perfect weekend break in the UK.

5 - Manchester
Now, I have never visited Manchester before but I really really want to because I have heard nothing but good stuff about the city. I have heard that the community is lovely, has amazing food and that the atmosphere is super vibrant. Living in a small village, I love experiencing city life especially after living in Barcelona. It is one of the most visited cities in the UK, with over 1.3 million foreign visitors and it keeps getting more popular. Manchester is known for  many things including the lovely people, amazing shops and awesome architecture.

It is home to one of one of the most popular football clubs in England, so for any football fanatics out there it is worth visiting the stadium and having a tour. Everytime that my friends visit Manchester, or look at the geotags on Instagram all I see is pictures of food. Some to think about is Tattu a very trendy Chinese restaurant, Iberica known for its Tapas and Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn. Manchester is so stylish, again on the geotags and from friends pictures, the city is the place to go for a girly weekend and to dress up. The Old Trafford Centre is one of the top shopping centres in the UK and it just epic, Manchester also has an amazing Christmas Market to visit.

6 - Newcastle
Again, another Northern city I haven’t visited. I have only visited Northern Cities for Job Interviews so haven’t had a chance for a girly weekend bread in the UK up north, especially Newcastle. Although I am sure that I will once I have a stable job in the UK. Newcastle has had a reputation as the party city, due to the notorious Geordie Shore however it is more than just that. Again, like Manchester it is a very welcoming city, alongside its picturesque location and landmarks.

Surrounded by restaurants, bars and hotspots the Quayside is one of the best places to be. Having a view of the River Tyne and some of the most beautiful bridges in the UK, it is a great place to visit for anyone. As well as the bustling city, there is some natural beauty in Newcastle to take advantage of, including Hadrian's Wall and allotments for all the family to enjoy. Of course, the nightlife is something it is known for and should be experienced  especially on a girly or boys weekend.

7 - Lake District
Close by is the Lake District, again a must see destination for me whenever I get the chance! The reason why I am proud of England is because I think we have some of the best natural beauty stops EVER, and the Lake District is one of them. Sometimes you just need a break from the city life and need to relax and unwind in the countryside, that is where you can find cottages in the quiet area of the Lake District.

One of the main benefits of visiting this part of the UK, is that it is pet friendly. There are some great areas to walk with your dog, so it is ideal for all the family - because pets are part of the family! The Lake District has been labelled a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its pristine condition. There is a great selection of pubs to visit, England is known for its pubs and they are something to definitely visit especially in the countryside. There is nothing better after a nice long walk, sitting in the pub having a typical English meal and a cup of tea… I am so British aren’t I!

8 - Bournemouth
My love, I think at this point if you have previously read my blog that this city is close to my heart. I spent 3-4 years here and know the ins and outs of this beautiful part of the South Coast and should be considered as a weekend break in the UK. Whether it is a romantic weekend, girly celebrations or family day trip Bournemouth has something for everyone. It has been recently named as the Top Beach in the UK and 5th in EUROPE. 5th!!! Such an achievement, and it is no wonder it won seeing as it has a massive beach, great weather when we are lucky and amazing attractions.

The most obvious reason to visit is it’s beach, reaching all the way to Sandbanks there is plenty of space for family BBQ’s and to watch the fireworks every Friday in August (just prior notice for summer 2019). There are nearby places to visit including Poole, Durdle Door and Weymouth which can be seen in a day and is a lovely break away from the city.  Bournemouth has an amazing selection of restaurants including Monty’s, 7Bone and Las Iguanas, just trust me and visit them all! Have a family trip and bond with these activities, the Aquarium, Escape Rooms and Bowling!

9 - Oxford
I never thought Oxford would be on my list, that was until I visited a few times this summer and bloody loved it! It literally is like something out of a fairytale and to me feels like the Rome of England because of its architecture, It has the cutest streets, restaurants and iconic landmarks that have been seen in movies. Oxford is one of the most prestigious university locations and you can tell that by the buildings that you will see in the city.

One for the Harry Potter fans! The library scene and others (not sure of them - haven’t watched it in ages), was filmed in Oxford. Make sure you take your camera and get a good selfie of the iconic landmarks about. All I know is that Oxford has the BEST fudge shop EVER (can never have too many capitals), it is called the Fudge Kitchen. We went to Oxford on Sundays for Kings Education when I was an Activity Leader this summer and I wasn’t going to miss Oxford. I didn’t actually miss any excursions, and I wasn’t going to miss the 2nd Oxford trip as I wanted more fudge. It is made with whipped cream and it is the creamiest fudge I have ever tasted in my life. I had the Salted Caramel and White Chocolate fudge … just have some.

10 - Cornwall
Had to stick my favourite in here didn’t I!! I am biased but I think Cornwall is the prettiest place (rural) in the UK, it has the best beaches, fish and chips and friendly people! I can’t choose one place as there are too many to choose from. If you would like a breakdown of which places to visit, make sure to check out my post Where to Visit in Cornwall to see where is best for you!

A quick summary, St. Ives has got a famous harbour and incredible beaches in the surrounding area alongside some fab seafood restaurants. Nearby is Truro, a great town to go shopping in and for a few beverages and is close to many Cornish Towns. Newquay is definitely one for the girly/lads weekends as it has plenty of nightlife, alongside Falmouth which is just a gem for anyone that visits! There is always something going on in Cornwall, including Boardmasters, Beer Festivals and local bands playing in the pub. Just make sure you choose it as a weekend break in the UK, thanks, from a local.


There we have it, didn’t realise how long this post would be but it is so worth it as there are so many cool places in the UK. Now university is over, I really want to have a base for myself whether it is in the UK or abroad but I also want to experience more of the UK with my friends. We have visited Bournemouth, Southampton and Cornwall and I think it is time to change it up a little bit, so I am thinking Manchester or Cardiff for our next trip!

If you are wanting a catch up on my blog, make sure to read one of my favourite posts recently The Best Barcelona Travel Bloggers. The best thing about the travel community is how supportive everyone is, people actually take time to read, support and acknowledge. If only the world was like that it would be such a beautiful place (well even more beautiful). I am currently in the middle of a week of Interviews and some really exciting interviews so wish me luck and pray for me!

Mol xo


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  1. I need to get to Brighton one day soon, its always so out of the way from anywhere else I go in the UK but it looks so good!


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