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Visit Barcelona: Barceloneta District

Hey everyone!

I have said this before about Gothic Quarter and I will say this again about Barceloneta, I love this barrier of Barcelona.
Why? Because it is where I spent the WHOLE of my summer, and hopefully the rest of this summer if I get a job for the summer!
Imagine lying on the beach, drinking a mojito and lapping up the Spanish sun, but of course there is more about Spain than just sunbathing.
Located in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, Barceloneta boasts modern buildings, great nightlife and numerous amounts of things to do when you visit Barcelona.
The triangular piece of Barcelona, has a great coastline, from Port Vell to Ciutadella Beach. So grab your flip-flops and head to the beach!

Things To Do
Hit the Beach
A bit of an obvious one! You can’t just walk past the beach without wanting to go onto it! Whether you are with friends catching a tan, with your family playing beach games or want to be active in the sea, its perfect for EVERYONE.
I would suggest going further along to Ciutadella, its cleaner, quieter and away from people selling you stuff!
You have so many restaurants near you, you are spoilt for choice. There is also the choice to rent a locker for the day to make sure that all of your belongings are safe!

Personally, I am not a fan of the aquarium, I think I have grown up a bit from when I was younger. However, if you are here for a family holiday this is a place to visit.
Located right off of the harbour, with a huge selection of animals and playcentres for children, it is the ultimate place to visit for children.
You can also get a great family photo, you have to purchase it, but it shows your memories.
Visit the Harbour
I love the harbour, for me I have grown up around harbours. I find that being in La Rambla in the heart of the city and the business of the beach, I feel that the harbour is the perfect place to chill.
I have been here during the day, during the night with my housemates and during the night of San Juan full of fireworks.
Is also connects La Rambla to the beach, so take a nice stroll and enjoy the views (don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and water for the heat).

Where to Eat
I only have to name these 3, because these are my favourites so far and will be ever. I have to start with my all time favourite one.
I was aware that this the “best burger restaurant in Barcelona”, seeing as I have been here for nearly 10 months and only came last month is crazzzyy.
After a very large glass of Bacardi and coke (birthday week) and a lot of gossiping with my mum, we spontaneously went into Bacoa.
It is an awesome place, the décor and experience of the restaurant is so relaxed and casual. The ordering system is so clever and so hassle, you simply tick the box of which burger you want, extra fillings, sides and drinks (we had more wine). The food came out quick and it is true to its word, it is the best burger in Barcelona. Especially the chips, I had one two days later and will have one as much as I can until I leave Barcelona.
The shop is right on the beach front, so you can’t miss it. It would be a crime against foodies if you didn’t go!

Makamaka Burger Bar is one of the first places I tried with my mum when she helped move me down here back in June. The burger is amazing and especially the chips and sauce… oh and the Sangria!
It is an amazing place with an awesome “surfer” décor and experience, felt like being home in Cornwall. Except we were in 28 degree heat, looking onto the beach drinking Spanish wine.
The burgers have very creative names, I had the topless burger, basically the simplest one you can get, I’ve learned to be more adventurous.

Santa Maria
I came here with my Canadian friend Anna who I met in August but was only in Barcelona for 2 weeks. I met her at a meet up, and we suddenly decided just to go to the beach. Went to the beach and swam amongst the waves… we got hungry.
We went to Santa Maria, a Spanish bar right on the seafront, had Sangria (when in Spain you drink Sangria) and had Nachos each with a heck of a lot of Guacamole.
I used to hate Guacamole and since I came to this place, I’ve become a Guacamole aficionado!
Come here for some great food!

Where to Drink
I am a student, but… when you become an Erasmus student that means free drinks and free entry into clubs instead of spending 15 Euros entry and 7 Euros for a wine. So you could say I know a bit about the nightclub scene!
Opium is great for relaxed and more classy drinks, it is different from your rowdier clubs which make it a nice difference to normal nights out.
VIP is really nice, if I can imagine what Ibiza is like from photos I have seen it is like that, really elegant décor and great view of the clubs.
PS… the most expensive out of all the clubs. 3 wines cost 29 Euros all together so around 13 euros for 1 glass.
Ice Bar
I haven’t been here yet, also I do intend to once I have some time off after I finish my internship. I have heard some amazing things about it.
Located right on the front of Barceloneta, a stone’s throw from the beach and a nice change from the usual bars that you see.
At -5 degrees Celsius, it is the world’s first beach front Ice Bar, so you have to go and treat yourself to a cocktail, even if you are freezing cold!
I LOVE Shoko, one of my favourites since day 1. As a student we get many free dinners here and the music scene is amazing.
I came here for Halloween and the atmosphere was electric.
I wish I could remember the prices, but I haven’t paid for a drink here yet but as you can expect, think of London prices.
Pacha is my favourite by a mile, the music is great and it is the cheapest out of all the clubs. I paid 7 Euros for a Vodka and Coke, which I think is pretty good for a club in Barcelona. Especially as in Bournemouth, you can pay 11 Euros for the same thing.
Every time I go, I always have a great time, people are great and it’s a nice sized area too.
I came here for pre-halloween nights out and these people in crazy costumes came out and it was by far the most amazing club I have ever seen.

Extra Information
The nearest metro station is Barceloneta, which is on the Line 4. You simply find the road of shops, keep walking until you see the W Hotel and you basically are at the beach!
You can also go one stop further to Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica, to find some great restaurants, near the bars which serve very luxurious food and a calmer beach scene.

So there we have it!
A guide on how to spend your time in Barceloneta, it is the perfect place to have a calmer day when you visit Barcelona.
So get your swimsuits on, get to the beach and enjoy the Spanish sun! Just don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!
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