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How to Spend 48 Hours in Cardiff

Crossing that bridge into Wales, has to be my favourite because I know I am on my way to Cardiff.

My sister lives in Cardiff and my parents were going to visit her for the weekend, I said I wasn’t going to go due to all the work. However, I decided to be sneaky and surprise my mum because she misses me alot when I am at uni!

I have always loved Cardiff but never been old enough to appreciate it, now it is on my Top 3 places on where I want to live! So here is what I got up to and what you can do if you have 48 hours in this beautiful city!

Yes I did see sheep (if you know, you know haha)

1 Visit Gin and Juice

So this is actually a funny story, as I arrived early in the afternoon after a 7 hour coach journey, I asked my sister on cafe’s to do my dissertation whilst she finishes work. So she recommended Baker Cafe, I google mapped it and walked my over to the city centre.

So i thought i found it because there was a walkway in-between the same building … so i thought and the decor was what i googled too. So went in to the cafe and it was the most insta-worthy cafe I have ever been in. Velvet chairs, dark lit with LOTS of pictures, even the menu was different. I noticed that they sold a lot of gin: 1. It was way too early and 2. I had a dissertation to write. So I settled for a tea alongside a jam bagel. Both were beaut. Sat in the snug section (forgotten the name but it looked snug) on a velvet chair and wrote for two hours. The music was so cool, like jazzy covers of popular music, the people were amazing and summed up Cardiff for me.

My sister called to say she couldn't find me, I stood up looked to the right to the other building that was separate by a walkaway and saw her… can’t miss her she has blue and green hair haha! Turns out I was in Gin and Juice, the company also owns Baker Cafe and both look and are decorated exactly the same! Either way I didn’t complain, its a beaut cafe and my sister always recommends us places to go! This is one of the places to visit!

2. Backstreet Food Festivals

My sister has a wacky sense of style, I mean that in a good way, she knows that too! She has crazy hair, unique clothes that she always suits and knows the weird and wonderful places to visit Cardiff!

She mentioned visiting this small food festival that was just around the corner, I was up for it, I just followed her as we walked around Cardiff. First thing I saw was just, it can only be described as an explosion of colour. Beach vibes in a residential area of Cardiff, it was great! There were trucks selling mexican food, churros, indian food and beer taps it was everything and more.

There are colourful and sparkly bunting, colourful umbrellas and music surrounding you. There is also covered seating in case it rains. My sister bought a cinnamon roll and for someone who hates cinnamon, it was amazing. Now you don’t get this sort of stuff in Bournemouth, not unless it is really advertised. Everytime I visit Cardiff there is always something like this going on so do your research.

This particular event is called Street Food Circus, check them out to see where they are next”

3 - Walk up a Mountain

I know it’s amazing...Molly walked up a mountain! For some reason my parents find it hilarious that I do outdoor exercise…. I don’t know why because my whole childhood was spent outdoors! Just because I like clothes, Sephora and going out for drinks does not mean that I can’t do outdoor stuff… i actually love it! Yes I admit i did not wear appropriate clothing, but a girl can only fit so much into hand-luggage.

So my sister took us to Garth Hill, Cardiff may be a city but 20 minutes drive to the outskirts (i’m guessing - i am rubbish at Geography) you can find the most amazing scenery.

The views were incredible and it was a workout so say the least! I am such a Instagram stereotype because I was determined to get a picture at the top! Took some core strength but I see it as an achievement!

Warning: you may bump into sheep and cows. I can’t deal with both, I’m scared of them but they were fine. Fun face I learned (yes I am ashamed of myself) .. my dad told me that sheep and lambs are the same animal… yes I didn’t know it…. Definitely a top tip when you visit Cardiff.

4 - Shopping

Cardiff is easily my most favourite place to shop, I come from Cornwall where the nearest shopping mall isnt even in Cornwall… it is in Devon. Bournemouth is nice for shops but so many are closing down now.

Cardiff is a shopping lovers heaven, one massive Primark and all the other main high street shops you can think of. There are also tons of really cute boutiques that my sister shops in, don’t know what they are called but she knows how to pick them.

The city centre is such a beautiful area too, so take a wander and embrace the Welsh Capital!

5 - Local Pub

After our mountain hike (god it sounds like i’m saying we climbed Everest...haha), my sister took us to this village pub called The Kings Arms (i think). They happened to have a Beer and Cider Festival on, even without that it was amazing to get out of the city.

We live in a tiny village in Cornwall that only has two pubs, so we have grown up with going down there and sitting in the beer garden. This pub was so cute, had amazing food and a lush atmosphere.

The best part of it was this guy singing, yes the music was too loud, but we were the only people there dancing and singing as loud as we could to our family favourite songs .. they were probably thinking “who are those English idiots” ahha! Either way, I do suggest getting out of the city and going to a countryside pub, such a nice little escape.

6 - Dinner at Wahaca

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O DIOS MIO, aka oh my god. I think I have said it enough times that I love Spanish and any Latin food every since I moved to Spain. Somy sister introduced us to Wahaca, I’ve been to my fair share of Mexican restaurants and eaten way too many tacos to know whats up.

The decor already had me fallen in love, its so colourful and they had swinging chairs which I couldn’t experience because I was ill from sunstroke… bloody sun!

The food…. Argh the foooood! (Molly calm down) we had this option where you share a bunch of food for two people. So we got two of them and a few other plates. It was like a tapas of Mexican food. The chicken and guacamole quesadillas are a favourite of mine. There was so much I can’t even remember, except this weird tortilla pancake with feta, some brown and green beans and got knows what else but it was amazing.
Finally...the churros. Churros in England never live up to the standards of Spain, but these ones… they top everything because they offer… are you ready?.... SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE. I ate the rest of that sauce when the Churros were gone, holy moly just go to Wahaca for the Churros!


Hope you all enjoyed this post about where to visit in Cardiff, it was a last minute post as I am finishing the little details of my dissertation! If anyone wants to hire me as a social media assistant I would be more than happy (it’s worth a try!).


But back onto blogging after a month off, as I am spending the summer in Bournemouth a lot of my content is Bournemouth related.

BUT… I have decided where I am going in September…. 5 days in each city at Paris, Rome and Barcelona and I can’t wait! So any businesses that want to collaborate then, give me an email or message me via social media!

Hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday/weekend!

Mol x



  1. I've been all over Wales but never to Cardiff so thank you for sharing some inspiration of where to visit when I do decide to go! Looks like you had a great time!
    Your September trip looks great as well!! Definitely something to look forward to!

  2. I would love to go to Cardiff, I've never been but from your lovely pictures and description it seems like a really vibrant city! Also has my two favourite things; gin & food! Great pictures and really great post, I'll definitely be keeping it saved for if I ever head there!


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