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Eat in Rome Cheap: La Romana

Here she goes again...

She is talking about food again. Yes, I am not afraid to share that I am a massive foodie. Since being off of work, all I do is find these incredible restaurants in Barcelona.. I actually found one yesterday!

However, I promise you guys that this post is different, because I will be telling you where to eat in Rome! It has been 2 months since my trip and after numerous contact with the hostel and reminiscing on my trip, it was time to write another post.

Obviously, people go to Rome to do many things, and that includes eating. Pasta, pizza and gelato... the 3 main foods that represent Italy. I must admit, I thought the pizza would be the best food in Rome... I was very wrong.

I am a girl on a budget but like food that is good quality. Which is why this place is so special.

It is all about gelato, especially from La Romana. There are always places where people queue for food and I find it very over-rated. La Romana is different, I never wait for food, and I waited 20 minutes outside for their ice-cream.

So if you want to know more, you know what to do...

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Right next to my accommodation - The Yellow on via Settembre I stumbled into La Romana with my Australian friends after a tasty Carbonara. I have been to a few Gelateria's in Rome that were so expensive. I mean 4 Euros for 3 scoops so it was nice to find a Gelateria further out the city.

The shop was busy but lines moved fast and soon enough we were ordering. Looking at the price menu, I was shocked at how cheap it is. 3 scoops for 2.80 euros with the choice of different flavours of whipped cream. PS. I recommend the chocolate!

Eat in Rome cheap and visit here for luxurious flavours. People relate price to quality, it is not the case always. The quality you get here is exceptional for the price.  

Each time I chose Vanilla, Biscotti and Mixed Berry Flavour. A strange mixture but it is - in the words of Jim Carrey "B-E-A-UTIFUL". It was so creamy, it was heaven. I do not think any of us even talked to each other because it was just that damn good.

After my first trip, all I thought about was La Romana (will tell you more about the décor and history later on). To be honest, with bed bugs biting the living daylights out of my face and whole of my body, I deserved a treat. So when I was able to get out I went straight to La Romana.

There was a queue and I didn't care, I waited 20 minutes to get an ice-cream. In England, waiting a long time for food is a no-go. However, because people know the food is worth waiting for, you will wait.

It was so worth it.

Travel Tip: Heading to Rome for a couple of days, week or more? Need some ideas to do and see in the Eternal City? Then head to The Crazy Tourist and read 25 Best Things to do in Rome. As well as the main landmarks, there are also a few mentions of places you haven't heard before. I will definitely be referring to it when I head back to Rome!

About La Romana

HOLD UP PEOPLE...they don't just have shops in Italy! They have just opened new stores in Valencia, as well as Torino and you can also find then in Wien! Just check here to see where you can find more places.

For a franchised business, it is really family orientated as it is a family business and it shines through, especially when reading about how passionate they are.

Established in 1947 in the heart of Romagna, named after the founders daughter you can tell their is going to be thought behind the business. Vito Zucchi is the main man behind the success of the business and how it has become so unique and popular. He created a wide range of flavours in which his sons Ivano and Massimiliano continued to celebrate throughout the years of the business.

They state on their website that they use high-quality ingredients and let customers discover new flavours so they can connect to seasons and recreate sensations and emotions related to the flavours. This is a pretty unique manifesto, which reflects the décor of the company too. It is very modern and beautiful, a lot of pride goes into their business.

You can eat in Rome cheap yet feel like you are in a 5 star Gelateria!

When I first went into the shop, I recognised that there was a different part of the building with glass windows into a kitchen. I didn't now it was deliberate but I found it really authentic and clever, because you will be able to see how they make their products.

There are many places that will claim they use fresh products, but La Romana only make limited amount of product with a shelf life of 3 hours so you are guaranteed fresh gelato.

As well as using free-range eggs and organic products, those who are Vegan are not left out as they have vegan specialities to respect those with health choices.


As if they can't get any more great, they even make the service and experience great for children. As well as having drawing contests and activities for the youngsters, they also have pre-paid cards for children. So they can feel grown up and "buy" their parents a gelato.

Although they don't have a store in Barcelona, I will just have to plan a trip to Madrid or back to Rome for a few more cheeky gelato scoops... or maybe a pastry!

By far this is the place to eat in Rome cheap but have a high-quality experience.

I think I have rambled on enough now about how good it is, I think you should go experience it for yourself!

Favourite flavour: Biscotti .. all the way!

Have a great week!

Mol xo

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