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Visit Rome: at The Yellow Hostel

When I decided to visit Rome, there was only 1 hostel that popped up every time I googled where to stay. That place was The Yellow.
As a first time solo-traveller, I wanted somewhere that I could meet new people and was social. Their opening line on their Instagram is “You don’t come to Rome, you come to the Yellow”. Their social media shows a diverse, exciting and lively hostel. That is what I got.
I was so nervous, it was my first proper solo trip. Sure I moved to Barcelona by myself, but its different to doing a week long trip! After having no sleep on the way to Rome, The Yellow was a great place to come, knowing I would be there for a week.
Before I get into the hostel itself, I must say the best part of the hostel is the bar…. You have to go to the bar, especially on a Thursday.
The staff are incredible and it is located near to the train station and the coach station. So before you read the rest, I want to thank The Yellow for a great stay, I loved it and miss it terribly.

When I got there
You know how normal people get some sleep before an early morning alarm clock? Yeah…. That’s not me!
At Christmas, usually people can’t wait to get up, open presents, and can barely sleep at night. I am not one of those people, instead that is me when it comes to early morning flights. I thought it would be a good thing getting an early morning flight so I could explore Rome for the full day … no.
I couldn’t sleep. So I left my apartment at 2am, walked into town and took a 2.50am bus to the airport. After quickly going through security and waiting 2 hours for the flight I was on the plane. I usually hate sleeping on planes, because if there is turbulence, I will scream.
I slept all the way through take-off and the flight until I was woken up by the announcement saying we have 5 minutes to land. Even the 90 minutes of sleep didn’t do me any good, I got on my cramped Terravision coach and dozed on and off until we got to Termini Station. I am scared my head may have dropped to the side or had my mouth open, so sorry to whoever sat next to me!
I have serious organisational worries, I have to know where everything is. So I knew that it was only a 5 minute walk to the hostel. Once I got to the hostel, it was too early to check in obviously, but I paid for my room, got given a map and was shown where the locker room was for my suitcase. I believe I paid £18 per night for this hostel which was great for me because I am on a budget and any cheaper, I would be further out of the city. You also have to pay 3.50 euro city tax, which happens when you visit Rome and other countries.
So far, so good. The staff were really friendly, I don’t know their names but they were awesome.
I was starving, so I went and got breakfast at The Yellow Bar (another blog post coming soon). Considering I live in Spain, where their English Breakfasts are cr*p, as an English girl I love my English Food!
I had crispy bacon, scrambled egg and toast. It was probably the best breakfast I have had for nearly a year! It has been a while since I had a good breakfast! I was served by two girls, one of them I believe is Dutch and I have forgotten her name but she is lovely.
Once I sat down, I got chatting to this English Couple celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary, I felt bad talking for so long because it’s their anniversary. However they were lovely, and it was a nice start to my hostel experience.
The Yellow Bar also do other breakfasts too including pancakes and muesli too for those looking to be a little bit healthier!
I have been dieting during the lead up time to Rome, because I am a foodie and Rome is a foodie heaven!
The dishes are also very very cheap too, a great benefit when you visit Rome.
Room itself
I got given two rooms. I will explain the situation now so it is out of the way. Unfortunately, I got bed bugs. I knew hostels have these situations and I know this hostel rarely gets bad reviews, and I didn’t see any comments about bed bugs.

So I knew that it was rare, it could only happen to me. I was the only person in my room who had them, I must be really attractive…
I am not holding this against the hostel and I don’t think it should put you off because I had a great time here other than the bites I had.
I had my clothes cleaned, a partial refund and a change of room. I must say the 2nd room I preferred as it was huge! The room itself is across the road from the reception but right next door to the bar, you have a reading light, suitcase storage and a locker for all of your valuables. My first room also had a sink in their too, but other rooms differ.
I actually really enjoyed my hostel room, it wasn’t what I expected, it was a lot nicer than the stigma you get about hostel rooms. The beds were actually extremely comfortable, compared to my one back here in Barcelona. You get a key card too so it makes it easy to get into your room, especially at night when you are coming back from the bar!

You get sheets and duvets for you to use, to be honest it was so hot I didn’t actually use them. The locker was really easy to use with instructions there for you, so you can leave all of your personal items in a place and know that they are safe.
I must say people in my first room were the loveliest people I have ever met. There was an Australian couple I went to dinner with and a couple of Southern American people too, which was great cause I got to practice my Spanish.
I really liked the bathroom facilities. Again, I always hear horror stories about hostels and the one I stayed in, in London wasn’t anything special.
The bathrooms here were cleaned 4 times of day, had plenty of space for everyone to use and came with hand sanitizer… which I loved so much.

I worry about showering in mixed bathrooms, I don’t know why but I always get anxious. However, the showers were a good size and everyone knew the shower etiquette. Little tip – take sandals or flip flops for the showers.

I actually met quite a lot of people in the bathroom and made friends with them. The people in my 2nd room weren’t that social and I got stared at a lot by the girls in my room so meeting people in the bathroom was really sociable.

Next to the reception is a welcoming room where people wait for the walking tours and a place to chill. I had to leave for the Vatican Museum quite early so I stayed up, had a shower and waited in the welcoming area. So at 5.30am I was sat in their listening to music whilst a couple members of staff asked me what I was doing. They seemed really interested in the work I was doing for The Roman Guy and the article about them.
This was my happy place. After my breakfast when I first arrived in Rome, I had a few hours to relax. Downstairs in the main building is a social area with bean bags, I couldn’t run over their quick enough. I was comfy and asleep within 2 minutes. It is a nice place just to relax and have time for yourself. I love being around people, but I need some time to myself and this is the place for that.
As you aren’t allowed food in your rooms, there is a kitchen available for those who want to grab something to eat and cook yourself a meal. Personally I didn’t use it as I always went out for some meals that are really cheap to be honest!
The Bar
I am not going to say much about the bar, because I have a whole other post coming about that. I must say it was an experience. I always want to be professional on my blogs, but again I am a 21 year old girl and I like to have a few drinks.
If you want to have a few drinks this is the place to come to. They helped me get a little tipsy 5 nights in a row. Let me tell you now, its not a good feeling being hungover on a plane back home, especially with delays!
Just make sure you are there for Tonika Thursdays! You have to when you visit Rome.

The staff
The staff made the trip for me, they always do. I didn’t get to talk to many of them in the actual hostel but the ones I did come across were great!
To the guy who dealt with the bed bug situation, you are a legend. You always apologised and felt bad even though I told you not to feel bad. You could have dealt with a customer who was angry with any response, but I am a bit more open minded and accepting. These things happened and you dealt with it brilliantly.
The guy at 5am asking me about my solo travel plans and work at the Vatican was awesome, its nice to have people to ask you about yourself.
The bar staff are my absolute favourites, they are just so funny and make your time there so much fun. If you meet Lenny, you are lucky he is literally the life and soul of the party. I got served by pretty much everyone at the bar who were awesome but Lenny and Giovanni (says Ionut) on the receipt are absolute legends and will make your time there fun!

Few Facts about The Yellow
     Has a hair salon

Discounts for hostel bar when you stay at the Yellow

Tours including cooking classes

Address: Via Palestro, 51, 00185 Roma, Italy
In conclusion … I bloody loved it! If you are looking for a wild time in Rome, you need to stay at The Yellow. Even if you have booked a trip and staying at another hostel, come to The Yellow Bar it is so much fun!
For a student on a budget or for anyone who wants a private dorm, this hostel is accessible to anyone!
I do plan to come back to Rome, I don’t believe I am completely done with it yet. For sure, I will be staying at the Yellow Hostel, and you should too when you visit Rome.
Such a long post, but so much to tell you guys!
Till next time, Mol x

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