Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hello 2018

Happy New Year!

I have been the WORST and writing for myself and for this blog, so writing more will be my resolution.

I don't personally like New Year's resolutions because I feel that you can change or do something new at any point in the year. I guess it's just coincidental timing that I've decided to start writing again during the new year.

2017 was the most incredible year for me and it still feels like a dream the fact that I lived in Spain and got to go to Rome and so many more memories.

I definitely lost my mojo when I came back from Barcelona, I knew it was going to happen, it's just taken a while for me to want me to get it back again.

This post will most likely, well...very likely will not be interesting or useful to anyone apart from myself! However, it's a start for me getting back into writing!

Enjoy x

2017 Highlights


Not exactly a surprise, but Barcelona was easily my favourite part of 2017. I can't help but praise what that city did for me.

2017 was the 2nd half of my year there and it was the half where I felt so comfortable and safe there.

In January, myself and my best friend Sabrina met Emily, another English girl on placement and soon we became the closest of friends. We did so much together, including a visit to the Bunkers, beach days and numerous nights out till early hours of the morning.

I finished my 10 month placement, which completely changed everything for me. I study an Events Management degree and Barcelona was a point where I realised I didn't want to do events in the future. My placement job was in Digital Marketing and Social Media for Waytostay (travel industry) and I fell in love and now I'm sure this is what I was meant to be doing.

For the first time in my life, I felt so confident and completely in control of everything and that I could conquer the world. It's hard to explain it without being cheesy, unless you have experienced it yourself!


In April, right after I completed my placement, I treated myself to my first solo adventure to Rome.

It's a place that I have always wanted to visit, I also had been learning Italian for around 3 months so I wanted to give myself some actual practice.

Apart from the nasty bed bugs, I had the most amazing time. I got to visit the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Orange Gardens, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Basilica and so much more.

Met so many friends from The Yellow Bar (Bar of my hostel) and spoke more Spanish than actual Italian! All of my room mates were from South America, but it means I have another excuse to go back and actually speak Italian!

Travel Writing

During my time in Spain, even after my placement finished, I was still able to write weekly for this blog. It was such a passion of mine and I got to write a lot about Barcelona.

I also was lucky enough to guest write for Topdeck Travel and Contiki Travel which are both one of the top companies in our industry. To have my work on their website, makes me so happy and proud to see how far I came in such a short space in this industry.

Top Deck Article

Contiki Travel Article

I don't know necessarily if I want to do travel writing full time, I really liked during it along side a full time job but I have to continue writing.


I went back to complete my final year of University, which not going to lie, scares the hell out of me. These past 3 and a half years have gone too bloody quickly.

My first year of University was fun, I was still quite shy so I didn't make the most out of it that I could have. My 2nd year was the worst year, didn't enjoy myself at all and to be honest, I have blocked it out of my memory.

I defined my university experience as my placement year, but I didn't want my two bad years in Bournemouth to define it or myself. So I decided to make the most out of my final year and I have so far.

Met so many people and have made close friends with people who I absolutely love and respect and have so many plans for this year.

2018 Plans


My first trip of 2018 is with my best friend to Amsterdam! After our exams are over, we are celebrating by staying 3 nights in this beautiful city.

We have never been here before, so any advice is welcomed! We already have so much planned like to go ice skating, Amsterdam letters, Canals, bikes, Red Light District and so much more.

I would never have travelled like this in my first or second year of university but nothing is stopping me this year.

We are already planning trips for Easter and when we graduate!


One of the things I need and will do is go back to Barcelona, my best friend really wants me to show her around and she does not have to ask me twice!

I have been away for 7 months now and that is 7 months too long! Even to fly out there just for a day and walk down the street would be worth the flight.

Plus I have so many friends out there to catch up with!


So, one of the places myself and my friends want to go to is Portugal. We are hoping to book something in august time, so it's not too hot and will be a nice few days away to relax.

I have also been learning Portuguese so it will be good practice for me!

Learning Portuguese

I was lucky enough to win a year's membership with Babbel, a language app that I have used for Italian and I decided to learn Portuguese.

Stupidly, or naively, I thought because Italian was relatively easy as I spoke Spanish. I thought because Portugal is next to Spain, it would be easier to learn....NOPE.

It is so far, harder than Italian in terms of pronunciation and different verbs they use. But I love a challenge and it's getting easier with practice!


A massive goal for myself is to graduate, I do think I will graduate, it is something I am confident in. However, when people ask me my plans for when I leave university I have absolutely no idea so I joke and just say graduate!

I wasn't this scared when I flew to Barcelona to live because although it was an unknown city, I had a job out there to look forward to.

Until, my dissertation is handed in, I am not looking to apply for jobs as I have too much on my mind.

So for now, my plan is to work hard and have fun whilst i'm doing it.

2017: you were one of the most incredible years of my life with so many memories, I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.

Mol xo


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