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University Guide: The Top Do's and Dont's

University is one of the most amazing experiences anyone can have, think about it, it is a chapter of 3-4 years of your life, maybe more. It’s a little bubble of friends, studying and more that is emotional when you leave - take it from me!

A different post, it isn’t travel related, but it is something I am nostalgic about and want other students to make the most out of! I have finished university and want to pass on my wisdom ...the little that I have!

Yes, it is towards the end of the academic year but so many students that are starting university this year I know are already thinking about starting! This was me 4 years ago --- goodness time goes fast. So if you are a soon to be fresher, had a bad year and want to start afresh or just need some advice keep on reading!  

1 - Immerse Yourself

DO Embrace It:  First up on my university guide is to completely embrace as much as you can! Especially if this is your first time away from home or don’t consider yourself as confident. By experiencing new things like societies, people and activities you can meet so many new people and create new memories.

DON’T Be Scared: I know that this is easier said than done, I was that shy girl at university who other than being with my flatmates or course mates, I wouldn’t leave my room. I was too shy and nervous around people. I can’t regret it because it is my journey and my life may not be this great now. However, now I am more confident, I get involved in so much and you meet lots of people and your self-confidence improves so much!

2 - Have Fun

DO Go Out and Have Fun: Okay, let’s not joke about… students go out. Whether it is going to pubs or clubs, a social life is a vital part of university life. You don’t have to go to clubs, it can be socials at someone’s house or doing activities. A social life will be something that will reflect your uni experience so make the most of it.

DON’T Burn the Candle: It wouldn’t be a university guide without some advice, as much as going out and having fun is a blast… don’t let it allow you to neglect anything else. It may lead to lack of presence at uni and getting unwell…, nagging over haha!

3 - Keep Learning

DO Study: Obviously, the primary reason to go to university is to study. There is a perception that the first year is the easiest and it gets harder...yes it is true. However, you don’t pass by just getting by.. You learn more about what you want to do the more you attend.

DON’T Pressure Yourself: There has been recent news articles that students mostly feel anxious or stressed due to the fear of failing and working too hard. So please do not pressure yourself to study every minute of the day and worrying that you aren’t the best. Learning how to adapt to study the university way is a long process, I am still learning today … and I have left!

4 - Dealing with Money

DO Budget: As to quote Abba “Money, Money, Money…. Must be funny”. The fear of student finance debt should not worry you. I had a fear that I would see -40,000 in my account… but it won’t. The likelihood of paying it back is slim and if you do, only a small percentage per month you pay back. During uni, you learn to budget as you go. If you want a job, there are plenty of part-time ones!

DON’T Act Like a Millionaire: With the exception of the first student loan drop (when most students go crazy) don’t act like a millionaire. Because you suddenly realise that you have rent, food, phone bills and printing to pay for. Just remember there are advisors and other students around to help you find the best place to find on a budget. This wouldn’t be a university guide with the mention of money!

5 - Family

DO Keep in Contact: I don’t mean to reassure you family but to catch up on your new chapter! They may worry, but they will want you to have the time of your life! My dad was happy to leave me at uni because he wants me to have fun, my mother on the other hand finds it harder to leave me … even after four years and living abroad! Plus, you will love to keep in contact in case you need home cooked meals or washing done (lol… it happens!)

DON’T Feel Bad If You Feel Homesick: Surprisingly, I was not homesick, in Bournemouth of in Spain. I did miss my family but I wasn’t homesick. There is a stigma that those that are shy are more prone to being homesick but it isn’t the case. Students shouldn’t worry, especially freshers if they are homesick. It is a new experience, change of environment. Speak to your flatmates, friends or welfare part of uni… they can reassure you it is normal to feel this way!

6 - Channel Your Inner Ramsey

DO Learn to Cook: A MASSIVE part of this university guide, has to involve food. I wasn’t a foodie until I came to university. I have had the pot noodles, pasta out of a saucepan and a weekly kebab! Times where you need some nutrition there are plenty of student cook books to get you going! Top tip: if you ever travel a long way, maybe via plane… maybe buy a ready meal that day (because I didn’t and I gave myself food poisoning)

DON’T Set off Fire Alarm: Fun fact: well not fun if a fire actually occurs. Most fire alarms are set off by people forgetting they are boiling food and burning toast. So be aware of what you are cooking and try not to smoke the kitchen!

7 - Self-Care

DO Look After Yourself: It may sound stupid, but it is easy to sometimes lose track of yourself. As much as I love and promote wellness, fitness etc.. I lose track of everything. During my dissertation period, despite food poisoning, being on crutches and a kidney infection I forgot to look after myself. I had 10 minutes to cook and drank red bull every other day. You forget to sleep and it isn’t good.

DON’T Neglect Yourself: Like I mentioned before, if you neglect yourself with one thing, it will have a domino effect on everything else. So make sure to look after yourself. Whether it is taking 5 minutes to walk, watch a film or do some exercise. What a reflective university guide this is becoming!

8 - Friendships

DO Make Friends: This sounds like when you first go to secondary school for the first time, but it is true, the friends you meet can carry you through and will be friends for like. My university friends have turned into travel friends and friends for life. Don’t stop doing this after first year, because I have met most of my best friends in fourth year!

DON’T Conform: As much as sticking up for people and being safe with people you know if good, if you are shy and not sure if your friendships are causing you happiness don’t be scared to find new people. I was at a point in my life, where I was in a dark place, my friendships were toxic and no one wanted to talk to me and it sucked. I had no self-esteem because I was too shy to meet people in case they wanted to abandon me and I was close to dropping out. But I decided I wasn’t going to conform to being trapped into being in a friendship and not meeting new people. I went to Spain and when I came back put myself out there and found people that made my life whole again, it is never too late to meet new people! I could write a whole post on friendships (if this is something you need advice on, let me know if you want a post or message me).

9 - Be Inquisitive

DO Ask Questions: Whether you are unsure in your accommodation, course or are curious about stuff in uni, don’t be afraid to ask. There are numerous people including Student Union, your lecturers and maybe a Res Life Programme (like at Bournemouth). Who will be able to guide you to the right place. This could open up more opportunities for you!

DON’T Silence Yourself: I was shy and never put my hand up in class or asked about different societies. That stopped when I was determined to find a placement and change my life around after a rather cr***y year. I kept applying, applying and applying for placements. Despite the declined emails, I kept on going and refused to give up and it worked!

10 - Enjoy



Didn’t think a whole paragraph would be appropriate (it would but would take a long time to explain) but it is easily summed up in 3 words! In the highs and lows, towards the end you will look back and remember the time during your open days of your hopes and dreams (didn’t realise how cheesy that sounds).

But it is true, looking back, even though I had ups and downs, I feel so good of how much I have changed and got through it and learned so many new skills and made memories.

Hope you enjoyed my university guide a slightly different post, if you are a regular reader thanks for reading! If you are new, hello! Make sure to check out my recent post to learn more about my blog!

Have a good week everyone xo


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