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Leaving University | What They Don't Tell You

I don’t know how this post is going to go, or how long because this is something I have wanted to talk about for ages. My time at University was like a rollercoaster, I don’t have an amazing outlook on my time but it wasn’t all negative. It was a life changing experience and would recommend it to anyone, I was just very unlucky in some situations that happened. Won’t go into it, maybe later, but I worked for a program called Res Life which I was the Senior Assistant where we put on events for freshers. I wanted freshers to meet new people and have these amazing experiences that I wish I had. You get amazing social, professional and personal skills from the 3+ years and you will look back and think what an achievement.

So, I have officially graduated and ever since leaving university it hasn’t really been what I expected and to be honest I have felt lost. I am a much stronger person now and so confident, but at times I do feel a bit lost. After being in a bubble for 4 years in uni, nothing prepares you for leaving university. I was lost for a good 1-3 months but now I am so determined to make the most out of my life. So this post is for anyone who maybe has left university, feels lost and thinks they are the only one who feels this way - you aren’t alone. Also at the end of the post, I will be giving my advice on what future students can do to make the most of their post graduate life.


#1 When you are younger, especially from my experience you are told that you will go to school, college, university and come out with an amazing graduate job. All over the news and promotion, we are told that we are more likely to get a job and my university course had the most successful graduate job rate. Fab!

#2 I was told by many people that it will be the best three years of your life. You will meet the most amazing people and create the best memories.

#3 You are told that you will learn a lot, have lots of in university time and be able to develop your professional skills.

The following numbers in other chapters correlate to the numbers above.


I really want to say that, I don’t want to paint a negative picture of university because there have been soooo many good parts of university. That includes moving to Barcelona, learning what I now want to do in life, meeting new friends and coming out of it a more confident and stronger person than ever. These points/critiques will be touched upon later in how universities can improve and how students can make the most out of their situation. I only wish I knew before I went. This is also for the students that have left, feel/felt lost like myself and not sure what to do.

#1 Unless you are in a degree that is guaranteed a job, just be prepared that you may not get a job straight away. I found that during open days and reading marketing materials that there is a higher chance of me getting a job and my degree had a high success rate of getting a graduate job. So far, I have applied for 60+ jobs and only had 2 that I have progressed into the interview stages with .. wish me luck because next week is an important week for me. However, I did apply for a graduate job and I have basically been ghosted by a company. Now, this doesn’t happen to everyone but it happened to me and I got a bit upset about this. I soon realised that these things happen for a reason and I shouldn’t have my rose tinted glasses on which university promises you. It isn’t college or school, you have to do the hard work yourself. However, things are looking up and so far things have never looked to bright and promising and I am so optimistic.

#2 Again, I am saying that this does not happen to everyone, I was just so unlucky. Also anyone in University and having a not so great time, I don’t want you to have memories that I have. It doesn’t affect me as I am stronger now but I want to help others change the bad into good. I look back on my time, so grateful for Barcelona, but also I look back at a few moments and feel so sad that these events made me feel so horrid. In a nutshell, I felt very alone in 2nd year and luckily moved to Barcelona where I met tons of people. It isn’t all plain sailing at uni, I wish I was more confident when I was there to change it sooner but these things happen for a reason.

#3 I studied Events Management, within the year I started I knew it wasn’t my passion. By 3rd year I knew that marketing, tourism, events and activities are my passions combined into one. My hours in university in 4th year was 6 hours and teaching was all presentations, so 95% of the teaching I had to re-teach myself. It is a good thing though because that is what prepares you for real life after, just be prepared that you may change your mind and rely on yourself to get things done.

Dreams into Action

The way I have been feeling: I have always worked since the age of 15 and always had a plan, this is the first time that I have not had a job. I pride myself on my work ethic and always helping others and improving my knowledge. So, to not be working for 2 months is weird to me and I hate complaining because people are in worse positions. I feel personally, that I am disappointing myself and my family when I actually am not. I have just graduated and embarking on an amazing post-university life, nothing is confirmed yet but I have the passion and drive to do it. It is normal to feel lost after a crazy four years, but that came with a lot of learning. If you have left university, don’t have a plan and feeling low… please do not worry, read below for some tips or better yet please contact me! Only we can change our paths and things can work out if you work hard enough.

#1 In terms of finding a job or a plan, I suggest whenever you feel ready or for me I wish I started in January is to get planning. Don’t feel pressure to apply for every graduate job going because it may not be the route for you. Bullet Point or mind map every choice that you have available to you. Choose your top three whether it is travelling, graduate job or working abroad. Go into detail on what you want to do and make a spreadsheet on Google Excel and write down every move you make. The more organized you are, the more you will keep on top of it and will be more determined to go for what you want.  

#2 Be prepared when things go wrong, life isn’t easy and obstacles are there to test you and make you grow. Embrace it, learn from it and change it for the better. When you start university, including all the way through to the end say yes to things you like and things you may surprise you. Make the most out of your experience. If there are tough times, please do not let it conquer you. Speak out, do something different and find something that makes you happy. I did that and I am so happy, I just wish I realised that I could make the change sooner. Get rid of the negative and embrace new changes.

#3 If you start uni and straight away don’t like your course, go to your advisor and have some advice on changing your course. I knew as soon as I came back from placement what I wanted to do, so I used the units I studied to suit my needs for my future profession. Then you will be able to enjoy your degree and work it into your passions.

Another reminder, University may not be for everyone and that’s okay. There are so many options to pursue your goals, however despite my obstacles, I do not regret any single part of my experience. It is all a learning curve and I will learn from my time and use it to make the most of my future. Gosh … I am so cheesy. Reading back, I am so worried that it doesn’t make sense or is negative but I am not going to change it because that is how confusing life can be. However, you can change the past for good in the future.

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