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Meet the Travel Bloggers: Series 1

I was thinking of some content to write, and seeing as I am not travelling at the moment, I thought I would do something a bit different.

I have been part of a twitter travel community of travel bloggers, we constantly message each other for advice and send through our posts. I am a girls girl, but also I pride myself on being a good person who empowers people and treat everyone respectfully.

So I thought, what a better way to start getting back into blogging by putting my effort and love into our amazing blogger community! I have put together a list of Travel Bloggers that I have been networking with and making friends with! I personally love their work ethic, all have unique and different content and have fab passion!

If you want more something new, need to be inspired and want to find new bloggers… keep reading!

1 - I Am Montelle

I came across Montelle through my timeline on Twitter from Elle Louise (Number 2). Her blog just seemed so refreshing and she is always so driven to build a blogger community and build herself as a blogger. Her vibe also is beaut, her personality shines through on her blog design and Instagram!

Her blog content ranges from things she learned from her first solo trip and how to plan yours. I pride myself on being honest on my ridiculous experiences and I love how she does the same. I regularly watch her vlogs - her recent one she went to Brussels. I seriously recommend giving them a watch!

Youtube - Montzxo

2 - Elle Louise Travels

Elle Louise was the first blogger I came across in the group as she came up with the idea of having a Twitter group. There are three reasons why I rave about Elle, she has a job alongside her blog so I love her passion to maintaining and making time for her blog. The other two are in her bio - “gin lover” and “fan of all cuisines”. As a fan of both of these we have a lot in common.

Living in Spain, I had A LOT of content to write, my main fear when moving back to England is not having enough to write. However, Elle inspires me to keep writing about being in Bournemouth etc. Because she makes the most of the trips she takes, including York and the blogger events she goes to. Completely inspires me to keep writing! She has great itineraries on Sri Lanka and packing tips (we all need them).

Twitter - ElleLouTravels

3 - From Zimbabwe To
Shannon and Warwick have things in common with me including completing a degree and travelling around Europe. Again so lucky to be involved in a supportive group with like-minded people. As well as their own content, they are consistent in promoting other material to advise others on travelling the road. That’s the most important thing in the blogging community, to encourage others as well as yourself!

They have a variety of content on their website, from posts about “How to Prepare for the Perfect Job Interview” to how to set up your camera equipment. The variety mean there is something there for everyone! Make sure to give their blog a follow as well as their Twitter!

Twitter - FromZimbabweTo

4 - Wandering Wombmates

There are couples that have travel blogs and mates that share blogs, it is very rare to find twins that have a blog together, which is why the Wandering Wombmates is a good blog to follow! Firstly, they have a great sense of style with their blog - i have said before “It’s a Vibe”.

I find their posts so empowering and useful when it comes to giving advice. Their recent posts include…

“Why you should have a bucket list”
“13 quick and easy snacks for the road”
“Why you should take at least one solo road trip”

Content that is so useful I didn’t even realise - thats a good thing - it is unique and worth a read !

5 - The Emmasphere

Emma is a blogger I admire because she has done the 9-5, backpacked in Australia/New Zealand and loves gigs - which I have a passion for! Again, like our previous amazing bloggers. On Twitter Emma is so supportive of other bloggers with lots of shares of others passion and results.

If you are looking to go to Australia - go straight to her blog because she has some FAB content for you! She has she knows what she is on about! As she is also in London, she has knowledge on the Capital city and the places around it!

Blog - Emma Online
Twitter - The Emmasphere

6 - Bexcapades

Rebecca is a very unique travel blogger - again I use unique as  VERY good compliment. As well as promoting travel, she is very honest about mental health, including anxiety. It is still a taboo subject but something I feel we are all becoming more open about. Travel changed my life, I was going through a very dark period before I travelled which changed everything for me. I love that Rebecca is standing up and talking about it.

From reflecting on her travels in Australia to how to self-host your blog, there is a lot to read on this girls blog! I believe that helping others with their blogs is one of the most powerful things you can do as a blogger. There is a myth that blogging is becoming saturated but who really cares? Lets empower everyone like Rebecca does!

Blog - Bexcapades
Twitter - Bexcapades

7 - Views of Venus

As much as I love my travel blogs, I love to read a bit of lifestyle content and Charlotte has a mixture of beauty, lifestyle and travel. I often want to do different posts but get too scared to do it! She has so many fresh ideas that there is a lot to go on your reading list!

If you want a gift guide, travel bucket list or advice if you need a change in your life, get looking on her blog! My personal favourite is Gadgets for the airport because I get super bored and need more advice cause I worry way too much! If you are an aspiring blogger she also has tips on SEO and social media marketing!

Twitter - Viewsofvenus

8 - Anxious to Adventure

Megan from Anxious to Adventure is super honest and productive with her blog, on Twitter she is so upfront with where she is with her blog and supporting others. In her Twitter bio, she calls herself a homebird with a serious case of wanderlust which is something I and a lot of people can relate to! I am also very jealous of her next trip to Greece!

Firstly, the pictures on her blog is BEA-UTIFUL! I love the fact that she has content on North America - it is nice to see a niche in some blogs! She also has great posts on cities in the UK including Oxford (stunning by the way). So if you have serious wanderlust and need some inspo go check her out!

Instagram - Anxious to Adventure

9 - The Blond Travels

This is my ultimate goals, teaching online and living remotely … for me this is the dream! So I love reading what posts come from Joanna! Originally from Poland, she has lived in the UK for over 10 years and travelled places including Asia whilst teaching English abroad and online! Goals!!

If you fancy going to Chiang Mai where she is currently or just Thailand in general, she has some top tips on where to travel! If you want to continue your career whilst travelling, she has some great advice for that too! I feel like there is a perception to give up working whilst travelling, I don’t believe in that and she makes that perception disappear!

Instagram - Theblondtravels

10 - World Meet Chloe

I am on the same wavelength as Chloe, we are both recent graduates with a passion to travel the road! I am very envious of Chloe as she is about to do an interrailing experience! This is something I would love to do and I can’t wait to catch up on her travels!

Chloe has Life Chats on  her blog which is something that I admire, opening yourself up in a diary is brave let alone on a blog. My last post was a life update and I found it extremely difficult and it wasn’t even 50% of what I could write. So i find it so admirable that Chloe opens up as well as giving out some advice on travel.

Twitter - WorldMeetChloe

11 - Lydia’s Lifestyle

As well as her tweets being so relatable and funny, she has a lot of content to offer including lifestyle posts! I love how her personality (even though we haven’t met) comes through in her tweets, which is hard to do in so many characters!

She has posts on Paris but also posts on winter essentials and cozy playlists! So if you want some essential life posts she is a great blogger to connect with! As a graduate, i wish i read her post on how to de-stress budgets - especially with travels!

Twitter - LydiasLifestyle

12 - Wander ‘N’

The reason why I love Alex, the person behind Wander ‘N’, is because her Twitter is filled with amazing photos. To me anyone with lots of images on Twitter is so engaging! I love creative individuals and being inspired by them!

Just like her Twitter, her blog is filled with images which stands out from bloggers! If you are looking to travel across the U.S and Canada, this is the blog for you! A great niche for a lot of travellers going to the U.S!

Blog - Wander 'N'
Twitter - WanderN


I really hope you all liked this different kind of post! I really believe in empowering others to be the best they can be. I know it sounds cheesy but that's who I am as a person. Unfortunately, I have had to learn a few lessons, and recently I lost my direction and decided to not let it affect me as a person with friendships and relationships. If you have 5 minutes and thinking about booking a trip, read my recent post on Tips on Your First Solo Trip to get you motivated!

So, as I get back into blogging I really wanted to encourage everyone and introduce them to other like-minded individuals! Happy Sunday and have a fab week!

Mol xo


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  1. I love this post Molly, thank you so much for including me!
    There are so many great travel bloggers here!! xx


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