Wednesday, 25 July 2018

LIFE UPDATE: Blogging, Uni and Happiness

I’m back.

So I took an unplanned month off of blogging, due to many reasons. I loved it because I had to prioritize on my new job and moving houses. But somehow, every time I saw Blondie Wanderlust, I felt sad. Because it is a part of me that I missed, and I wasn’t looking after myself either.

So I knew that it was time to grow some lady balls, get a content and social media plan and get back into working with amazing travellers and get myself back. This post is a bit different.

There will be no planning for keywords, SEO or what content is going to get the most views. To be honest views was never important to me, but a massive part of blogging is SEO and keywords. That is because I like to work with other companies and I love digital marketing.

Forgetting all that, this post is purely a catch up. I’m not expecting many people to read this, but if you do, thank you so much. This is me getting back into writing, being brutally honest and starting afresh!

1 - University

I have finished University… so weird to keep saying. It has been at least 2 months since I finished my coursework and dissertation. I still had to wait for results for my dissertation so I had something to look forward to.

I got my results...little story before. I thought I was going to get a 2:2 (between 50-60%) which I would have been super happy with! I was not the best at academic writing but I didn’t care I was just happy I pushed through and completed uni! There were so many times I nearly dropped out. Waiting for the 12pm results on the 6th of July was like watching paint dry. But….. I got a ……..2:1!!!! All I saw was Second Class (Upper Division) and after some googling I was in tears. I ended up getting 64% on my dissertation!

After calling my parents and hearing them scream it felt like an end of an era I am super proud of myself that I have done it. It feels like yesterday in 2013 when I was looking at open days, thinking I have AGES until my dissertation. Now it is all over, what an emotional rollercoaster. All of those red bulls and late night study sessions with my bestie paid off. I told my best mate and it was nice to hear he was proud of me. Because so many times I would say “its fine cause i don’t care if i get 40% at least I will pass, I won’t get a 2:1”. He always said and was only one who kept saying “No you are getting a 2:1” so thank to all those Studland House sessions! Feels so good and can’t wait to see where my degree and next chapter takes me!

2 - New Job

This is my 6th week in my new job, it has gone quick! I am an Activity Leader for Kings Education, originally I was so wary about how good I would be. I have never worked in a school and is something completely different to what I have done before.

I bloody love it! Screw the grammar and informal words, I am surprised how much I eased into it and love it! Being able to make a difference to those who have travelled to improve their English. Everyone is super friendly, the job is rewarding and get to spend my days out and about in Bournemouth! (Awkward T-Shirt tan lines)

I have been working since I was 15, I can’t stop because I love working and this job really has been made for me. I needed excitement and change and this is it. It is only a summer job (so currently in recruitment process for other jobs) but it has been a good chance to work with a new company. I haven’t had the best moments in Bournemouth, and I am not going to lie things have been difficult lately where I question if I was ever really happy. But I know it is rubbish and this job really has given me the chance to fall in love with Bournemouth and myself again! How cheesy will this post get!

3 -Moving House

This was stressful, I’m not going to lie. I moved houses because it is cheaper and well actually it was the only reason! Two nights in a row, the exact nights before I moved I got locked out of my room. I had my keys (they are electronic) and the batteries failed. So I couldn’t get back into my room and had to have my door kicked in (didn’t work). The day I moved luckily they said I had all the time in the world to pack and got told I wouldn’t be charged for any damage or mess I didn’t have time to clean up!

Anyway I have moved, live with two colleagues and one of their friends. A lot of old workmates live near us too, so it is sooo nice to be around familiar and friendly people!

4 - Post Uni

OMG I have the ultimate post uni plan ever!!!! Absolutely not!! Do I worry or care…. No? Because I have learned not to focus too much on one option or to judge myself on what the perfect plan is!

Of course, I would love to have a full-time job post uni! I really want to go into Digital Marketing or the tourism industry! This is the field I am passionate about and want a career in, in the future. I fell into digital marketing, and passion powerfully came into my life. It is exactly where I should be. However, I am not naive. Sometimes graduates don’t get jobs straight away. Hence why plan number 2 involves travel. A holiday will be booked to Barcelona, Rome and Paris where I will hand out CV’s for possible jobs. Then working in retail or hospitality for 7 months and then travelling to Australia, Thailand and Bali is my goal. (I recently won a trip there!). If all that fails, then I am finding the first job in Spain or Italy

5 - Future in Blogging

So far, this past month has been the weirdest time during my blogging journey. Even during dissertation, I had the time to blog, it was a chance to escape dissertation work and I love blogging anyway. I decided to take a few weeks off dissertation because my job is 6 days a week and it would be very difficult to keep up the work.

Due to new jobs, moving houses and a few bumps along the way I finally feel ready to get back into blogging. I have made such a great network of travel gals and built up such a passion for it this year! This is the busiest I have been and now getting back into blogging, so hopefully once I get my groove back things will be back to normal!


As I sit here watching Love Island, drinking Red Bull, I feel so much better getting my thoughts out onto my blog. I felt so lost without it and every time I saw “Blondie Wanderlust” it felt like a sad stranger. I’m getting it back people! It feels so good not to think about SEO, keywords, or what old post to put in this blog. Just stripped back emotions, well needed time to myself.

I am coming up with so much more content, have travel plans and have a clearer vision of my future post-uni.  It has been one of the most emotional months, sad times and good times but getting myself back into blogging is the most positive. Hope someone stayed to read till the end, comment below or find me on social media if you did! Can’t wait to get back into daily reading of different blogs and finding myself within Blondie Wanderlust.

Thanks for reading and I am happy to be back!

Mol xo



  1. Welcome back! Congrats on your degree too amazing!

  2. Congrats on graduating! Major milestone and a wonderful achievement :)

  3. Woohoo - great news on the 2.1!!
    Hope you're settling into the house well xx


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