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A Guide to your First Blogger Event

Little disclaimer, I am not a pro blogger. I have only been blogging for about 2 years, and the past year really put my focus towards it. So I am not going to preach and tell you all the professional tips because it would be misleading.

Instead, as a newbie blogger. Someone who was too shy to even let my family and friends see my posts, to now having the confidence to share my blog to others. I have been to several blogging events, and wanted to share my tips on the best ways to make the most out of it.

I am still learning, but what I learn from each event I make sure I put into the next one I go to. Blogger events are great for meeting like-minded people, having more opportunities and self development. So if you are heading off to your first blogger event, check out my tips on how to make the most out of it!

There was no need to be nervous, as the girls I met were so lovely and made me feel really welcome. Ever since, I have been to breakfast at The Real Eating Company and cocktail making at The Cosy Club. Since then, my nerves have declined and my motivation has gone through the roof into making my blog the best it can be. Some of the gals that have made the experience amazing for me are Lauren from Lauren Loves Blog, Kelly from Mama of a Cool Kid and Emma from Emma's Favourite Things.

1 - Pre-Event Networking

I was never one to make the first move when it came to anything, not because I want to seem rude but I was just so shy. Through life I have gained so much confidence and decided to grab the bull by the horns and make the first move. I found the Bournemouth Bloggers email through their social media and got a response with an acceptance onto the email list.

Make sure you grab opportunities and email PR agencies and local blogger groups as you will make a good impression and will be open to more opportunities. Go on social media, find that email and send a message.. There is no harm in trying. The more you email and reach out you will have more opportunities and confidence for your first blogger event.

2 - Just Say Yes

Unless you have plans, say yes to blogger events even if they aren’t in your niche. A journey of a 1000 step starts with one, it is all about progression and the more you go the more you will learn. It is starting to feel like a self-help/motivational post, or just really really cheesy. Challenge yourself, go outside of your comfort zone because you might surprise yourself!

I remember my first invitation, to a foodie event, although I am not a food blogger I do restaurant reviews on my blog. As much as I love travel, I love my food just as much and sharing the Instagrammable photos. I said yes, had amazing food and got to interact with so many bloggers.

3 - Network, Network and Network

I never thought I would go solo to an event, let alone start a conversation with anyone. Like I mentioned I was so shy, yet after my placement year my confidence boomed and ever since have done talks and done more solo travelling.

The key to these events are to start talking,  making an effort gives a good first impression and you are able to get to know more bloggers. You can learn from them, give advice and make some friends. As much as you are there to get advice, it is always nice to make some new friends. You may find influencers in your niche where you can collaborate on other projects.  

4 - Embrace It

Whatever event you are at, embrace everything it has to offer. My first blogging event was a Prosecco Bottomless Brunch with Italian food. Did I sit there and not stomach anything?? Of course not, I had as much as I was able to/allowed.

Firstly, you may have chances to do something you have never done before and you are there to review what they have to offer. It will also boost your confidence by getting involved with the other bloggers. For example, my last event we did cocktail making, myself and Emma both made the Cherry Bakewell Cocktail and it was so nice having someone to do it with.

5 - Support Each Other

At your first event, might be someone else's first blogger event. Or some other blogger might need help with photography and it is great to be able to support each blogger. Whether it is giving advice or helping take photos.

During our cocktail masterclass, myself and Lauren helped take photos of each other as it is a bit difficult when you are trying to make a cocktail and take a selfie. During our tapas, we all had a chat about blogging, our journeys and how we want to develop our blogs. In today’s societies, social media has a dark impact on people’s self-esteem and there is a negative perception of bloggers sometimes. So by building each other up, that is the way people should be in life and at your first event.

6 - Selfies

Get them cameras out, there is no shame in it now. Some of my family/friends might not get it and I am very scared someone is going to mess my food up if I am going to take a photo of it for the gram (you know what I mean).

It was so nice at my first blogger event to see everyone with their phones out taking photos of the food and selfies. The waiter was prepared every time he bought food out to hold it at a certain angle for all us bloggers! I have no shame in my game of taking photos, and nor should you, especially at an event. Get the best photos and content to show off!

7 - Get to Know the Brand

As well as the bloggers at the event, make sure to spend time networking with the company that you are reviewing. All the events I have been to are restaurants, so I have met the waiters who bring the food out and at an Italian restaurant they helped me with my Italian skills. Also at The Real Eating Company, I met the owner Helena, and the operations manager at The Cosy Club. I was able to get to know the company a bit more and open up to them about what I do.

By getting to know the brand, you can get more of an insight to how companies work with bloggers but also get to know different people at the same time. You get to know more about the industry and make a good impression, especially if you visit the company after!

I hope you enjoyed my guide to enjoying your first blogger event, these are tips that I use myself to help me get the most out of my next event. I hope these tips are useful, if you want more advice or want to connect with me, feel free to find me on social media or email me (check my contact me tab).

So, as you are reading this I am probably asleep in my hostel room or out visiting Barcelona as I am on another solo trip in Europe, off to Rome on Friday! Be sure to check out my travels on Instagram (blondiewanderlustblog) and keep i contact if you are in the cities so we can hang out! Find out how I got on at one of my blogger events at The Real Eating Company and see how I got on!

Mol xo


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