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Balancing Study, Work and Travel

Study full time, work on the side and want to travel? I feel ya, i get ya and my goodness does it make me tired! I study full time, have 2 part time jobs, have this blog and (i am tired even writing that). If you have the travel bug and find yourself scrolling down Instagram when you should be doing assignments, read below for some advice on how to balance your crazy life!

I feel that, for me especially, i grew up thinking you went to school, college, uni, you get a job and then you die… with a holiday once every year. Which i didn’t mind at all, until i came back from placement to uni and decided that it was not the way at all.

Of course I want a job, but I don’t want to be trapped with the 9-5 in a job that I am miserable in. Ideally, I would love a job i really like and travel, whether it is weekend trips or 2 week holidays.

You feeling my vibe? Well just keep reading!


Sometimes you don’t have to go abroad just to experience new places, and as much as i really would prefer to go to a different country i can’t help but admit England it pretty bloody amazing!

As well as it being cheaper (a plus for students), grab a few of your mates and have a weekend break to celebrate exams or just to get away from it all! If you are a city person, why not take a break to Cornwall? I would suggest Newquay as it’s a great place to chill but it also has great nightlife! If you are a country person, why not try one of the bigger cities especially London!

It is amazing what a couple of days away can do for you! Tomorrow I am off to Loughborough as I have been recognised nationally for being a Resident Assistant! A good few days away is needed!

Budget Travel and Save

Saving is HARD, I’m not going to lie I have been working extra hours as in September I am going to Albufeira in September!

If you don’t have a part time job, maybe grab one, there are plenty of zero hour contracts there for students. Of course go out and have fun, but maybe the daily Starbucks (or any other coffee brand) can take a backseat and save that £4 a day!

Also, definitely consider staying in a hostel, save some money and meet new people in the process.

Make a Storyboard and Organize

So doing a dissertation, 3 assignments and my job takes up ALL of my day, thats without cooking meals, seeing friends and attempting to make it to the gym! So I need some distraction in my life.

For me, I love to organize and research, I know it may sound pathetic to some people but it gets me inspired for when I go to different places.

Whether it is making a storyboard, making a to-do list or making your Instagram looking nice and pretty, take 10 minutes out of your day to inspire yourself whilst you work hard at uni!


As much as travelling or procrastinating takes away the stress of doing any sort of work at all, uni is bloody important and it has to come first!

Just think of it as the holiday or travelling being the finish line and you getting one step closer to that goal! Again as well as having a balance, some things should be taken into consideration even more.

So I was lucky enough to take two holidays at the start of this year, and now i am really cracking on with work because graduating is my number one priority. But just picture yourself on the holiday and that should get you through the day!

Study or Work Abroad

Probably one of the best things out of this list is to do a semester studying abroad, or doing a placement year abroad. Then you don’t have to worry about balance because you are in a new country whilst you study or work!

You can go to so many places including Europe all the way to Thailand, from there you can do so much travelling. Like myself plenty of students in Europe went to other countries including Germany and Italy for weekend trips… ahh i miss those days!

In terms of funding, it couldn’t be more easier. For those staying in Europe (hope brexit doesn’t affect this), you can have the Erasmus Fund. I cannot tell you how much this helped me out during my year abroad, as well we being able to have the student finance.

For those going abroad outside of Europe there is the Global Horizons, either way it is a great chance to see the world and study/work at the same time.

Uni Holidays

Definitely make the use of the uni holidays that we have, unless you got so much work on…. Like myself. During the winter holidays most uni’s have a ski society and will do skiing trips, I’m not a snow person but from what i have heard it’s sick!

Even if it is for a few days, it is always nice to have a break! I recommend you check out It is a company that lets you decide how many days to go away, the type of holiday and they choose the destination for you.

For flights and accommodation starting from £90 for 3 nights, it is a bargain!


Bit of a short and sweet post but not going to lie i have a dissertation to write, 2 assignments and a pretty sad week to be honest.

But like I always do gotta get up, cheer myself up and continue working and writing!

Hope these tips helped for fellow students with the travel bug!

Dreaming of Albufeira in September! Need a good beach holiday!

Mol xo


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