Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Hello everyone,

It has been over a month since I last posted. It also has been a while since I had been active on any social media. I don't know why it happened, suddenly over night I just had no energy to post anymore.

Posting previously wasn't tiring, I really enjoyed it. Suddenly, I stopped.

I can only putting it down to, the reality hitting me that I wasn't in Barcelona anymore. I thought it would hit me hard the first week I came back. However, that first month being home was crazy, euphoric and a whirlwind. I met family and friends I hadn't seen for a year. So I never had time to forget that I wasn't going back to Barcelona.

Now it has... and it sucks

For any of those planning to do a internship or study abroad, do it.. oh my good god please do it. If you loved it as much as I did, I will not lie to you, it sucks coming back to England.

Well for me anyway. Apart from seeing friends and family, every second I would love to be back in Barcelona. I don't even think it is being abroad, but it bought life back to me. I know that I will carry that on when I am back in Bournemouth to study.

I have fallen in love with cities and I just want to go to Uni and do my degree, get a fab job and do more city breaks.

If I lived in a big city like London, or Birmingham the change wouldn't be so drastic. I now live in a village surrounded by fields and 2 pubs. Compared to building filled streets, its a bit of a change!

I knew feeling this way was going to happen at some point, I just didn't know when. I find myself counting down to Bournemouth so I have the setting to be who I was in Barcelona. I am who I was in Barcelona, but the setting isn't what I need to be who I am all the time.

So, I had to have a break from social media and everything reminding me that I wasn't with my friends on the beach, in VIP and walking past the Sagrada Familia everyday.

Now I have had a break, I am looking forward to getting back to blogging, more about student life and planning trips I really want to go on.

Does anyone else just need a break??


The 17th of August was a day myself, and everyone in Barcelona will never forget. It is the day that the awful terror attack happened in our beautiful city. I will still feel like I live there because it changed my life so much, I owe everything to that city.

I remember seeing my friends status who still lived out there saying she was ok, and I just knew something happened. I checked Daily Mail and the headlines were horrific.

I messaged all my friends making sure they were safe and thank goodness they were. One was in a restaurant where it happened, it happened where he lived but the police had the restaurant safely locked down and let them go when it was secure.

I couldn't believe what such a beautiful part of Barcelona had become. I was always worrying about whether this would happen, it was hard to ignore the worry when the attacks happened all over Europe last year. However, I kept on going out as per usual, like everyone should.

After seeing all the locals, tourists and royals alike surround the streets to remember the victims, I couldn't help but feel so proud to have called that my home. Everyone came together and cleared the streets, helped victims and stood together against the terrorists.

Barcelona, completely changed my life. Last year was definitely the worst year, I had no people around me at university and Barcelona was the next chapter to change my life. Boy it did. It gave me everything I always wanted, so to see it in distress was heart-breaking.

To the people of Barcelona, I know you all are strong, I am thinking of everyone every day. Keep bringing joy and stand together.

No tenim por!

I am looking forward to working hard in my next chapter at University and hopefully find a great job and work towards something great.

Thanks for reading and sorry ive been so cr*p!

Mol xo


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