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Best views of Barcelona: Bunkers del Carmel


The way I said that "hello" in my head as I typed it, was the least enthusiastic "hello" EVER.

I love blogging and writing posts, because I love to document and keep memories of my travels and day to day life. However, today is a sad day.

This is my last blog post as a resident of Barcelona. I have had the privilege to call this fantastic city my home and do things I never thought I would. I am not going to ramble on, because this will be another post.

So I thought it was very fitting to dedicate this post to the beauty of the city, especially the Bunkers del Carmel.

If you want to see Barcelona, in all it's glory. The Bunkers will give you the best views ever.

So, I hope you all enjoy my final post as a Barcelona resident, I sure am very emotional writing this. God help me when I get on the plane home! Going to be a mess...

Someone, hand me a Sangria!

I personally had never heard of the Bunkers before I moved here, I guess the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell over shadow the Bunkers in the mainstream media.

Once you come here, you are suddenly aware how you just have to go to the Bunkers, because you are surrounded by the best views.

It took me 11 months to go to the Bunkers, I never had the time or the company to go and explore with. As much as I love solo travel, it is a place that you need to experience with people and share  the beauty with.

So, myself along with my 2 best friends Emily and Sabrina, got on our best walking shoes and walked ALL the way to the Bunkers.

We could have got the metro, but we decided to walk it. All the 1.5 miles in 25 degree heat, in hindsight the metro would have been easier, but who wants to do the easy version all the time? Not me!

Although if you do want to get the metro, you can get on the L4 line towards Trinitat Nova to Alfons X, and walk to the Bunkers. Can also get the L5 towards Vall d'Hebron and walk as well.

However, it is recommended to get a bus as it can take you the closest to the sight, in which lines 24, 92, 114, 119 and V17. For more detailed information about the landmark you can visit the IR  Barcelona website.

Once we walked to the start of the main path, you can a bit of a walk with an incline as you head to the top. It really is worth it as the views throughout the climb are exceptional. Plus if you are out of breath like we all were, you can stop for a cheeky photo opportunity.

Throughout the journey there are the best views of the city.

The landmark is located in the Carmel district, where there are lots of graffiti marks about how they want to keep the area Spanish and there be no tourists. Which can be intimidating, but everyone is respectful and it is nice to see the real Spain instead of tourist traps in the centre.

It is really beautiful and tranquil area.

The Bunkers can get really busy, so expect groups of friends  having picnics and singing songs on the guitar whilst admiring the views, but that's what makes it so special.

As you can see from my photos, the views are just breath-taking, imagine them in real life, it leaves you speechless. You can see the amazing, blocks of buildings, the iconic landmarks and the coastline all in the same view.

Top Tip: make sure you take a panoramic shot to get all of the view in!


For those, who like myself, hate doing selfies in public, do not be afraid! Because every bl**dy person is doing it! So grab the camera, put it on selfie mode and capture yourself in the moment!

Of course the main view of Barcelona is what captivates everyone, locals and tourists alike. However, walk around towards the back of the Bunkers and there are some more fantastic views, the more rural side of the metropolitan city.


Is it your first time in Barcelona? Read my post on Top Apps you need to use when in the city!

About the Bunkers

The bunkers are located on the TurĂ³ de la Rovira hill, a very rural area of Barcelona. The concrete area was part of the anti-aircraft battery during the Spanish Civil War and has been left alone ever since. You will find a lot of buildings with all their scars in Barcelona, that shows how far the city has come since then.

The old firing platforms are where groups of friends sit down and make some memories of their own, as well as the best views, it is a chance to socialise.


Many films filmed in Barcelona, take advantage of the landmark so they have the best views for their movies. I am mainly talking about the coming of age movie Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo!

Top tip: sunset here is STUNNING!

There we have it, if you are in Barcelona and want to do something different and find the best views. Head to the Bunkers, you will not regretting having the most Instagrammable pictures on your social media feeds to mke everyone jealous!

I hope you have all enjoyed my posts of this city, as I adapt to English living I still have content on this beautiful city and will be posting lifestyle/travel tips about my home in Cornwall.

A drastic different to Barcelona but still very beautiful.

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Have a great week, I am off to pack my bags and cry some more!

Mol xo



  1. Fabulous views and shots Molly. Well done :)

    1. Thank you very much! That was on my Samsung phone which wasn't that good so I am glad you like them!

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