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10 Reasons to Visit Bournemouth

Welcome to Bournemouth!

I have been living in Bournemouth on and off for around 4 years now for university, but, I spent most of my childhood on it’s beaches. It is one of the prettiest places I have been to in England.

I must say, I haven’t made the most out of my time in Bournemouth due to my hectic studies, but I am spending the WHOLE of summer here and I can’t wait to chill on the beach.

Located right in the middle of the South Coast and easy access to and from London, this is such an amazing city to come to for a day trip or a holiday. So if you are planning a family holiday, group trip or just a day out with your other half, see the reasons below for why to choose Bournemouth!

1 - Visit The Beach

EXCITING NEWS, I repeat…..EXCITING NEWS. Bournemouth Beach has been named the BEST beach in the UK and the 5th best in Europe! Fighting competition like Brighton and Cornwall, Bournemouth fought for the win!

Bournemouth has 96 miles of coastline…. Yes 96 miles… so there is plenty of places to set up a barbecue or volleyball match. From Southbourne to Sandbanks get out of the house and onto the sand.

Whilst beaches away from the centre may have less facilities, it may not be as busy, so those that want some peace and quiet… go further out. But if you are like me (lazy) or just prefer to be near facilities there are so many restaurants, public toilets and transport links to the beach! When the sun’s out you can see why Bournemouth is so highly recommended!

If you want more information on Bournemouth Town itself, make sure you check out the official tourist board.

2 - Something for Everyone

For some reason, when I say I live in Bournemouth, people think it’s a town where only the older generation live (trying not to say it in a way that offends people). It could not be further from the truth.

There is a mixture of generations, cultures and nations, the people are friendly and has a great sense of community (why am I so cheesy??). The best thing is there is something for everyone. For students and those that want to party, there is a great selection of nightlife and for family there are arcades, bowling and family friendly activities. If you are planning a family holiday, girls/lads trip or a romantic weekend away, Bournemouth is good for all. I have seen so many stag and hen weekends here recently too!

3 - Food

A post shared by 7Bone Burger Co. (@7boneburgerco) on

I am one massive foodie if people have not noticed before and Bournemouth has a great selection of food outlets. From Nandos to Seafood restaurants you are not stuck for choice.

I must mention one special place…. Everyone may I introduce you to….. 7Bone. My friend John introduced me to 7Bone over 3 years ago and I fell in love instantly. I know this sounds ultra cringy but it is sooooo good! American style diner, served in baskets and with a fast paced environment. The best thing is the menu, the names are just too good.

My regular is a Prince Charles is Overrated, I couldn’t tell you what is in it because I eat it before I get a chance to look at it. I never used to have fillings in my burger, and now I have lettuce, bacon, cheese, extra cheese, salad, mustard and gherkins… this place has changed me. Then on the side I have dirty fries… easily the best part of this meal. I swear since I have been back from Spain, they have increased the portions. Dirty fries are basically cheese, bacon and lettuce but there is something about it that is beaut.

You can’t book, so you have to get there early. They are open 12pm till late, every time I go there is always a queue which shows how good it is. Just trust me and go!

4 - Refurbishment

This isn’t just exciting for new visitors, but for everyone living in Bournemouth, we were treated to a new refurbishment of our cinemas. It may be more exciting to me because I was away from a year and wasn’t expecting it.

We had two cinemas, kind of run down and few films shown and now… AND NOW. There is this beautiful new building, filled with all the updated technology and filled with tons of restaurants. I mean Nandos and Las Iguanas, all amazing chain companies.

It has completely transformed Bournemouth and made it look so modern and new.

I can’t not mention the nightlife, because I am a student. I must say, i am less inclined to go to clubs because I feel so old as a 22 year old compared to 18 year old freshers. So I’m a bar and pub girl now.

In terms of clubs, there are so many to choose from including Cameo, Vinyl, Halo and Lost Gardens. All completely different but offer good value for money. Now onto bars, there are your obvious pubs including Wetherspoons and Walkabout. But, I went to this next bar for my friends birthday and it was so different compared to what I normally do for nights out.

We went to Level8ight, a bar right on the top of the Hilton Hotel. It feels like I am on rooftops in London or Barcelona, it is so elegant and classy it was a nice change to student nights out. Such a beautiful venue and amazing cocktail menu. I felt so classy with my cocktail in my hand, it really makes Bournemouth stand out. The vibes I feel in that bar make you feel like you can take on anything.

I think way too much into this haha! I must suggest having a Daiquiri, so lush!

6 - Activities

As I mentioned previously, there is bowling, cinemas and zip-wires. But there is one thing you MUST do in Bournemouth. That is The MacGuffin Project, basically an Escape Room about a 5 minute walk away from the centre.

In terms of escape rooms, it is proper immersive, everything from start to finish is fit within the theme. The story is about a run down carnival and you must do everything you can do to restore it. There are 4 rooms, 2 of which are the same and you have to race between teams in both rooms.

I have been twice. I am scared of everything so the thought of things jumping out at me scares me, and anything themed scares me! I am not giving anything away but nothing will scare you or anything it is more entertaining! The first time, I didn’t interact much because I am a chicken, plus we didn’t get out in time. The second time, I was determined to make sure to put all my effort in and to leave in time. I took complete control and we got out, I had SO much fun. This is something different to do in Bournemouth and advise you to do it!

7 - Seaside Attractions

Recently, there have been a lot of refurbishments right by Bournemouth Pier. I didn’t actually know what it was for until I rocked up and saw a massive fairground. There is a massive ferris wheel, slide, all the typical fairground attractions.

I decided to ask the ferris wheel controller how long it is here for, because I thought it was only for summer. He replied January 2021, I kept asking because i thought he was joking with me. He repeated it 3 times, it was my new Facebook album name … inside joke.

But it is commissioned for 3 years! So plenty of time to chill and enjoy the fairground rides, the good thing is that it makes the pier look so colourful and bright! Well done council, you made a good choice!

8 - Hotels

So I haven’t stayed in Bournemouth in a hotel, but many people have come to visit me and they have stayed in some beautiful hotels! When you visit Bournemouth you will have a diverse range of hotels to choose from.

From budget to high end hotels with a spa, you have a great list to choose from. I must say if you fancy splashing some cash, The Hilton is absolutely beautiful, the rooms are spacious and the facilities are amazing.

I am going to be graduating in November, so i am looking forward to staying in a hotel and the breakfast --- the breakfast is the most important to me haha!

9 - Selfie Wall

By far my most favourite thing about final year, and 2018 in Bournemouth, is the selfie wall! Artists from Ambassadeur At, have produced some beautiful artwork, located between Southbourne to Sandbanks.

It is a great way to be active, explore Bournemouth and take some selfies whilst you are at it! Me and my best mate Mikaela found one last week and took some photos, we got some looks but we didn’t care, and we actually did some promotion (because we think it’s such a great idea!)

Next selfie wall, will be the two artwork pieces on the pier! Want some more information? Check out here!

10 - Day Trips

If you are located in Bournemouth, or are here for a week there are day trips you can do to take some time away from the centre. Not that you need a reason to! It is more of exploring more of our beautiful coastline.

When you visit Bournemouth, you are so close to Poole! It is completely different from Bournemouth, both are beautiful but so nice to have a choice of places to visit. There are cute harbours and the firework night here is beaut!

Durdle Door is close by, if you are looking for an outdoor adventure and to see some countryside this is the place for you! Try to go on a sunny day, either way it is stunning. A wonderful place for an Insta-worthy photo too!


If these reasons can’t convince you, i am not sure what will! Bournemouth is such a gorgeous town and is perfect for all types of people. This summer is going to be amazing and I have so much planned!

Thank you so much for reading (if any of you guys are), looking forward to doing more Bournemouth related content! If you haven’t already, go and check out my recent post How to Balance Work, Travel and Study!

I have now finished university and about to start my summer job and start prepping for my Europe trip in September! Does anyone have any plans?

Mol x


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  1. I've never been to Bournemouth but have so many friends that have visited/ have a house there and they all rave about it! I literally can't stop staring at the picture of the 7Bone burger. I might visit just for that!!


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