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Rome Bucket List: What You Need To Do

My flights are booked and my accommodation is sorted for my second trip to Rome! I went last year for a week, but it was not enough time to see everything I wanted to see!

I fell in love with Rome, it has amazing people, food and history. I was surprised about how you are in the city centre, you look down a street and there is the Colosseum. I loved how colourful the buildings are and how you can take easily over 100 photos in a day.

There is something for everyone, so I have done Rome bucket list filled with 13 ultimate things you have to do in this beautiful city.

So sit down, grab a drink, have a notepad ready and get planning! Make sure to bring walking boots, Italian vocab book and an empty stomach!

1 - Eat Gelato

This had to be on the top of my Rome bucket list, because this is the thing I miss the most. After not being able to have dairy in Spain, I jumped at the chance to have Gelato when I realised I could have dairy in Rome (weird start i know). I found this Gelateria with an Australian couple I met last year - La Gelateria Romana.

Gelato is easily in the top 3 foods to eat in Italy, everyone knows it and this place is where you have to go. Firstly, it is super-cheap, has diverse flavours and you can have whipped cream on top! Once I even waited for 20 minutes in the queue because it was just too good, I have no shame I would do it again!

I recommend the Biscotti flavour, there are shops all around Rome so you have no excuse not to have one! Make sure to check out their selection of cakes too! If I come back from Italy weighing a lot more, you all know why!

2 - Go on a Walking Tour

A Rome bucket list wouldn’t be a list if a walking tour wasn’t on here, the best way to see the city is on foot. Don’t take a taxi or metro, you may miss a secret street with something interesting for you.

Most walking tours are free (but is always nice to give your tour guide a little tip), I would recommend Rome Free Walking Tour. They offer flexible tours to suit your itinerary, morning tours, afternoon tours and private if you like! They don’t just offer walking tours, they have experienced guides which can take you inside famous monuments and share their knowledge of this beautiful city.

3 - Colosseum

Lets be honest, this had to be on the Rome bucket list, easily one of the most recognised monuments in the world. I remember when I first saw the Colosseum, I was with other travellers from America, all of us on Google Maps wandering around.

Not going to lie, I thought it was going to be in a rural part of Rome (don’t know why) however it could be further from the truth. In the middle of the centre, surrounded by buildings you will find the Colosseum. It is surreal.

Buying tickets is great, but you have another obstacle...the queues. I recommend booking a tour of the Colosseum, less time waiting and get expert knowledge and stories on the history of this iconic landmark. I recommend my faves The Roman Guy, I visited The Vatican with them last year and next month I am going on an Electric Bike Tour of Rome with them! Choose from their tours right here!

4 - Trevi Fountain

So, I threw 3 coins in the fountain in my right hand over my left shoulder. Yes, I am coming back to Rome…. But I have not found love. It’s been the most pathetic and lame year for romance for me. (I don’t care but the coins didn’t work!).

Again, situated right in the middle of the town centre, is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I say that about everything but it is true! Did you know that around £3000 each day is collected and given to charity? Another reason to visit and thrown coins in!

5 - Gardens

Rome isn’t just about the monuments and buildings, there is nature to compliment this gorgeous place. So, next up on Rome bucket list is the Borghese Gardens. Described as a landscape garden within the English manner of Rome, this tranquil location is home to the Borghese museum and sculptures.

One of the largest public gardens in Europe, it has been open since 1903 and is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

6 - Mouth of Truth

Also known as the Bocca della Verita, is something that wasn’t known to me until I googled the hell out of what to do in Rome. I still haven’t seen this, it is on my Rome bucket list to visit next month!

This amazing sculpture is said to bite the hands off of liars, no one actually knows where the origins came from… but it is fun to read the theories! It has been featured in many films including The Roman Holiday, I loved Audrey Hepburn so I need to see this to feel like her.

7 - Piazzas

My favourite part of city breaks, whether it is Rome, Barcelona or Amsterdam, their Piazza’s are my absolute favourite. That is the same for Rome. Piazza Navona, Venezia and Popolo all are ones to visit and take numerous selfies with.

Come on… it took me 7 points in to mention selfies!

8 - More Food

CARBS, CARBS AND CARBS. Can you tell that I like carbs? Especially pizza and pasta… just give me Carbonara! I swear nothing tastes better than Italian Carbonara. The best part of Rome is that there are plenty of food tours for you to choose from.

From gelato to Trastevere, there is something for everyone. Can’t choose….me either!! So read this article from Viator and find your perfect food tour!

9 - Vatican

Whether you are a MASSIVE art fan or something of a novice, like myself, the Vatican is the place to be. Like I mentioned before, I went here with The Roman Guy and had the most incredible experience with them.

You learn so much about the art, history of the Vatican and walk around St. Peters Basilica. Great chance to improve your knowledge of Rome, be in more awe of the city and take some EPIC pictures. Main things to remember: it is home to Michelangelo frescoes, the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope!  

10 - Pantheon

Something that is still on my Rome Bucket List as I didn’t get to visit the Pantheon last time. A former Roman temple, it is the most preserved building of the city and is free to get into! How lucky are we!!

Pantheon in Greek means “honour all Gods”, the temple in fact was built for all Gods. It is unknown how old it is, but for an old building it has the largest unsupported dome in the world - how fab is that!

11 - Rent a Vespa

I want to live out my Lizzie McGuire fantasy so badly right now, I want a Paolo to come pick me up outside my hostel on a Vespa and take me around Rome. The likelihood of that happening, is slim to none, but you can still rent a Vespa or have a Vespa tour of Rome.

Vespa’s are iconic and are literally everywhere in Rome it is crazy, so it had to be on my Rome bucket list. Here is where I introduce you to… Scooteroma, as they say “your concierge on two wheels”. They have been featured on Conde Nast and Travel and Leisure Magazine so you can guarantee they are amazing. Make sure to book with them!

12 - Spanish Steps

Again, I say this about every place.. This is my favourite part of Rome. Be part of this amazing part of the city, take a seat and watch the world go by … I mean watch people take pictures of the steps you are sitting on.

The Baroque style 135 steps, built in 1723  link towards the piazza Trinita Dei Monti where you can find a twin tower church. The one thing you can’t do is eat on the Spanish Steps, Italian authorities want to keep this beautiful part of the city pristine and intact!

13 - Rooftop Bar

One thing I really want to do, and if anyone reading this in Rome wants to join me, is to go to a rooftop bar and gaze over the city with a glass of vino. I mean, just imagine spending your last night gazing over the Colosseum or the epic is that!

I read this amazing article by The Rooftop Guide, and they listed 16 of the best rooftop bars in Rome for 2018. My personal favourite are Hotel Raphael where there are fab views of the Vatican. Aroma Restaurant allows you to watch the Colosseum whilst you eat, and Minerva Roof Garden located next to the Pantheon. So someone come with me please and tick this off my Rome bucket list!


Did you write some tips down? I sure hope so! Whether you are a returning visitor or just planning to go to Rome, have a fab time! It is a city I hold close to my heart as it was my first solo adventure!

If you have any questions, be sure to ask and I can point you in the right direction. If you go to any of these places, let me know what you think of them! You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook -  The Blondie Wanderlust! 

I just had a recent Italian experience in Bournemouth, find out more with my recent post Bottomless Prosecco Brunch at La Piccola.

Have a good week everyone, only 22 days until my next adventure so keep an eye out for travel spam!

Mol xo


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