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It feels like it has been AGES that I have put pen to paper (keyboard to online paper... not the same) and actually meant it.

Sure, talking about Las Iguanas was great and felt normal but it didn't really feel the same, I was really in denial in the fact that I haven't been fully happy since leaving Spain.

And believe me, I know that its so normal to feel this way.

I would have rather had the best placement year abroad and come back disheartened than have a cr*ppy placement year and not feel fulfilled.

After feeling down for about a month, (university was a mediocre distraction), I feel a lot more optimistic about getting back into writing, getting trips planned ... AMSTERDAM JANUARY 2018 and I am really career motivated.

So keep reading to here more soppy stuff and advice for future placement students.

Leaving Barcelona was inevitable, I delayed it for three months because I couldn't bare to leave, I met my 2 best friends there, I had a guy that meant a lot to me (first time I admitted that -- not together anymore but still close) and I felt comfortable.

Myself and my parents talked about me coming home and them worrying that I would be sad, so we all knew how It was going to go.

Ideally I would have LOVED to have stayed until the end of August but I had to have my wisdom tooth out (complicated surgery too) so it was necessary that I had to come home early. Now, I thought that I would be really sad the first 2 weeks of being home because going from Barcelona a huge city to Lelant a village with two pubs because both are so different.

However I wasn't, I felt shock more than anything and doing nothing for a month didn't make me think about what I did in Spain. It wasn't until I went back to University and 3 uni jobs, a degree and studying made me realise how different my life has become.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job and LOVE my new friends (I actually couldn't live without them, one day without them and I go crazy -- if they are reading this, you know who you are), but I have been honest with everyone .. it is tough being away from Barcelona.

It has been a 6 month struggle, I have had many changes to go back but I know if I see anyone I know or step one foot on Spanish/Catalonian soil, I wont want to come back and if I came back I would be more miserable.


I guess it is just nice to write it down, and I don't want my friends to get sick of me saying it all the time, even though I know they are always there for me, I feel guilty!

I also invested a lot of time into this blog during my time and met the most incredible people and had many opportunities. It is one of the things that I am passionate about and I want to continue it and get a piece of me back that I left in Spain.


My other student job is Placement Pal, helping out 2nd years find a placement and offering them advice. So I thought why not give some here? Here are my top tips to enjoying your placement and when you come home...

1. Say Yes to Everything (within reason) -- without taking on a challenge I wouldn't have written for big travel companies or got offered to create a marketing position for me.

2. Don't be afraid -- moving abroad is a big deal but there are others in the same boat as you

3. Stay for as long as you can -- I extended my trip by 3 months and I am so glad I did.

4. If you want to cry when you come home do it -- its not a bad thing to be sad when you come home it just means you were to lucky to find somewhere incredible.

5. Find someone that reminds you of your trip -- I read a lot of Hand Luggage Only blog posts, I have known about them for over a year now and they really keep my positive when I miss Barcelona.

6. Do something that reminds you of that place -- for me its going to Camel Bar on a Wednesday and gate-crashing a Spanish flat party (great stories)


As much as the start of this post sounded morbid and miserable, I would not have changed anything at all.

Yes it has been tough to deal with being back in England, but I had a year worth of memories and hopefully tomorrow my Cheerz delivery will arrive where I have 100 photos on polaroid from Barcelona so I always can see them.

I also still use Memrise to continue my Spanish and Babbel where I am almost done with Italian and moving onto Portuguese. Languages help me with keeping my memories alive. I also go to a Latin night where I speak Spanish to people from across the world.

I'm getting out there again!


This week I have had a burst of energy because I realised that I neglected myself for a while, I wasn't eating or sleeping and generally looking after myself.

I have been asked by the Uni to speak at this Global BUzz Europe event, promoting Erasmus and the opportunities it gave me. It got my thinking about how far I have come and there it a reason why I haven't cancelled my Go Daddy domain subscription, because I'm not ready to let go of my blog yet or who I was in Spain.

I may not be in sunny Spain and I may not have content for Bournemouth but I want to continue this blog, I love it and I may have more to say in the future.

Myself and my friend Mikaela (hopefully a few others) are booking a trip to AMSTERDAM after our exams in January, it is somewhere where we haven't been yet and we both love travelling.

I also want to do a road trip (train trip) around Italy for three weeks, after getting bed bugs in Rome, I didn't get to do half the stuff I wanted to go.

Despite the bed bugs, I had a great time so I will be back.

It may have taken 6 months to get to this point of change, but at least I am here

For next weeks blog, I am undecided on whether to talk about "How to Travel as a Student" or "How to learn a language with Babbel"... any ideas let me know!

I doubt they will even read this because I get embarrassed about my writing (even though I know my family read this) but I really couldn't have got through the sadness of Barcelona without my 2 best friends at Uni ... they know who they are but I can't ever say enough how grateful of having them in my life.

Thanks for reading

Mol xo


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