Sunday, 5 November 2017

FOODIE DIARIES: Las Iguanas - Bournemouth

Hello everyone,

I can't believe that it has taken me 2 months to write an actual blog post. It has been hard for me to find the time to write something about Bournemouth as I have 2 student jobs (soon to be 3), 2 assignments and a dissertation to think about!

But... Tuesday myself and my best friend Mikaela went to Las Iguanas in the newly built complex down in Bournemouth centre. We both love Mexican food so this place is just meant for us.

Everyone knows that I am a foodie, especially when I am a student and need a good meal in between my pot noodles and McDonalds.

So read more if you want to find a good Mexican restaurant that has the most incredible deals and meals!

As soon as you see the outside of the restaurant, I already felt that I was on holiday because it looked so colourful and that we were about to be transported abroad (one can only hope).

Even though it is bloody freezing as we are coming into Winter, the outside terrace makes it look so attractive to sit outside with a few cocktails.

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, the d├ęcor was beautiful and made us feel like we weren't even in Bournemouth and could take a break away from real life, even for one hour.

There is the most amazing wall art, a little inside terrace called the Havana and you can have a full view of the kitchen. I've been to many Mexican and Southern American restaurants, especially in Spain and Las Iguanas is consistent with them and make me feel how I used to feel back in Spain!

One of the things I loved best about Las Iguanas are their deals they have on, we were meant to use this 25% off card that we got from Freshers Fair (It's good to be a student) however the food is so cheap on the lunch menu and the deals they have mean that you save money anyway!

They have deals for 2 for 1 cocktails and seeing as it was during the day we felt that it wasn't really appropriate! So we went for the 2 for 1 coolers, hence why we had 4 drinks including our water! So we weren't off to a bad start and the drinks were AMAZING too! We had the citrus and tropical cooler and both were as good as each other!

We both ordered the Chicken Enchiladas off of the lunch menu which runs until 6:30pm (early eventing), which is a lot cheaper than the dinner menu which is always a plus! The dinner menu is cheap anyway!

Holy moly guacamole (not just a saying but what they call their guacamole), the Enchiladas were incredible! I've always cooked my own Enchiladas, so I have never known how they are presented in restaurants but I have been to South American restaurants and the dish was served just how I had imagined it to be - authentic.

The rolled flour tortilla is filled with spicy chicken, pepper and onion with chipotle sauce on a bed of spring onion rice with refried beans and cheese. It tasted SO good, but I would suggest asking for a side dish of sour cream to make it even better (it does cost extra but its worth it).

It is safe to say that there was no food left on either of our plates! I will definitely be trying out the whole menu when I go back, I feel like the Cuban Sandwich is what I have next!

A few extra things I like about Las Iguanas is the fact that they are on Deliveroo... YES YES AND YES! So when I am feeling a bit delicate (come on I am a student!) I can get it delivered to the comfort of my own flat!

They also have a selection of different menus, including for Christmas and Parties... I honestly think this company couldn't get any better....

BUT IT DOES! As well as a very active and pleasing to the eye social media presence, they also have a blog where they update customers on their menus and activity as well as competitions like a winning a trip to Rio!

Basically I think I have just found my new favourite restaurant!

Now, I am not sure when I am going to write again and I have no clue what it will be about, which frustrates me a lot. However, I have trips planned in January and a 4 week trip around Italy planned once I (hopefully) graduate, so will keep my blog updated once I book and prepare to go on my trips!

Hope everyone has a good week!

Mol x



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