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Cocktail Masterclass at The Cosy Club

I love cocktails, never did until I found some cute cocktail bars in Barcelona and ever since have tried most cocktails going. My personal favourite is the Pornstar Martini, didn’t think I would enjoy it but I tried something new and surprised myself!

So, I was very fortunate to be invited to The Cost Club with the Bournemouth Bloggers to make some cocktails and try their tapas. Of course I said yes, who wouldn’t! I had never been to The Cosy Club, despite living in Bournemouth on and off for 4 years.

There are some fantastic hidden gems in Bournemouth, and this by far is one of them. It is so different compared to the places I normally go, it is quirky and the team there are so nice. So if you are in Bournemouth,  love a good cocktail or just want to try somewhere different for food, I recommend The Cosy Club!

Firstly, let me introduce you to The Cosy Club,  it is located in the centre of Bournemouth and I would pass it everyday when I walked to work but for some reason never went in ...silly me!

They describe themselves as bringing a sense of nostalgia with a theme of mansion splendour meets a village hall eccentricity. From the first look at the restaurant they have their colour theme entrance alongside very classic and old-style furnishings of their staircase and lift. What I was surprised about is how big it is, it has 3 floors of dining and each floor feels like you are in a different era … I loved it!

We were on the top floor called The Deck where they do private parties too, it was my dream decor especially the star lamps … I really want one! I have to mention the staff (so sorry I didn’t get your names) who were so professional, friendly and welcoming. I met the Operations Manager who talked through the restaurant, it’s story and the decor and the lovely hostess/waitress and had a lovely chat with her. Located next to the deck was the patio area which had colourful chair and hanging plants, I need to bring my family here because they love this sort of stuff! From breakfast to private hire including the Cocktail Masterclass we had, The Cosy Club has something for everyone.

Onto the best part, the cocktails! When we arrived, we got given the English Rose Cocktail which contained gin, lemon juice, rose water, fresh strawberries and prosecco. It was also topped with edible rose petals, felt very strange eating them but the cocktail was gorgeous and wasn’t too sweet.

Now for the cocktail masterclass, myself and Emma got to make the Cherry Bakewell cocktail. I praise the barman/cocktail making genius who helped us (again didn’t get your name sorry!!), because before I warned him last time I made (shook) a cocktail, when I gave it back to the barman it literally exploded all over him! The barman told us how they don’t use the typical brands you would see in a bar, they have premium and quality spirits. The Cherry Bakewell included cherry juice, amaretto, Ron Barcelo rum, caramel syrup and was topped with a cherry. I hate Cherry Bakewell Tarts but this cocktail was soooo nice, I love fruity cocktails so this was the one for me. Now, I hope you enjoy the photos below...I am not photogenic when it came to this, the faces were shock of how hard it is to make a cocktail but extremely rewarding!

Moving on from the cocktail masterclass was the highly anticipated food. Not going to lie I was nearly drooling over looking at the menu, especially the Salted Caramel Cheesecake! It felt like there was a continuous stream of food and I loved it, there was such a variety of foods and The Cosy Club put their spin on it!

There were burgers, fish and chips and scotch eggs to name a few but my personal favourite was the breaded Halloumi sticks! Thank you The Cosy Club for putting on such a beautiful spread. I love Tapas as most people know and on my next trip to Spain, that is all that I will be eating! Each tapas dish is £4.95 each OR you can get 3 for £13.95 … get three.

Again, a massive thank you to The Cosy Club for inviting us to do a Cocktail Masterclass and treating us to Tapas. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities including this one and thanks to the Bournemouth Bloggers for letting me come along. Now, again I seriously recommend you go to The Cosy Club and you can find them on social media here…

Facebook: The Cosy Club
Instagram: @The_cosyclub
Twitter: @The_cosyclub

It is the 8 day countdown until my next trip to Barcelona and Rome, my excitement is going getting more intense. If you are planning a trip and don’t know where to start, make sure to check out my latest post The Best Travel Resource Guide.

Hope you all have had a fab week and are enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

Mol xo

Although the Cocktail Masterclass and Tapas were complimentary, all opinions and thoughts are my own.



  1. Mmm everything sounds amazing, I adore the sound of the Cherry Bakewell cocktail! It looks such a cute place, so quirky and eccentric :D I would love to visit! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. So glad you liked the post! Definitely visit if you are in the area!xx


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