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Travel Bucket List: Where Am I Off To In 2019?

So, I am totally emotional since coming home from my trip to Barcelona and Rome because it was so EPIC. On the plane back I already started to plan where I want to go to in 2019...lets hope Brexit doesn’t make it too difficult!

So, I thought I would write down my travel bucket list for 2019 so once it is down, I aim to work hard to afford to travel to these places. Anyone else have to do that so it comes true? It won’t all be city breaks, as much as I love them I do need a beach break. On my last trip I walked 83 miles… YES 83 MILES.

Now I am not expecting anyone to find this remotely interesting, I really hope someone does even to get inspiration to get some travel goals down. Either way, enjoy!  P.s. Barcelona and Rome aren’t on here because I have promised myself to go every year anyway.

1 - Interrailing: Poland

I never thought I would be an interrailing sort of gal, I always felt weird towards it and never understood the terms and conditions. I looked into it a few weeks ago and realised it is a good deal, I believe it is cheaper for me to get a train for one month and go to 5 cities rather than fly to each destination.

I would have a premium one month ticket, which means not paying extra for each train reservation and that seems more beneficial for my budget. First up would be Poland, I have had a fascination with Poland for about 2 years. I really want to visit Krakow, there is so much history, culture and things to do. It is also so picturesque and that screams out to me, flights are also very good flying from London or Bristol I believe.

The three top things to do on my list are Wawel Castle because it looks like a fairytale and I always like to educate myself on the country that I am visiting. The main square of Krakow is from the 13th Century and is called the heart of the city so it’s a no brainer. Kazimierz has been recommended to me as it is the old Jewish Quarter of the city with cool bars and shops.

2 - Interrailing: Switzerland

I have been to Switzerland before, but I was in the Guides and I have vague memories of my time spent there but the ones I have are of pure beauty. It is the cleanest place I have ever been to, so blue and so green it is a dream. I went to a cheese factory, went inside a glacier and took a toboggan down the side of some mountain.

So, I need to go back purely to explore the country again and make more memories. I have been to Interlaken and Bern, so I wouldn’t rule out going again because I have slim memories. I would love to visit Jungfraujoch as it is gorgeous, but I would love to visit Jungfrau and so some sort of watersports there. I am obsessed with waterfalls, so I really want to visit Rhine Falls which is Europe’s largest plains waterfall. As I do like to do some sort of cultural excursion, I would like to visit Chillon Castle, especially as it is lakeside.

3 - Interrailing: Berlin

Germany has been a dark horse when it comes to my travel plans, because I keep seeing pictures and articles about small towns that look gorgeous. First I want to start with Berlin, because I do prefer to go to the capital cities before I explore other cities as I like to be comfortable. I would go here in summer as if I went at Christmas I would feel so single in the Christmas markets!

First up is Brandenburg Gate, it is so iconic and what you see when you type in Berlin into Google. It is one of the main landmarks of Germany and has been looked on as the unity of Europe. The Reichstag Building is another landmark as it is used for a meeting place for Parliament. I also want to go to the Holocaust Memorial, this is something I didn’t think I would actually do. I went to Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam and not that I thought I would enjoy it but at least take time to learn more about history. It felt wrong in a way to go through the bookcase and into the attic, I felt like if I spent too long in the rooms I was invading the family’s privacy. I enjoyed the knowledge side of it and paying my respects, which is why I would want to visit the memorial.

4 - Interrailing: Budapest

I have wanted to visit this city for SO long, for three reasons, it’s beautiful, cultural and cheap. It has been in my top 5 places to visit list for at least two years so I think it is bloody time that I hopped on a train and went to visit. It feels weird, but I feel like I am cheating on Barcelona and Rome because they stole my heart, but I always know I will end up in Barcelona.

So why is Budapest on my travel bucket list? Because it has so many landmarks that are so cultural and beautiful. Firstly, I want to visit Fisherman’s Bastion, it is one of the youngest landmarks I have researched as it was built in the 20th century. The 7 towers have a fab view over the Danube River. Another iconic building is the Parliament Building, it is the largest landmark in Hungary and home to a lot of national offices. The main attraction for me is the baths, the ultimate landmark and an iconic tourist attraction. I mean it has a sauna and open air pool...come on why wouldn’t I go!

5 - Ireland

It isn’t all about going the furthest away, I really want to go to Dublin. Purely for two stereotypical reasons, I love the accent and I want to pour my own Guinness. Okay, in serious it will also be a nice weekend away with whoever to have a chilled time away and visit a new place that isn’t too far from where I live.  

Obviously, the first reason is to make my own pint of Guinness, I hate the drink but I feel like you just have to do it. When in Ireland…! I have to visit the Temple Bar too, it is an iconic bar and it only feels right visiting it in it’s home. It isn’t all about drinking, there will be culture on this trip when it happens. I will be visiting Dublin Castle as it is a major government building, conference centre and tourist attraction.

6 - Croatia

As I said, it won’t all be city breaks because it will tire me out. So, one of the destinations I want to consider for a girls trip is Croatia. Everyone has gone and told me what an incredible place it is, so I want to check it out. I also heard that Mamma Mia 2 was filmed there, so I have to see it because I am an addict.

I am a beach girl and Croatia has a fair few, they are pebbled beaches so to me it is a lot cuter and sand won’t get everywhere! The water is apparently crystal clear so, really instagram worthy! That is the main reason why it is on my travel bucket list for 2019! Croatia has EPIC festivals including Outlook and Sonus, it is extra all the way from music to outfits and I want to do it. Dubrovnik is the main place I want to visit and it looks like paradise to me so lets hope on a plane.

7 - Portugal

I keep saying I want to go to Portugal, so I need to get my backside in gear and plan something! Not sure if I want to go to Portugal on my interrailing trip or by itself, so I am leaving it separate. The best thing about Portugal is that it is known for its beaches and its gorgeous towns. I want to go to the Algarve and of course Lisbon.

Of course the beaches because I can relax and watch the waves go by as I drink a cocktail. But Lisbon, because I want to visit Sintra is because it is gorgeous, colourful and where I want to live because of its beauty. That is the reason why it is on my travel bucket list for 2019. I also had NO idea that you can whale watch and visit thermal springs in Portugal, for me that is the most beautiful natural thing in the world.

To anyone who is still reading this, thank you so much I know this maybe not be the most curated content on my blog but sometimes it is nice to have some content on for myself. So this is my travel bucket list for 2019, so maybe you may find some destinations on here that you haven’t thought of.

Has anyone been to any of these destinations or interrailing? I would love some advice o them and some blog content to read! I have ALOT of content in the next coming weeks that I can’t wait to share with you all. If you need a catch up on my blog, here is my recent post on my life update since leaving university. Hope you have had a fab week and a great one from tomorrow!

Mol xo


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