Wednesday, 6 June 2018

June Travel Blogging Goals

What a few months it has been….

I don’t think I prepared myself for how mentally and physically draining the end of a dissertation would feel like. My sleeping pattern is slowly getting back to normal, learning how to cook again and slowly but surely getting my blogging game back again!

So I have finished university, about to start my summer job and finally had the chance to make blogging a priority. I have had to take a backseat due to dissertation, food poisoning, being on crutches, assignments, oh and a kidney infection but I’m back on form.

Decided to write my June goals down, make a blog post because I feel like if you write something down and you can see it everyday you are more likely to stick to them! So any fellow bloggers want to take a read and offer any advice I would love it!

May Highlights

I must say for May I was SUPER happy with how blogging went, I took around 3 weeks off to finish my dissertation but made sure to schedule in my social media etc.. The best thing was I got my best engagement yet, had a record breaking page views on one day and engagement improved.

It isn’t all about how many views either, I joined two community groups. One on Twitter and one for Instagram. I have been so lucky with both because all the girls are so lovely and we actually engage and encourage each other and our blogs.

I also made a list of posts to put out for the following weeks, I feel super confident in them and know exactly what I want to write!

Life Update

I have learned so much in the past month, only recently I have really wanted to invest more into blogging. Not even to get followers, to get to a certain career point (would be nice) but just because I absolutely love it.

Everyday I write down my goals and it looked like this:

Dissertation Work
Assignment work x3
Cook Dinner and Lunch
More Dissertation Work

This is only a few of the things I had to do, if i don’t do one of these things I can’t relax or sleep. I put way too much pressure on myself to be the best version of myself. So for a few weeks I stopped everything apart from uni work, it was easily the best thing I did for myself. I started to enjoy life again and see the chance to focus on the blog. I soon realised that if you don’t look after yourself, then you won’t be able to focus on what you need to do. All i need to do now still is get my sleeping pattern back!

I also start a new job on Monday as an Activities Leader for a summer school, I can’t wait for this. I will be active and engaged all day and all week helping international students and meeting new people. So a sleeping pattern will be reformed!

June Goals

2 Posts a Week: I have done this previously in May, so this goal isn’t so far fetched. This week I have been very active with my scheduling.

Get 1600 Instagram Followers: As much as I said followers are not important to me, I do want to work in Marketing especially within Travel company. I find that by having an engaged community on Instagram this will help me to find like-minded people and be inspired. Around 100 to go!

4000 Monthly Views Pinterest: Like before numbers aren’t important to me, but they are if I want to get a career in the future. I want to show my social media capabilities. Also Pinterest is my go to for the ultimate inspo!

1800 Twitter Followers: Twitter has been one of my favourite social media networks to use and to communicate with so many influencers and fellow travel addicts. I am only 48 followers away so it seems reachable!

Monthly Visitors 1500: This may seem hard for me to get, I will admit as I am only proper going for it with my blog and it is the 5th of June that I am writing this… plus I wake up at 12pm so not early enough to start working. I have got 1,200 in May and I think maybe if I work my a** off in June I can see the difference in July.

Find a Collaboration: I am booking my solo trip around Europe soon, to Paris, Rome and Barcelona. I am not normally shy, I am confident socially but when it comes to work I always think I can do better which is stopping me from contacting people. Ideally I would love to work with other people when I visit these cities!

Book Travels: This is going to happen, Paris will be booked by the end of June! I have already made a payment plan, I have previously said how organised I am haha! It will be my first time on the Eurostar AND in Paris! So any advice on places to stay, eat, go etc… let me know!

Like that cheesy and original saying, to talk the talk you have to walk the walk. I have made a lot of promises or goals for June and I am determined to meet these goals or at least be on a good path. I am struggling to sleep and wake up and be motivated, so I am currently eating a whole tin of beans to wake myself up… the things i do...

If you haven't caught up on my recent post check it out right here - 10 Reasons to Visit Bournemouth.

I hope you all have a good week, I am so excited for this next chapter of my life and share my journey, personal and travel along with you all!

Mol xo


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