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How to Learn a Language Fast

Hola, Ciao, Oi...Hi again! One of my favourite hobbies is to learn a language, ever since my granddad started speaking to me in Spanish when I started learning it in school, I have been learning it ever since. That is almost 15 years ago!

I am not saying that I am fluent, by no means, but I have gone through many methods of learning languages. College was the most intensive learning method in education, but what happens after education? What if you want to learn a language quick if you are going travelling and want to learn a new skill.

My mother tongue is English, originally started learning Spanish, then onto Italian and now Portuguese. I love the romantic languages! I find that learning one, makes it easier to learn another. So, if you want to learn a language fast and you have left education, continue reading!

1 - Decide Which Language
I didn’t choose Spanish to learn way back when, what language you learned determined on what school you went to. So, my school St. James Primary was Spanish. I continued because it was a beautiful language and because it was something that could challenge me. Whilst living in Spain, I wanted to challenge myself again, I had a trip planned to Italy and it seemed easy to learn due to Spanish. Portuguese? I was lucky enough to win a year subscription with Babbel, it was between Dutch and Portuguese. Again, it is a romance language and I want to visit Portugal!

If you are stuck trying to figure out what language to learn fast, because there are 6500 languages in the world…. The current top 3 are Mandarin, Spanish and English.

If you are stuck, make sure to take a read of Babbel’s article What Language to Learn Next and read some more articles on the languages they teach. If you don’t have a favourite, take Babbel’s quiz and see what language you should learn next!

2 - Find a Course
One of the first things I used after I stopped studying in Spanish after College was Memrise, which I used in College. It is a website (also has an app) where you can practice your vocab and get an introduction into the language itself. It is free and also has the chance to upgrade too, make sure to checkout their articles.

Onto one of my go to, Babbel, it is a paid subscription website/app, so good for those wanting to take learning a language fast seriously. I used this for Italian (paid for a year) and Portuguese (won paid year subscription). One of the best things about it, is that Babbel teaches you in-depth courses including grammar and basic vocab from scratch. I find with free websites,  there isn’t much explanation. However, there are sooo many lessons on each language course for Babbel. You can select from different subscription options too, to suit your budget.

Duolingo, is another free website/app which you can use to test your vocab. I recommend this for those that are familiar with their selected language. It is a really easy website to use and has great vocab, the only problem you have to hover over a word to see the translation other than that I love to use it.

3 - Listen to Music

One of the best ways to practice your languages is to listen to music, for me when I moved to Spain listening to Spanish music totally helped me. It is all I listened to, because primarily it was all around and secondly Spanish music is so hot. Oh, and of course it helps me to learn a language fast!

If you have iTunes, Google Music, Spotify and obviously Youtube, just listen to a song for 10 minutes and you will pick it up. It makes it 100% easier when you listen to certain words and relate it to everyday conversations. If you are learning Spanish, listen to the following: Becky G, Maluma, Bad Bunny and Ozuna to name a few!

4 - Watch a Film

Not going to lie, every Spanish film I have seen has been quite sad and rarely have I seen a happy Spanish film. However, it got to mean that I got to learn about different issues and again practice my Spanish.

I always have Spanish audio and English subtitles, or if I want to challenge myself switch to Spanish subtitles. However, you get to listen to Spanish in everyday conversations, especially if you aren’t living in a country where you speak the language.

5 - Label Everything and Buy A  Dictionary

I used to stick post-it notes all over my bedroom when I used to revise, and the same goes for learning a language fast. I also share this tactic with other language learners, for example, if you stick the translation for television or kettle, stick it nearby and you will see it every time you use it. Practice makes perfect right??

Okay,  so this can be a physical or online dictionary because technology makes it easier in today’s society. If you are abroad and don’t know a particular word, get an app on your phone and find out the missing word.

6 - Go to the Country
I swear I learned more or I became more fluent when I moved to Spain, don’t get me wrong I was petrified. I would never speak Spanish when I first moved, but with practice and a welcoming reception from the locals it became easier to speak. Soon, I was barely speaking English.

So… you don’t have to move to a particular country, it can literally be a weekend break. Just make sure to speak a few words everyday, you will get more practice and confidence. I don’t recommend drinking  (if so do it responsibly). However, on a night out, I tend to have more confidence, they call it dutch courage. You know those drunken taxi conversations, talking to the driver where you have an ultra deep convo? That happened in Spain, speaking Spanish, that’s when I knew I got better at the language!

7 - Fall in Love
I swear EVERY single learn a language post, they include to have a boyfriend/girlfriend who speaks the language that you may be learning. I am one single pringle, and by no means you have to get a partner to help learn a language. If you find some new friends from that country, they can  help you with the language and also show you some cool places you may never go to!

I will admit that, one of the ways I practised my Spanish was hanging out with someone who I really liked. (Hope he never reads that part, I also don’t want to share too much). If you don’t want a partner, I pretend Sebastian Yatra is singing to me when listening to his songs.. It’s the same thing right??

8 - Read an Online Magazine
For me, in College I didn’t like the listening exercises and my best method of learning was reading Spanish magazines and newspapers online. I do recommend El Pais and El Mundo for Spanish learners.

You are able to keep up with what is going on in the world and any country you want to visit, and able to highlight words you don’t know and learn what they mean. You can also make your own list of words to practice on Memrise, so it is personal to you.


There you have it, my top tips to help you learn a language fast from a learner herself. Like I said before, I am not fluent, except from a little bit in Spanish, and I am not a teacher. However, I have been learning languages for a long time and know the methods that help me.

In 5 days I am off to put more of my Spanish and Italian skills to good use, as I am off to Barcelona and Rome. Check out my trip on my Instagram (blondiewanderlustblog) and catch up on all my latest posts!

If you want anymore advice on learning a language or want to set up a Spanish speaking group so we can all help each other, just email me at OR find me on my social media!

Mol xo


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