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Visit Rome with The Roman Guy: Vatican Museum

Hey guys!

So I have returned from my trip to Rome, I am trying to hold back the tears. It was the most incredible trip, Rome is simply stunning!
Part of my trip was to visit the Vatican City and I was lucky enough to be invited by The Roman Guy onto their Privileged Entrance Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel on Saturday.
The Roman Guy is a tour company that offer tours across  Italy and also have a great food blog for all you foodies like me out there!
The Tour starts at 7.15am and you get to visit the Vatican Museum before it opens to the public, a great chance to explore the museums before the crowds come.
You must take this tour when you visit Rome…

I got outside the entrance at 7.15am, believe me it is worth the early morning start! I then was with a group of other tourists meeting our incredible tour guide Elaine. Living in Spain, I miss the English humour and she was hilarious, she made the tour fun and interesting.
Being honest I have never really had an interest in art of history, history more than art. There was something about the Vatican Museum that intrigued me, Elaine has a skill that made the information and facts interesting for everyone and I learned a lot. Already I am only a few paragraphs and I want to visit Rome again!

Before we went in we were given a “The Roman Guy” red stretchy bracelet, which I still have fun! I love those stretchy bracelets and it a great reminder of what a great trip I had. We were also given a map of the museum, giving us a chance to read more about the museum before we went in and a radio with headphones so we could hear what Elaine was saying to us. We were very lucky that we were the ones that could hear Elaine’s jokes… we would get jealous if everyone else got to hear it!

We didn’t have to wait long outside the museums to get in, but once we got in, Elaine made it very easy for us to understand how to get through security. It is just like an airport, just without taking off your shoes and coats, simply just put your bag on the conveyor belt and you are good to go.
Once we all got through the security and were waiting for our tickets, we went through the rules of the museum. The Sistine Chapel is the place of god, and with the Pope setting all the rules of the Vatican City, you want to respect them. It is a great way to be cultural when you visit Rome.
The main rules are that there is no photography in the Sistine Chapel and no flash of photography in the rest of the museums. Make sure to stay with the group because there are plenty of tour groups there, in such a big building… you want to stay close. Luckily it was easy because we all loved Elaine so much.
We first set into the Sistine Chapel, I must say it was smaller than I thought it would be but it is filled with the most incredible detail. The guards make sure everyone is quiet in this room and it makes it worthwhile, although I am not a religious person it was great to be in the quiet and reflect on my thoughts and gaze across the room.
Elaine went through the sections of art that Michelangelo’s frecoes, once we got into the Sistine Chapel and got to see them on the ceiling, it then sunk in what a beautiful experience I was having.
25,000 people visit the Sistine Chapel a day, so to be able to visit it before they opened to the public was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Few facts about the Sistine Chapel I learned from this tour…
1.       The first mass was conducted in 1483, on the 15th of August.
2.       The chapel’s paintings cover 12,000 square foot!
3.       The frescoes that Michelangelo painted was from the Book of Genesis and the creation of the story of Noah.
As a child you are taught R.E and taken to church for seasonal events, of course it was nice for me to hear these stories and be a part of the community. I don’t have a religion, but respect those who do, but being in the Chapel made it more real for me. I still don’t have a religion but I loved being in a room which made it real for me and learn more about the history of Rome.
After 20 minutes of sitting in the Chapel we went through all the museums. What made me love it the most, was the ceilings. I am a massive building admirer, I love the outside of buildings and the ceilings.
So amidst the beautiful art, I was getting very distracted by the ceilings. Luckily I got to stay with the group throughout the journey.

Here are some more pictures of the tour before visiting St. Peters Basilica...

At the end of the tour we visited St. Peter’s Basilica, it sounds so stupid because the building looks huge anyway. However, I could not believe how big it was inside, when you thought you saw it all, you turned your head to find more. If you don’t go to the square when you visit Rome, well you better plan too!
Everything is so detailed, the floor, ceiling, the sentences that surround the domes. Everything has a purpose and it shows how much the Vatican City and its buildings mean to people.
After working for a travel company, my previous internship, and uploading pictures of St. Peters Basilica for social media and feeling jealous of everyone commenting “I have been there”. I got the chance to take some epic photos and remind myself that this is it, I am here.
We got to see some of the artists lasts work, art dedicated to women and the only Christian art in the building. Visit Rome and expect to be surrounded by a whole lot of beautiful art…

After my trip, I then spent 20 minutes around St. Peters Square, an exterior just as beautiful as the inside. I have some great panoramic images for you to gaze at.

I seriously recommend The Roman Guy tours when you visit Rome, they are informative, fun and definitely worth the early morning start.
They also have some other great tours for you to choose from, I plan to come back to Rome, I am hoping next year and might have to treat myself to the food tour!
I am a massive foodie, so I will have to choose that one!
I hope you weren’t too jealous of my photos that I took, trust me when I say I have plenty more for future blog posts.
Expect, pastel coloured buildings, Trevi Fountain and a great gelateria 😉
Right now, I am currently sat in my room in sunny Barcelona, with my bag still unpacked, procrastinating.
As much as I could be in the sun on a beach, I still have post travel blues and wish I was eating pizza. Also, see below for a wonderful panoramic picture of the square... try not to be jealous! 

I suggest you visit Rome, it’s a beautiful city that needs to be on your list!
Who has been?? Let me know in the comments below!
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Arrivederci 😊
Mol xo

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