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20 Trips You Have To Take In Your Twenties

I am 22, about to graduate and it scares the cr*p out of me, I’m not going to lie to you it scares me so much. Just feel like life has passed me by, yes I am only 22, but I always feel like I have missed out on a lot of stuff that others have done.

So if you think the same as me, stop whining (I know it is hard) and start planning some trips. Travelling in your twenties is amazing, you can go by yourself, with friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and see the world and make memories. Yes, budget maybe tight especially if you are a student (I understand you), but sometimes you have to take the leap because you can’t make these memories up!

So make a checklist and add these items on there and slowly start ticking them off, that is currently what I am doing!

1 - Visit Australia

I feel like Australia has to be on everyone’s list, whether it is taking a gap year travelling or treating yourself to a 2 week holiday. Do I have to list the reasons? If i do then Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Brisbane, Whitsunday Islands….

What else do we need! Oh wait, money … i may leave this one till i am earning a good wage! I was lucky enough to win a trip to Sydney so I just need to earn and pay for tickets and I am gone! Australia has that mixture of nature and city, so pretty much everyone has a reason to visit as there will be something for everyone.

Also a lot of people I know around my age has gone to Australia, it is a backpackers and millennials paradise!

2 - Backpack around Europe
Most of the backpackers and travellers I met that travel around Europe are either Australian or American. I think us going to Australia (other side of the world for a long time) is going to Europe for them, but when I met up with them in Barcelona and Rome it was actually nice to travel around cities close to home.

There are SO many cool places to visit and it is easy to do so with the Interrail card! Switzerland, France, Belgium, Amsterdam and Italy to name a few all are connected and so close together. So you could probably spend the same money going to lots of different places rather than just one. Also every European country is different, so there is a lot to see!

3 - Go to a Festival Abroad
I have nothing against festivals in England, but being stuck in a tent, in the cold and rain is not something i want to do all the time. With the recent overload of pictures of everyone at Coachella, its making me jealous.

There is something about being with your mates, drink in hand, in the sun listening to live music, right? There is Tommorowland, Benicassim, Sziget Festival to name a few! A holiday and festival in one!

4 - Visit Bali

Do I have to even explain myself with this one? I mean I probably don’t but I will. The fascination of Thailand has got all my friends saying to go to Bali instead because Thailand isn’t as cultural due to the amount of visitors.

The rice fields, meditation retreats and vibrant nightlife, I really want to hop on a plane. There are so many islands to see to, your Instagram Feed is gonna go off -- warn your friends! Apparently it is VERY cheap too… good enough for me! Either way it’s paradise!

5 - Snorkel with Wildlife
If it is just a dip in the sea, take the time to snorkel, especially if there are tons of fish about. Okay, I used to do it as a child but come one, live a little, be adventurous or unless you just want to have that James Bond Girl moment… get in the ocean and explore!

Again makes for a great Insta photo!

6 - Party in the USA
Had to play on the Miley Cyrus song, just so I am not promoting getting drunk in the USA (although a tipple won’t hurt haha). At some point everyone has to go to America, there are so many states to visit. Whether you are visiting New York - the city that never sleeps or the charming city of San Francisco - lets go!

For me the colourful buildings of San Francisco and California does it for me!

7 - Have a Staycation
Travelling doesn’t just mean going international, I can’t say anything the last places I went was Spain and Amsterdam … back to it, there are plenty of places in your home country to go. So in the UK, there is Cornwall, Bournemouth, Manchester, Scotland soo many places!

Especially good if you are on a budget and don’t want to travel too far!

8 - Find your Adrenaline
I am NOT an adrenaline junkie at all, but I will jump out of my comfort zone! For me going on a moped for the first time scared me so much, even karaoke … yes karaoke scared me … basically me holding onto a railing for dear life looking at the floor.

Bungee jumping, mountain biking or paragliding just do it, when are you going to ever do it again?

9 - Experience Oktoberfest
So this is one cultural event that I NEED to go to, I don’t like beer but dressing up, with my friends and experiencing different cultures is FUN! From videos I have seen, its something that seems absolutely wild and completely different to anything that i have seen in my life!

Let’s get to Germany, dress up and trying a bit of beer …

10 - La Tomatina
Is there anything more fun than one MASSIVE food fight?? No more parents or anyone telling you off for throwing food around, there is pretty much unlimited amount of tomatoes waiting to be thrown!

A very strange tradition, but Spain is very unique and sometimes you just have to go for it! While you are there grab some cava and tapas!

11 - Do Something Good
For a while I have wanted to volunteer abroad, for me it was conservation in Costa Rica looking after turtles. I can’t help it they are cute! There are so many opportunities to travel and volunteer.

It can be building schools in Thailand to teaching English! Plus you are doing something good for the community and we always need nice people in the world!

12 - Slumming it in a Hostel
I am completely joking when I say slumming it, but that was the stereotype that I was accustomed to before I even stayed in one. I was very surprised to how good hostels are, obviously I research where to go.

The community feel you get with people means friends for life.

13 - Go on a Group Holiday
I feel like a gals and lads holiday is what every person should have, whether it is a crazy 18-30 holiday or just a chilled one by the pool!

It is the time to make memories and spend some time with your friends without a care in the world!

14 - Take a Road Trip
This may be a bit difficult seeing as i can’t drive, unless I find a boyfriend who can drive or any of my friends can drive haha!

It if the freedom of going wherever, not having a plan, having a plan, do whatever the hell you want! Plus again more cool Instagram pictures with ya mates!

15 - Island Hop around Croatia
The beautiful country that is Croatia, where all the festivals are and all the beautiful beaches and island! I see everyone doing yacht week and the pictures look absolutely amazing so I really want to go!

Who else fancy going?

16 - Iceland
For me there are two reasons why I want to visit Iceland: the blue lagoon and the black sandy beaches! The iconic blue lagoon is the ultimate place to go in Iceland, mud masks surrounded by outdoor thermal baths!

The black sandy beaches is a bit of me, my favourite colour is black so this beach was made for me --- even though its natural! I am not good in the cold but I would risk is for Iceland!

17 - Roam around Paris
Paris is not just for lovers, because I am single, I want to go and I will not be put off by the stereotype! There are so many places to see including the obvious Eiffel Tower and Versailles.

Also I really just want to have a croissant and macaroon. Despite it being one of the cliché places to go to, i feel  like you do have to go to it just to say that you have gone there! Don’t forget to check our my recent post on best places to visit!

18 - Japan
One that I didn’t think I would put on because I am a home bird, but I am feeling a bit more adventurous. Of course there is Tokyo, the vibe of the city is what gets me.

Of course there is the recent blogger/millennial trend where you have to get a picture of the cherry blossom tree, so the mixture of nature and city is what makes it beaut.

19 - Oh, we’re going to Ibiza
Oh.. back to the Island! I could not resist! Ibiza, Ibiza, Ibiza, I swear EVERYONE goes to Ibiza and I can see why it looks bloody insane!

Constant partying but also a really a really chilled atmosphere at the same time! Just go, i'm pretty sure it’s for anyone who wants to go!

20 - Poland
Again with Poland, not one that I would put on my list before but I have never wanted to travel before. I know 2 words in Polish: hello and cheers (I obviously wasn’t going to spell it in Polish because I have no clue) but those two words will be fine for me!

I really want to go to Krakow and Warsaw, there is so much history and culture it is completely different to places I have been!

So what do you think of my list? Do you agree, or what else do you think should be on the list? Don’t forget if you want to connect with me you can find me at:

Instagram: mollywooders
Twitter: Molly_Wooders
Facebook: The Blondie Wanderlust
Pinterest: The Blondie Wanderlust

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far! I’m currently stressing over dissertation but it is fine because I'm off to Portugal in September!

Mol x


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