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Solo Travel Guide for Introverts

Decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone and post about travel content other than destinations. This post is for those who don’t know if they want to travel, are perhaps shy or wary about going on a solo trip...THIS IS FOR YOU.

This is also for my 10-17 year old self, I was shy to the fact that I would be nervous about speaking in front of family. I was a quiet child and I had a bit of a stammer when I got nervous, I used to be ashamed of it but as I got older there was no reason to be ashamed because you grow as you get older.

I never saw myself as the traveller type, even in a group holiday because I just felt too shy of a person. So when I was presented with an opportunity to live abroad, I just went for it. I had enough of not saying yes and being miserable and it was the best thing I ever did. My confidence has skyrocketed and all I do is plan trips! If this is something you need, just click below.

1 - Mind Map Your Travel Ideas

First of all, don’t feel pressured to do the typical gap year around Thailand or Australia, as much as I would love to visit I didn’t feel like that is where my heart lied. Also I feel sometimes that there is a stigma where if you haven’t done a year abroad you haven’t “travelled”.

Then, I went abroad and realised that it was all in my head and the travel community is soo diverse and open to any adventure. Write down a list of countries you want to visit and if you want an adventurous trip or relaxing one. Don’t force yourself to do something that isn’t you, know one is asking you to do that. Choose something you know you will enjoy. Whether that is skydiving in Australia or relaxing on a beach in Croatia.

2 - Research x3

This has been something I have continually done, even though I am a confident traveller. I make sure I know every detail, from the coach to the airport all the way to what shops are close to my hostel. One, do this because it is always good to be organised.

Another reason to keep organised, is so that you can give the info to your family and friends so that they can be in the loop. In case you need some advice or a ring home they can remind you on what/where you need to be.

3 - Invest in Books/Apps

Find a way to relax on your travels, as adventure isn’t always for everyone. For me, I like to take photos, read books and just taking a stroll around the nearest park. Taking photos means capturing memories which you can look back on and a reminder that you did your first solo trip.

I never thought I would put reading books/keeping journals on this solo travel guide for introverts as I never did this. But as I did more travelling, I found more ways to relax and taking 10 minutes out a day to write down memories or read a book make my trips less stressy.

4 - Find a Group of People

I have mentioned the app, Meet Up before but I swear by this app and I have used it on every trip I have been to. You don’t just have to stick with the first people you meet, it is always great to meet a diverse range of people.

Meet Up has different types of groups from language exchange to yoga on the beach, depending on what city you are visiting. I have been on numerous visits with Meet Up and I met friends for life when I lived in Barcelona. There are different groups for everyone so be sure that there will be something for you.

5 - Get Outside of your Comfort Zone

I am not saying bungee jump or something crazy, but at least surprise yourself a little bit and say yes to something you would normally say no to. For me, when I was in Spain, pushing myself out of my comfort zone was getting on the back on a motorbike and singing karaoke.

Even though it isn’t jumping out of a plane, I was so scared before both but after I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. Now I am more prone to do even more crazy stuff, you only have one life so just go and do it.

6 - Tours

Tours are a must on this solo travel guide for introverts, if you don’t know the area but also want to meet people go for a tour, especially if your accommodation does tours. Most accommodations, especially hotels, will do city tours or if in Rome (The Yellow) cooking courses too.

By doing tours, you are able to learn more about the city, meet people and the staff. I always make sure to be friendly with staff because you will feel more comfortable speaking to them to say hi or if you ever have a problem and need advice. It is worthwhile, because when I visited Sant Jordi in Barcelona, because I made friends with staff, they convinced me on my last night out to drink with them and they all waited in reception for me with about 40 residents haha!

7 - Say Hi

A simple hello will do the trick, I still worry about walking up and saying hi to people when I travel. Don’t know why because whenever I travel solo I always meet people, especially in hostels.

Don’t be afraid, because most solo travelers will do this. During my time in hostels it is about 50/50 that I go up or they come to me. You have nothing to lose, really. All the people that I have met in hostels, I spent all my holiday with them and have had some fab memories. I ended up doing more things and making more memories than I thought I would!

8 - Enjoy It!!!

The last point is a bit obvious, but it is always good in any solo travel guide to emphasize this. You have spent your well-earned money to go on this holiday, so what is the point of going abroad not to embrace it!

So say yes to those tours, eat that extra slice of pizza or whatever and meet people you never would have met before. That is what I am doing right now, because like I said before “we are here for a good time, not a long time”.


I hope you enjoyed my solo travel guide for introverts for those that are worried about going on a solo trip, I know I was super nervous going to a country by myself the first time. By the next trip, I was more confident and able to plan a trip with no worries.

Right now, I am in Rome on another solo trip. I have been before, but I am not quite finished here yet so I am here to complete some unfinished business! If you need a catch up on my blog check out my latest post right here. If you would like to see how I am getting on with my latest Europe trip make sure to follow me on my social media!

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Have a fab week,

Mol xo


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