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Nightlife in Barcelona: The Ice Bar

Hey all,

This past week has been so hot in Barcelona, so as the heatwave takes over, what a better way to cool down than to write about something freezing cold!

Back in my previous post - Nightlife in Barcelona, I mentioned The Ice Bar. I hadn't been there before, but I really wanted to go before I moved back to England.

It is a different experience to all the clubs in this beautiful city, it certainly gives the nightlife in Barcelona some good competition.

I was very grateful and lucky to be sent 2 entry and drink tickets from the company and couldn't wait to use it.

I must pre-warn you, they aren't the best quality photos I have taken. HOWEVER, you try taking a picture in -13 degree Celsius with no gloves because you can't press the button! It is very hard!

End of May, my best friend Tasha came to visit me before I moved back to England and before she went travelling.

Previously I was going to use the tickets with my sister but there was torrential rain the week she came so we gave it a miss. The weather lords gave us great weather 2nd time around and we found a day when we weren't sunburnt, hungover or tired and made our way to the beach!

Our day planned was to spend a couple of hours bike riding, get nachos and head to the ice bar.

So after our (very sweaty) bike ride along the long stretch of beach, we headed to The Coconut Club for my favourite nachos and homemade lemonade before we headed into the cold.

So I wore a velvet strap top, jeans and boots in 24 degree heat. Why you ask? Because I was going to be in a freezer and I didn't want to lose any toes! A unique twist on nightlife in Barcelona, so you have to be ready!

The Ice Bar is located right next to Pacha on the other end of Barceloneta Beach, the nearest metro station is Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica on the L4. Really short walk and you are there on the front looking over the sea.

After a lovely greeting from the 2 staff members, I wish I knew their names we were given some warm gloves and a very sassy coat. Not all nightlife in Barcelona is like this! I really loved the coat for some reason it just seemed like I was protected from everything.

When we first walked in, the cold just hits your face but it feels oddly refreshing and the adrenaline pushes you through and made us want to embrace it more.

Our chilled afternoon soon turned into one big rave with top hits being blasted through the speakers and luminous lights in all directions. The decorations were all Star Wars themed, now I grew up around the film series as my family are obsessed (I think I am the only one who isn't) but I can appreciate good references!

After a quick smooch with Chewbacca, me and Tasha went over to the bar and ordered our drink. We had the cocktail Leia on Ice. So many great Star Wars references! I can't remember what was in it because I was so cold but it was fruity and delicious.

We soon realised that we couldn't escape the cold, I don't know if I was being ignorant but I didn't think it was possible for everything, especially the glasses to be ice. I was proved wrong, so after a few photos, very shaky photos, we put our gloves back on, took some snapchat videos and fully embraced the ice. Certainly stands out for nightlife in Barcelona!

The detail of the ice sculptures are amazing, the fact that I could recognise the Star Wars characters amazes me, seeing as I am not a fan of the movie the detail proved successful. Reflecting the true essence of a bar, there are seats to sit down on. It was a very weird experience, especially when temperature changing seats are usually heated ones in cars! Nevertheless, it was great to relax the leg muscles after our tough bike ride.

It was time for us to leave, and there is no feeling like going from -12 degrees to 26 degrees. In reality, it felt really refreshing. My chest felt cold still but almost like I have been in a detox and it felt a lot cleaner, if that makes sense!

More information on The Ice Bar

Fun Facts: Opening in 2007, it is the worlds first ice bar located right on the beach!

How much? A ticket costs 16 Euros, and trust me for a club entrance with a drink, that is a great price!

Who can go? Anyone, even children, on their website they state that it is the children who enjoy it the most.

Types of celebrations? You can visit the bar for any reason you like, for an experience with friends and have a drink on the terrace after or for birthday celebrations.

What makes the experience different? It is a small venue, so you have a different experience to everyone. Unlike a club, it isn't congested full of people, so you have full space in the club to dance around and create your own experience.

Is it too cold? Of course it is freezing, however with the big coat, the adrenaline and the fun memories with your mates, you forget about the cold and enjoy the unique experience.

Would I go again? Most definitely, it would be great to come back and see what different visuals and themes they have. Also, if I did not fancy doing the ice section again, there is a beautiful terrace on the front of the beach with some beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

So I hope you are all enjoying the heatwave (especially those in Spain and England), have a great week and I hope you enjoyed the new post on nightlife in Barcelona.

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Mol xo



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