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The Ultimate Things To Do in Paris with The Paris Guy


There are many reasons to visit Paris, Thomas Jefferson even said:

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”

I am pretty sure that I grew up with the perception that Paris is the “city of lovers” and have always put off going because I didn’t want to wander the streets feeling even more single. How sad does that make me seem haha!

However recently i have been looking at things to do in Paris and there are plenty to do for whatever reason you are there! For one it is a stunning city and you can learn so much about it’s history. Personally I like tours, I like paying a bit extra to be taught about the culture etc.. rather than wandering around absolutely clueless.

This is why I am introducing you to The Paris Guy… your chance to tour around landmarks and learn some incredible stories in the process.

Does exploring Versailles, Louvre and the Catacombs interest you? Good, then keep reading to see what things to do in Paris that The Paris Guy can offer you!

Who is the Paris Guy?

The Paris Guy are basically a bunch of cool people (trust me) who want to create cool experiences so you can enjoy your time in Paris. It isn’t just one guy, it is a group of people from all over the world - not just a company - but travellers who loved the city so much they wanted to share the best of it with others!

They combine the well-known and lesser-known attractions, offer restricted access and have the best tour guides to make sure you have the best experience.

A new company (expansion of their tours in Italy) they are offering three exciting things to do in Paris for their launch.

Keep reading to see which tour is best for you - could be all three! Definitely is for me!

Story Behind The Paris Guy

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will know that I have visited The Vatican with The Roman Guy last year. The Paris Guy is an extension of The Roman Guy whose founders Sean Finelli and Brandon Shaw started to give visitors a unique experience. It launched on the 13th of March this year!

Now I am not saying all this great stuff because I want to “suck up” to The Paris Guy, I am not that cringy haha! However, the tour i had with them at the Vatican was easily the highlight of my trip, i got to learn new things about Rome and the guide Elaine was so lovely.

I know i am highlighting their Paris tours, but if you are in either Rome, Florence or Venice give these guys a shout!

Why Choose The Paris Guy and Tour Companies

You get to visit restricted areas and spend longer because you get to know the stories rather than wandering aimlessly having no clue what is going on.

The staff love their job - and gelato as stated on their website and believe me it’s such a great thing!

You get to skip the queues so you don’t have to queue hours to get in!

Great price

Unforgettable experience - providing the ultimate things to do in Paris

Things to do in Paris with The Paris Guy

Okay, admittedly the main reasons i would want to visit Paris was eat macaroons, croissants and take Insta-worthy pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower - yep I am one of those tourists and i don’t care! That is only because with big attractions i like to get my money worth and never know which ones to visit. Lets just say all 3 of the tours that The Paris Guy offer are all on my bucket list - looking at the Eurostar as we speak .. I’m not actually kidding!

Louvre Museum Tour

Museum lovers come this way, to be honest even if you aren’t into museums the Louvre is one to inspire anyone. I may not know a lot about art but for goodness sake the MONA LISA is there, unless you have been hiding under a rock this is the home of the iconic masterpiece.

One thing i found when i visited the Vatican were the queues and the amount of art that was there and i was overwhelmed but the tour guide Elaine got us in quickly and explained all the art. Being the largest art museum in the world and home to over 38,000 works of art may seem intimidating but it’s fine because the wonderful guys it The Paris Guy help you around with ease.

The tour itself takes around 3 hours and you are in a group of 12, these small groups are great as you get to meet new people and you won’t get lost in a big group!

As well as the beautiful Mona Lisa, the guide shows you around the places you may not have gone to if you were by yourself. As well as the art you will. Understand all about the history of this beautiful landmark. For those, like myself who love a good selfie, there is no shame in taking a photo you are in Paris after all - as they say “When in Rome”

Versailles Palace and Gardens

Oh Versailles, okay so I didn’t know much about the palace until I was older and started watching more history documentaries. I can’t lie, i also knew about it’s beauty from watching a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode where Kim and Kanye got married and visited Versailles. I’M SORRY but it’s my guilty pleasure!

Getting to the palace, you have to take public transport and going to a big landmark does worry me but that is what your guide is for! To meet you in Paris and take you there! So you get to see what it is like to be a King or Queen in 17th Century France and get to visit the Gardens too.

Again with a group of 12, the tour takes 3 hours including travel time but i feel that for the price, it is worth spending a bit more money to exclude the worry of getting there, and knowing what you are looking at. As it is skip the line too, there is no worry about getting in. I have always paid more to skip the line because when I saw the line to the Colosseum, I nearly had a heart attack!

When i make my way to Paris (hoping soon after my dissertation is finished) I will for sure be coming here!


When I go to different cities, as much as I like taking a good selfie, I do like learning about the history of the place - especially dark tourism. I don’t know why but I like to learn about the hardships places went through, I recently visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and I am so glad that I went because i got so much perspective from it.
The Paris Catacombs is known as “The World’s Largest Grave” or the “gateway of hell”, your tour guide will tell you about the dark side of Paris where bones of over 6 million people lay.

Sometime these eerie attraction are actually interesting and moving instead of scary. You will be with a group of 12 people and a tour guide taking you through each area of the labyrinth.  I really want to go on this tour, but if you are scared or wary like myself don’t let it hold you back. In Amsterdam I was soo scared of the Dungeons, I do not like dark places or things that jump at me, sure those things happened but I learned a lot about the city of Amsterdam.

So things won’t jump out at you in the Catacombs, what I am trying to say is don’t let these things hold you back. I would never have thought to go to the Catacombs until I heard about it through The Paris Guy and now it is on the top of my bucket list!

How to Contact

As well as their website which is linked throughout the post, they also have social media accounts to fuel your wanderlust - i am on there regularly looking when i should be doing my dissertation! You can find them on -

Facebook: The Paris Guy

Instagram: @theparisguy

Twitter: @TheParisGuy

Pinterest: The Paris Guy

If you haven’t planned a trip to Paris but have got a trip planned to either Florence, Rome or Venice please take a look at The Roman Guy. During my week in Italy when I was covered and i mean COVERED in bed bugs, their tour really cheered me up and made my week!

As i sit here writing this in the social room of my apartment building, thinking about my dissertation, I will also be thinking about my next trip. It has been three weeks since i have been back since Barcelona and I have had food poisoning, snow week, 1 assignment due in, dissertation deadline oh and I was on crutches.  

Writing this makes me want to get a train to London, jump on the Eurostar and be in Paris eating macaroons and booking one of these trips. It is now the start of Spring here in England, so the warm weather is getting my spirits up!

See you back here for the Travel Instagram influencers you should follow this year!

Mol xo

This post was sponsored by The Paris Guy


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