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The 5 Top Travel Bloggers To Follow on Instagram in 2018

It is that time again, to introduce you to the influencers to blame for me spending more time stalking their Instagram accounts than on my dissertation! (only kidding)

It is nearly a year since my last post appreciating my fav influencers, and i find myself doing the same thing - stalking Instagram accounts of people traveling. Same situation - just in a different country!

I have found another 5 travel influencers who you NEED to follow, i have become obsessed and fidgety in my seat wanting to book a trip.

A Little Blonde in Paradise

First we are starting off with A Little Blonde in Paradise, aka Brigitte. I first came across Brigitte’s account when i got serious Barcelona blues since moving back to England. As she lives in Barcelona and studies too and is blonde, i felt that i could relate to her and somehow made me less sad when i was thinking about Spain!

As you can see from her Instagram she is constantly on the move - i am so jealous right now and each picture is so beautiful. I recently asked what camera she used because each photo just makes me want to cry with how beautiful it is!

One of the main reasons why i love her content and her stories is that she is so committed to the travel community.  Whether it is recommending other influencers or travelling and meeting up with them, her pictures are all about social travel as well as solo.

So if you are looking for some travel motivation whether it is solo travel, with friends or you purely just need some motivation to get you through the day check out her Instagram and see why is a top travel blogger!

I am also not a London person, but her blog post about Instagrammable spots makes me want to go and replicate the photos! She is currently unwell so hope you start to feel better!

Ajda Sitar

Chic, sophisticated and elegant are the 3 words i use to describe our next influencer. Ajda has one of the most beautiful accounts i have ever seen, they are like something out of a postcard or made up!

As well as being a blogger, she is a Law Student, Miss Sports AND a TV Host.  I love this because i feel that there is a stigma that to travel you need to save tons of money, quit your job and travel for as long as you can. I study full time but it hasn’t stopped me to go to Amsterdam and Barcelona. I may not be able to travel until i hear back from job emails sent but she motivates me to plan trips despite not knowing when i am going!

Traveling isn’t just rucksacks and trainers, I don’t feel like I am a backpacking type, I am more of a city gal for sure. This is why i LOVE Adja travel content, it shows that there are plenty of ways to travel and in style. I love fashion and beauty more recently and she travels in style and she looks beaut and makes her a top travel blogger!

Her blog is great too, tons of stuff to check out including fashion, beauty and travel!

Valerie Orsulak

A post shared by VALERIE ORSULAK (@myonebigplanet) on

Say hello to Valerie, also known as My One Big Planet. As well as being a city gal, I was brought up by the ocean and that is the reason why i love this girls Instagram so much and why she is on my top travel bloggers list! She is giving us so many coastal vibes right now!

Her tagline is “say yes to new adventures” and this is right on my wavelength, as much as i want to go back to Barcelona and Rome there is SO many places on my wish list.

As if her Instagram wasn’t good enough (it so is) just check out her blog. The locations she has been to are places i dream about .. Mykonos, Aruba and Curacao. So if you are a dreamer and planning for a luxury trip just check her content out cause I am in love!

I am a sucker for views and palm trees? Anyone else agree? Well if you do, this is something that Valerie has on her account and it just makes my Wanderlust go through the roof so just promise me you will check it out!

Seven Day Weekender

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey … you are giving me all the vibes and I cannot handle it and that is why she is on my top travel bloggers list. Adventurer and Creative you are as stated in your Instagram bio. Guys, if you love a good Insta-worthy shot and cute pink vibes this is the account to follow --- I just can’t deal.

I go searching for cool places to take a photo and sometimes I get embarrassed, don’t know why cause I am more confident than I used to be. But then I look at this babe’s photos and think you know what she looks so happy with no care in the world so why should I be insecure! Let’s be honest her photos are cute af - just in love with the picture above.

I love her love for New York as well as travelling, I do think that you don’t have to travel far to experience travel or something new and this is something that Lindsey inspires me with.

I particularly like her photos with her friends, again i find that experiencing travel or anything with friends is the best part of travel. Looking at her photos with her friends is enough to make anyone smile and takes me back to memories of Rome meeting all these new friends!

Wanderers and Warriors

Like my old post I HAVE to have a travel couple in this top travel bloggers list. Like the same post last year I am single, not saying that for sympathy but I love travel couple influencers. Firstly, it makes me think if I ever find someone then I already have ideas from the couples! That is why I am introducing you guys too Charlie and Lauren.

These two from the UK - their cute level is off the charts. Each photo is absolutely couple goals and it is so nice to see whilst they are travelling through Bali. So if you have given up on finding love or looking for destinations to travel with your partner, take a look at their account and your mind will go crazy with ideas of what to do.

Even their website makes me want to go away even more than I did before, I won a trip to Thailand, Sydney and Bali and their posts on Bali are making me want to put in place a time to take that trip to Bali I mean just trust me and read their content!

Whether you want to know which hotels to stay in, the resource you need or how to set up  blog yourself, check these guys out!

P.s. you two are also giving me so many vibes I can’t handle it!

There we have our list! I would love to connect with other travellers so see below for my Instagram and much needed advice for my travels! 

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So what does everyone make of my list? If like myself your wanderlust level has just gone up then i have done a good job.

Even writing this i have made a plan tomorrow to plan 3 possible summer trips to take. It all depends on if i get a summer job or not… i hate not knowing what is going to happen in the future. My 3 options are...

Italy for three weeks
Weekend in Paris

So if anyone has any advice on these places .. slide in my DM’s ...only kidding you can find me on my Instagram @mollywooders or Twitter @Molly_Wooders or just email me at

Thanks for reading! Watch out for two posts next week!



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