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Becoming Bilingual with Babbel

Hi, Hola, Ciao and Oi!

That is hello in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

I have been learning languages for 14 years now .... wow I feel so old! I started to learn Spanish in Year 3 in Primary School and continued it throughout college and have been continuing to speak it ever since (it came in handy when I moved to Spain).

The beginning of this year, sat in my cell block size of a bedroom in Barcelona, I gave myself a challenge. To learn Italian. I wanted a hobby, I fell in love with meeting people from different countries PLUS I had a trip booked to Rome in April.

I went onto the Babbel website, a website which I have known about for a while (Will explain later what Babbel is), and purchased a year subscription to study the language.

As of the 8th of December, I have completed Italian and now.... I am studying Portuguese with Babbel with another year subscription!

During college I always felt that most people just got languages and could remember everything just like that, and I felt that I wasn't one of those people. So using Babbel and being able to speak Italian shows how far I have come and how useful Babbel is.

Read below to learn more about this fab company!

What is Babbel?

Babbel was founded in 2007 and is the world's first language learning app! pretty big deal! They offer 14 languages to use from, and with over 1 million users it is something that you can trust and can sue with ease knowing you are learning something valuable.

They are that confident in their product that 73% of users say they could have a short conversation within 5 hours of learning that language .... I can vouch for that! I could stop talking in Italian after a few lessons ... even if it what counting to 10!

Going through grammar and vocabulary, there is audio (native speakers) and visual elements that help you learn. (roughly over 8,500 hours of content)


What do you study? EVERYTHING. I am not even joking, every topic is covered. From beginners course to grammar and to vocabulary about society, you will be able to talk about pretty much anything!

The Babbel team of over 500 individuals from 40 nations, are based in Berlin and New York and are always there to help (they always reply to social media -- especially Twitter!).


I have been wanting to invest in learning a language through a website for a WHILE now, like 5 years but companies like Rosetta Stone I found were so expensive and I didn't want to waste money on a website that might not be worth the money.

The great thing about Babbel is that there are 4 options that you can choose from.

1 month subscription: £9.99 (Charged every month)
3 month subscription: £7 a month (£20.99 charged every 3 months)
6 month subscription: £5.50 a month (£32.99 charged every 6 months)
1 year subscription: £4.75 a month (£57 charged every year)

These subscriptions ARE automatic, so you need to make sure you cancel them before the subscription date for the next period.

There is also a 20 day money back guarantee if you don't find its useful, you should know within the first week if you don't feel like it is working!

For the cheap price you get (in comparison to other companies) the content and the quality you get is above and beyond.

Their App

As well as learning the language on their website, the EASIEST way to use Babbel is via their app! ultimately, the best thing since sliced bread. This means you can learn a language from ANYWHERE, just make sure there is WIFI connection so you don't use up all your data.

So if you are studying Spanish and find yourself in Spain, you will find ALL your vocab on your phone and phrases that you have learned.

Here is an insight of what the app looks like.   

Reasons to Learn with Babbel

- They go through EVERYTHING!! When I was studying Spanish in school, I didn't learn how to say basic words like fork, knife or pillow. So when I moved to Barcelona and found myself on Google Translate trying to ask the sales assistant in El Corte Ingles where to find pillow, the knowledge of that would have come in handy. That is where Babbel steps in, they will teach you all the words to know!


- You can revise the words you learned which you are able to go through old words you may have forgotten.

- Choice on how to study. There is no manual on how many lessons to do a week, day or month. I had a personal goal of 7 lessons a day, some days were impossible! But Babbel say it only takes 10 minutes a day for learning a language to be effective!

- Well laid out lessons. Each lesson is different, whether that's speaking or reading lessons. But also within these lessons each slide is different which makes it more fun to learn.

- My favourite part is that, after the subscription ends, you can still go through all your revised words. So I have completed all my Italian classes, and it gives me relief to know that I can still continue to learn Italian even though my subscription is over.

Babbel is always with you before, during and after your journey!

The benefits of speaking 3 languages is being able to speak to many people from different countries and learn more about culture and the world itself.


The funny thing about speaking 3 languages is saying a sentence and switching in between languages without even knowing it! I also like people's faces when I tell them I speak 3 languages, and I'm the only person in my family that speaks more than 2!

I feel so special!

I urge anyone who is thinking about learning a language to do it! It can bring the most amazing opportunities and it is fun to challenge yourself!

Just make sure you do it with Babbel!

You can contact Babbel via email:
Instagram: @babble
Twitter: @babble
Next week is a more personal blog post, I recently did a speech about my time on placement and me and the other students said how we felt more European now than British.
So I will be writing about despite Brexit, going abroad helped me find my Global Mindset and why I feel more European.
Not even sure if I am allowed to even say I'm European, I feel within Brexit saying European feels like a property when I see it as myself being more open!
Bye, Adios, Arriverderci and Chao!

Mol x


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