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How to Spend 72 Hours in Barcelona


It is no secret that I love Barcelona, it was my home for over a year and had been wanting to go back for a while. I was VERY lucky and won a three night stay at Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace (blog post to come soon).

We only had 72 hours in the city - which is not enough time by a long shot - however Barcelona is a great place for a weekend trip. You can see all the highlights and more in a whirlwind trip.

Make sure you take siestas as you may be walking around, unless you take the metro! The beautiful cosmopolitan city can be visited all year around and has some great shots for ya Insta - I also spent 17 euros on red tinted sunglasses cause they looked insta-worthy… embarrassing to some but i don’t care!

So if you want to see how you can spend 3 days in the most beautiful city in the world, keep reading!

Day 1

Visit the Sagrada Familia

Iconic ...that is the only word that i can use or anyone can use for this stunning landmark. The classic by Francisco Paula Villar and Antoni Gaudi is yet to be completed, is still being constructed by local architects and is planned to be completed for 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

Even if you only have time to visit the outside I promise that the beauty of its exterior is enough to please you. However, if you get the chance please do grab a ticket and go inside. I lived very close to the Sagrada Familia and it is by far my favourite place.  

The largest unfinished cathedral in the world, its design falls into Art Nouveau period but Gaudi’s work extends its style to Spanish Gothic and Catalan Modernism. For a basic ticket you can buy a ticket for 19 euros, however if you want an audio tour it will cost 29 euro.

Walk from Arc de Triomf to Parc de la Ciutadella

I only thought there was a Arc in Paris, and it wasn’t until i stumbled across the one in Barcelona that i was completely enamoured. We visited here after the Sagrada Familia as it is only a 10 minute walk max.

If i suggest a perfect time to visit this place is definitely during summer, i don’t know what it is about it but it is beautiful any point but in summer its just paradise there are no words for it. It is a simple walk down to the Parc, you can’t really get lost!

Part of the sculpture says “Barcelona rep les nacions”, Catalan for Barcelona welcomes to nations”. Once the city’s only green space contains a lake, museum and a large fountain and great to chill with a cerveza for your friends during your 72 hours in Barcelona.

Stroll down La Rambla and visit La Boqueria

Oh how I have missed this vibrant street. It is also sentimental, it was my first time visiting since the horrific events that occurred on the 17th of August last year, however it was so good to see that it hasn’t changed the vibe of this city.

The street stretches down for 1.2km and connects the city to Port Vell. A warning -- this section is very crowded especially during peak times.

The main thing to see is La Boqueria. The famous food market filled with fresh seafood and an array of colourful fruit.

Day 2

Park Guell Retreat

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a metro to Lesseps and visit an oasis of greenery. Opened in 1926, the park was built by Gaudi for the urbanization of the city! The park is free to access unless one wants to visit the mosaic section where prices range from 8 euro -- it is worth it, it’s beautiful.

In 1984, UNESCO declared the Park a World Heritage Sight and offers amazing views of the city! There are museums including la Torre Rosa - Gaudi’s House, it has got another entrance fee but it is so beautiful it is worth the money!

Relax down Barceloneta

Once i finished my placement, i spent near enough every day for three months down this beach. It is man made for the Olympics in 1996 and has different sections including Vila Olimpica.

Home to some tasty seafood restaurants, there are some cool attractions including the Aquarium. If it is summer take the afternoon off and chill on the sandy beach and if it isn’t hot enough walk along the harbour!

Have a drink in Placa Reial

Just off the side from La Rambla, this has a soft spot in my heart - not for any sentimental reason but it is just so beautiful and i have many memories of myself and friends chilling here with a Sangria.
Again, home to the earliest works of Antoni Gaudi - the street lamps - and surrounded by palm trees, take advantage of the stylish bars and take in some street performances.

Day 3

It’s the final day … “holding back the tears” may not want to over-do this day before you travel back home. I say that...i was up till 2am with the Sant Jordi crew when i had to leave at 3am for the airport!

Get lost in the Gothic Area

I swear i keep saying this for everything but… it is my favourite place to get lost. There is so much to do in this part of the city. I recommend visiting the Cathedral, it’s a beautiful building but also close to that is the wall art called “The World Begins with Every Kiss”.

It is home to the Picasso Museum and to some cute local shops.

Gaze over the Magic Fountain

Pleasssssssee before you go check the timetable for the water fountain show, because the shows only happen ever so often.

Based in Eixample L’Esquerra and Plaza Espanya, it is a beautiful part of the city that hosts an Art Museum, Shopping Centre and the Magic Fountain.  Little tip - this is the place to be for New Years Eve!

The light water show is a great place to end your trip, the clue is in the name but it is really magical!

Now it is time to head to the airport and go home! Try not to cry but reminisce on the time you had. God.. could i sound more bloody cheesy but i was so lucky to be able to go back, especially during my studies.

I haven’t really had time to miss it yet because I had food poisoning the day i got back  - from my own cooking - and then snow happened!

If you haven’t completely decided if you want to visit Barcelona next - don’t know why - joking - then read my Top 10 Reasons why you should.

Next week will be my review of the Sant Jordi Hostels Rock Palace - sneak peek - it was incredible!

Mol xo


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