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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barcelona Next

Hey everyone,

I have 15 days until I fly back to England, I haven't cried yet! Just wait until I get onto the plane and have a glass of wine!

As I depart from this beautiful city, I thought I would put together a list of why you should visit Barcelona next!

Whether it is for a weekend trip, holiday or you are thinking about moving out here. Here are 10 reasons why you should come.

1. Food

I feel like I have gone on about the food here for so long, even I am getting sick of it. However, food is one of the top 3 things that I love about Barcelona. On my last night we are going for a tapas buffet, just to make my last night even more special. We are going to iTapa, I have been 4 times and I do love the food they put out. Some tapas places are just tourist traps but the food here is actually really good and well priced. As well as traditional tapas restaurants, you have Italian, Indian and many more places to visit.

I recommend Bacoa (obviously), Maka Maka, Surya Indian Restaurant and Pura Brasa!

When you visit Barcelona, make sure you give these a try and let me know!

2. Architecture

A pretty obvious reason to visit Barcelona, the architecture is simply beautiful. It is classic and elegant. Very different to Rome, Rome is more colourful.

The main guy behind the architecture known to Barcelona, is the one and only ... Antoni Guadi. Most famous for the Sagrada Familia, he is behind some other great parts of Barcelona. From Parc Guell to Placa Real, he has put his mark on Barcelona and is what makes it so pretty.

I recommend you visit Parc Guell and visit the mosaics and go inside the Sagrada Familia, it should be on everyone's bucket list! Placa Reial's lampposts are the early works of Gaudi, surrounded by palm trees and bars it is the perfect place to relax.

3. Great for Solo Travelers

Ok, so I moved here permanently so I didn't move here for solo travel, although I am traveling around Catalonia. However, I have met many people who are solo travelling and met many people through them. For example on New Years Eve, I went to visit my friend Gracie at her hostel BCN Go! and went to Plaza Espanol with all her mates.

There are plenty of companies who also offer great tours and activities for everyone yet are perfect for solo travellers to meet new people. Such as I Survived Barcelona, Walking Tour Barcelona and Kabul Hostel.

Kabul Hostel is a place my friend stayed at he said it was brilliant and have a great atmosphere. So if you are planning a solo trip, definitely visit Barcelona.

4. Activities

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona, some popular and some unknown that are on offer. People cycle EVERYWHERE, and it too me over a year to rent a bike for a couple of hours.

Me and my friend Tasha both rented a bike from "place" and cycled across the beach for a couple of hours. It was great and so much fun, it was great to see some different beaches.

As well as renting bikes, there are some great activities to get involved in from a company called The Travel Bar. They are a cool bar with a very English vibe off of La Rambla. They also offer walking tours and activities such as cooking classes and hen and stag do events. Definitely check them out, they are also a really friendly company too!

5. Beaches

As I publish this blog, I will be currently sat on Vila Olimpica side of the Barceloneta beach. Barcelona is a huge metropolitan city but also has some great beaches to escape from the buildings.

Barcelona has a huge stretch of beaches, Barceloneta is always busy and filled with sellers but it is right near a great selection of Resaurants. Go further down the beach to Nova Icaria or Bogatell, where it is much quieter and they have public toilets too.

Head to Siges, nearby to Barcelona where you can get away from  the hustle and bustle and sight-see for the day.

6. Nightlife

I love he nightlife here in Barcelona. Yes, it can be expensive in clubs but when you find the right bars, you can find a cheap deal. I suggest Mint Bar, Espit Chupitos and Sugar Bar.

However, it is not all about the drink! When you visit Barcelona, you will notice that everyone is friendly. In the UK, when you go out with your girlfriends you stick to that group and don't really meet anybody (like 80% I have experienced this).

Over here, every single night without fail I have met new people and made new friends. It is so international and friendly, I was shocked and very happy that this was my new home.

7. The People

Relating back to the previous point, the people you meet are amazing. I have friends that I have met from all over the globe, travellers, tourists and locals alike. As I speak Spanish, I have met Spanish locals who don't speak a word of English and they are so welcoming. They understand that it is not my first language and are so receptive.

From the staff at the supermarket to people in restaurants, you can have a conversation with anyone. I have made a lovely group of friends down here and it is the most stable I have felt in a long time.

8. Beautiful City

Barcelona in itself, is just beautiful. I find that people I meet here who aren't from the UK, think I am from London. They always say how pretty it is. I will admit, I am not a fan of London, I find it too congested and people are shocked by this.

Everyone told me, "when you move to Barcelona, you will fall in love" and of course I didn't understand why, because I have never been here before.

The moment I set eyes on the city, I fell in love and I have done every day since then. From Plaza Espana to the designer shops along the tree lined Passeig de Gracia, it is a stunning city.

9. Festivals

In England, a public holiday is just another excuse to drink and newspapers show the numerous drunk people across the streets. So, I have never felt festive in England.

Barcelona however, if you are lucky enough to be here to experience San Juan, Sant Jordi or La Merce festival... you are going to have a great time. They take the festivals so seriously and it makes the city so special for it.

Sant Jordi is he Valentines Day of Spain, no commercialised gifts, just a book and a rose. The guys buy girls a rose and he girls buy the guys a book. So simple and beautiful. Round the Sagrada Familia this year, there were also several festivals. Nice way to get the public together.

10. Weather

This was a big factor why everyone was so excited to see me move to Spain... I have never had so many visitors to see me! The Mediterranean climate right now is crazy. It is up to 30 degrees celcius!

I must say, the weather here is great even in Winter. It isn't too cold, but it is nice to embrace the winter because it is just so festive.

Temperatures range up to 30-35 maximum but in the South of Spain it can go up to 40!

Top Tip: if you visit Barcelona during the summer buy yourself a fan because you will need it! Unless you have air-conditioning, then you are lucky!


So, they are my 10 reasons why you should visit Barcelona! It was hard to choose 10 as I could list many many more but I do not want to bore you with a long post!

If you are every in Barcelona, make sure to comment below or find me on my social media to le me know how you found it!

I will certainly miss this city, and if I carry on writing I might just cry!

Mol xo


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